Adventure Sports in Nepal

Nepal is a popular destination for various activities ranging from spiritual retreat to extreme adventure sports. There are various options to choose from if you want to experience a thrilling adventure and there are many countries offering them. But, taking part in an adventure in Nepal adds up so much more than just an adrenaline rush of few seconds.

When you plan an adventure sport in Nepal, it’s not just about the activity itself, you will encounter many mini-adventures while you are always surrounded by the outstanding beauty of nature. Bungee Jumping, Paragliding, and Rafting are some of the most popular adventure sports in Nepal.

Nepal may not seem like a technically savvy country, but safety remains the most important part while you indulge in your favorite sport. Therefore, the people conducting these activities often employ the best techniques and internationally accepted safety regulations. There are also experts who have been doing planning these activities for decades.

Paragliding is a famous adventure sport in Nepal conducted in the vibrant tourist hub of Pokhara where you can spend an amazing time alongside beautiful lakes surrounded by outstanding views of mountains before, during or after paragliding. It is also a way to fulfill every man’s dream of flying like a bird in the sky. The lake city of Pokhara is also famous for its amazing food, bars, spas, and other fun activities.

Bungee Jumping is another thrilling activity during which you experience freefall for 4-8 seconds. Often this sport is carried out in high skyscrapers, but in Nepal, you get to witness the wilderness and serene beauty of nature as you take a plunge.

Another great thing about these sports is that they are quite affordable and you can spend a few extra days enjoying other amazing aspects of beautiful country Nepal without worrying about being bankrupt. Or you take part in these activities as an add on to your trekking or touring schedule.

Though a laid back life with no risks and adventure sounds like a safe idea, never taking a step towards adventure just makes life dull and boring. Adventure sports like any other sport has its own risks and requires some attention and care, but you will not have to worry much with experts handling everything perfectly and with the safest and newest technologies.

Some people may find bungee jumping or paragliding too scary. So, there are other adventure sports like rafting, canoeing, safari on the back of an elephant etc. where you don’t have to worry a lot and just enjoy amazing Nepal.

So, why not take your time and find out what time of adventure suits you the most and book a trip this holiday. You are bound to have the best time in Nepal.