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    4 Star + 3 Star hotel
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    Sightseeing and Jungle Safaris
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    Private Vehicle
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About Bardia Jungle Safari Tour

Bardia tour is the exploration of Bardia National Park which is the conserved area situated in mid-western Nepal by the Karnali river. 4 days of tour to the Bardia National Park and spending the time in the wilderness of tropical forests of Tarai can be a perfect retreat from your everyday life. Sublime trails designed the package to let you explore everything Bardia National Park offers with additional fun-filled activities. 

Bardia National Park is one of the major protected areas of the Terai region. The jungles of the park offer various species of flora and fauna.  It is home of more than thirty mammals, two hundred bird species and varieties of reptiles. Forest, grassland, and savanna bounded by the rivers is an exotic place to spend your days. The Park also offers amazing view of the foothills of the Himalayas, Siwalik range. This park is considered to be the best place to spot wild elephants and tigers in Nepal. The package offers jungle safaris inside the Park. Elephant safari and Jeep Safaris are major attractions of the journey. Safaris are opportunities to witness the wildlife in their natural habitat. Some rare animals such as one-horned rhino, Bengali tiger, swamp deer etc also can be seen during the safari. It is also an amazing place for bird watching where you can witness many colorful and beautiful birds. The park is an ideal place to visit for wildlife exploration.

Apart from wildlife exploration, you can enjoy many fun-filled activities during your Bardia National Park trip. The canoeing ride is the most interesting thing to do where you will be canoeing on the Karnali river surrounded by the jungles. You also have an alternative option, rafting. You can walk around the park with your nature guide who gives you all the information you need. You can have a picnic lunchtime during the safaris. 

Bardia tour is also a great way to explore the cultures, tradition, and lifestyle of indigenous people. You can explore the villages while strolling around in the evening. Tharu dance is performed in the resorts you stay in. The unique and interesting culture and tradition of Tharu people make your trip unforgettable. 



  • A scenic bus ride or flight from Kathmandu to Bardia and back
  • Enjoy Elephant safari and witness exotic animals and birds in the Bardia National Park
  • Enjoy bird watching, jeep safari, canoeing etc inside the Park 
  • Best place to witness Tigers in Nepal
  • Enjoy Tharu cultural programs and village excursion 
  • Optional Rafting on the Karnali river


What to Expect

1. Flora and Fauna

Bardia National Park is rich in flora and fauna. 70% of the park is covered with forest where we can find 839 different species of plants. The remaining part is grassland, savannah and riverine forest. In the dense forest of the park, there are
642 faunal species. Some of them are endangered and rare species such as one-horned rhino, Bengali tiger, swamp deer, Gangetic dolphin etc. Bardia National Park is considered to be the best place to observe tigers in Nepal. You can observe these exotic animals and birds during the jungle safari. View towers are also built in the park to observe them from the without risking yourself getting attacked by these animals. 

2. Bird watching

Bardia National Park is amazing place for bird watching. It is a home of  407 different species of Birds. The grassland of the park is dominated by birds such as Lesser florican and sarus crane are present; Grey-crowned prinia, jungle prinia, pale-footed bush warbler, aberrant bush warbler, striated grassbird, golden-headed cisticola and chestnut-capped babble etc. And exotic birds like  Bengal florican, white-rumped vulture, peafowl, and bar-headed geese are abundant in the park. Morning is the best time for bird watching when they come out of their nests searching for the foods. 

3. Jungle Safari 

Jungle safari is the major goal of your  Barida Tour. You can basically do jungle safari in 3 ways in Bardia, walking, elephant riding and jeep safari. You can walk around the jungle with your nature guide who will guide you through the jungle and provide you with all the information you need regarding the flora and fauna of the jungle. Elephant safari is about riding in the back of the Elephant and strolling around the park. You can witness some exotic animals such as wild elephants, tigers, swamp deers, Gangetic dolphins etc during the jungle safari. Last option is riding on the jeep and drive around the park to witness those exotic birds and animals and landscapes. 

4. Cultural Exploration

Bardia tour is great opportunity to explore the tradition, culture and lifestyle of indigenous Tharu communities who reside in that area. Tharu people have their unique culture, traditions, beliefs and language. You can visit the villages in ox-carts, interact with local people, try their local dishes during your Bardia tour. There will be Tharu cultural dance show as well int the resort you’ll be staying in. During 4 days of your Badia tour, you will learn in-depth about their culture and lifestyle which is fascinating to observe. 

