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    Memorable ABC trek with Sublime Trails

    The boss, Ram, is very friendly and hospitable. He picked us up from the airport personally when we first arrived at Kathmandu and ensured that we had the equipment required for the trek before the start of our trek. After our trek, he also hosted a farewell dinner for us and gathered feedback regarding our trip so as to improve future trek planning. His effort is notable. Our guide, Mr. Hari, is witty and humorous. He is also very knowledgeable about the trek and the different mountains, giving us good advice and information along the trek. He also set a good pace for us, thus making the trek more manageable. Thanks to Mr. Hari, we were very entertained throughout the trip even though there was no wifi. I'll definitely miss the days when we played cards, did poser shots and shared cultural and historical exchanges in the mountains. As we had a few more days in Kathmandu after the trek, he kindly shared with us the various places of attraction that we could go. Eventually, we decided to go Nagarkot and Ram was very nice to help us arrange the transportation and accommodation even though we informed him quite late. A very big thank you to our assistant guide, Suman, and our porters, Bibeck and Gonga, for carrying our backpacks and all the assistance provided during the trip!  From jungle trails to glacier walks, we experienced different types of terrain while trekking to ABC. Along the way, the views that greeted us were awesome! Can never get enough of the rolling greens and snow-capped mountains! Really appreciate the efforts from the Sublime Trails team in making our ABC trek a memorable and amazing one! Would highly recommend Sublime Trails!