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    Epic Bucket list Trip to ABC!

    A good friend recommended Sublime Trails after her great experience trekking with them back in May 2017. My Group did a 10 day trek to ABC with Sublime Trails, I’m very happy that everything was very well planned out and they were very flexible with our requests as well. It was our first trip into Nepal so naturally we had a lot of questions and concerns. Ram was patient in addressing our concerns about the trip and itinerary. Sleeping bags, Down Jackets were all included thankfully! Our flight got delayed unfortunately and Ram checked in with us closer to our date, he was very considerate and thoughtful to arrange another transport in at a later timing for us to travel into Pokhara so we have more time to rest. No worries about needing the money changer or buying last minute gear it was settled quickly as well. Met our lovely guide Mr Hari and Porters (Bhim, Dhurba)in Kathmandu early morning. Hari bought fruits for our trip so we had fresh cut fruits every day at the tea lodges! Was doing this trek with my father aged 66, we had some trouble ascending quick enough to meet the planned itinerary, our guide was quick to make changes to our itinerary and rebook our accommodations along the way. Thanks to Mr Hari, we were all able to complete the climb without stress.  It helps to sit down with the team every night to discuss any concerns for the next day climb, great teamwork from everyone! Big shout out to our lovely Mr Hari for his entertainment, advice, care and concern throughout the trip and our very attentive and supportive porters Bhim and Dhurba! So much fun and laughter along this adventure, truly pampered! Huge thank you to the team for making this trip so enjoyable! See you guys for the next trip out to Everest!