5. Fun activities

Bardia National Park offers many fun-filled activities. Apart from Jungle Safari, you can enjoy canoeing in the Karnali River. The river flows in the mids of the jungles providing the heavenly view of the surrounding landscapes. While canoeing you might witness crocodiles in the river and exotic birds in the jungle. Optional rafting on the Karnali river is also available. During the lunchtime, you will have your packed lunch in between the jungles of the park as a sort of picnic. 

Bardia Jungle Safari Tour Itinerary & Map

DAY 01: Drive to Bardia or Fly to Nepalgunj and Drive to Bardia from Kathmandu
  • Enjoy the scenic ride/flight from Kathmandu to Bardia
  • Check into the hotel when you reach Bardia
  • Explore the Tharu village in the Evening

Our Bardia tour journey starts with the drive or flight from Kathmandu to Bardia. If you choose to have flight, you will have an hour of flight to Nepalgunj. During the flight, you can enjoy the thrilling view of the jungles, rivers and foothills covered in the lush forest from the plane. From Nepalgunj, you will have 3 hours of ride to get to Nepalgunj through the highway in between the jungle. It takes about 13 hours to reach Bardia from Kathmandu. So, if you chose to go there from the roadway, you will have to start your journey early in the morning. 

When you reach Bardia, you will check into a hotel and take a rest. Later in the evening, you can set out to explore the Tharu village. You can have ox-cart riding while enjoying the amazing view of the surrounding. 

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Accommodation: 4-star Hotel
Drive Duration: 3 hours (from Nepalgunj), 13 hours (from Kathmandu)
Flight Duration: 60 min


DAY 02: Full Day Jungle safari 
  • Jungle walk with your nature guide 
  • Jeep Safari/ Elephant Safari
  • Witness rhino, elephant, Tiger, Gangetic dolphin, swamp deer  and many other exotic wild animals
  • Visit the crocodile breeding centre and Tharu museum 

After having breakfast in the morning, you will start the exploration of Bardia National park. You can walk around the jungle with your nature guide. S/He will guide you throughout the journey and provide you with all the information's regarding floras and faunas. You will also have elephant Safar or Jeep safari in the National Park. During the safari, you can expect to witness animals such as one-horned rhino, wild elephants, tigers, and many other wild animals. During lunchtime, you can enjoy the picnic lunch in the serene environment of the jungle. Later, you can visit the crocodile breeding centre and the Tharu museum. You can enjoy the broad view of the jungle and animals from the view towers.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Accommodation: 4-star Hotel


DAY 03: Full day Jungle Safari Contd.
  • Canoe riding on Karnali river 
  • Chance to witness a different type of birds and animals
  • Picnic lunch
  • Enjoy Tharu dance in the evening 

The third day of your Bardia Jungle safari tour will be filled with different fun activities. You will go to the jungle early in the morning for birdwatching. You will then drive to Karnali Bridge and start the canoeing in Karnali River. During the canoe ride, you might encounter crocodile and expect to see some exotic birds. You will enjoy the picnic lunch in the afternoon. You can also enjoy rafting in the Karnali river but that is optional. Later in the evening, you get back to the hotel. You will enjoy the Tharu cultural dance after dinner in the evening.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Accommodation: 4-star Hotel


Day 04: Drive to Kathmandu or Drive to Kathmandu and fly back to Kathmandu 
  • Drive or fly back to Kathmandu
  • If time permits, explore the streets of Kathmandu, buy souvenirs etc

Having breakfast early in the morning, you will leave Bardia and return back to Kathmandu. If you choose to come back with the flight, you will have to drive to Nepalgunj and catch the flight to Kathmandu. You will get more time to spend in Bardia depending on your flight schedule. However, if you are returning back via roadways, you will have to start your journey early in the morning. When you come back to Kathmandu, you will check into a hotel and take rest. If you feel like, you can explore the streets of Thamel, buy souvenirs and handicrafts etc.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Accommodation: 4-star Hotel
Drive Duration: 3 hours (from Nepalgunj), 13 hours (from Kathmandu)
Flight Duration: 60 min

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I have been in love with animals since I was a child and the kid inside me was screaming with joy when I got to spend those awesome time at Bardia National Park. While my stay in Nepal last time, I went to Chitwan National Park, it was awesome but Bardia has captivated me. Sublime Trails also played a major role to make this a fun trip. If it wasn't for them, I would be all lost and I wouldn't even know what Bardia was. They took care of everything from hotels to documents to anything that I needed help in. They always were polite and had a charm on their face. Thanks Buddies!!

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