Off The Beaten Trekking- Adventure Trekking

Nepal is an alluring Himalayan nation as known by world. There are numerous world famous hiking routes. Most of these routes are very general in terms of getting views and information as every year thousands of trekkers trek in these trails. However, Nepal is mystery destination still. This Himalayan nation is much more than just mountains. If you want to discover true rural, hilly and Himalayan lifestyle then you have to stroll around less explored region. Sublime Trails proudly presents Off the Beaten paths for quintessential trekking moments. Usual routes might be too commercial but these alternative trekking destinations endow authentic local environment along with stupendous mountain pinnacles.

Nepal is rich in geographical, forests and climate diversification. Three geographical belts i.e. Hilly, Himalaya andTerai have three distinct climate and forests. Hilly has temperate forests with moderate climate. Himalaya has alpine forests and chilled climate. Terai (Flatland) has subtropical forests with hot climate. Off the Beaten paths of Sublime Trails focus on taking trekkers to less crowded trekking regions. Iconic Rara lake Trek which is journey of blue lake in the western region of Nepal. Dolpo trek, Annapurna Royal Trek, Ganesh Himal Trekking, Dolpo region trek, Dhaulagiri, Kanchenjunga and many others are some examples of off the beaten trekking paths. These destinations are famous for local experience and untainted natural beauty. Some of the trails are thoroughly researched by travel planners of Sublime Trails. Therefore, there won’t be any hassles during voyage of less explored trekking regions of Nepal.

Visit Nepal and witness veritable Nepalese rural culture and society. Trekking in Nepal is more than mountainous experience; it is full of socio-cultural exploration too. Therefore join the bandwagon of Sublime Trails to feed your soul with enchanting experience of wilderness adventure in some of the best off the beaten paths of Nepal Trekking.