Privacy Policy

Sublime Trails Pvt. Ltd. Travel and Adventure Company Respects Your Privacy

Your information is collected by us for various reasons, mainly to be able to act upon your request. We respect your right to know how we use this information. We take any measures required to ensure your privacy. By using this site, you agree to our Privacy Policy and any actions taken should be taken with its consideration.

How much do we know about you?

By filling out a form or sending us an inquiry, you share your identifiable information with us and we need this information to act upon your request. This is how much we know about you:

  • Your name, address, date of birth, gender, email address, telephone number, postal address
  • Passport details and travel insurance details
  • Medical information and dietary preferences
  • Details of previous travel experience (if any)
  • Details of trips you have taken with us or have inquired about (if any)
  • Special information like preferences, previous complications, or requests
  • Information collected by third-party websites you may have booked our trips through

How do we collect your personal information? 

You give us your information while enquiring about a trip or using our website. You may have used one or several of these methods:

  • Filling a form on our website to book a trip
  • Sending us a message or inquiry over emails, blog, or social media
  • Calling us on a phone
  • Booking our trips or using our other services through a third-party website
  • Note: We collect website activities using analytical tools.

Why do we need your personal information?

Sublime Trails needs your personal information to be able to take action on your request. We use other information to suggest you a trip according to your requirements/preferences. Information we collect about your online behavior on our website helps us improve it to provide you with the best experience. 

  • To provide you the information about the trip you are interested in
  • To provide you the trip documentation after you book the trip
  • To be able to obtain required documents like permits or plane tickets
  • To manage the trip safely and be ready for any emergency that may occur depending on your health status, physical condition, and other relevant information

Note: We only share your information as mentioned above with the concerned authority to obtain the required documents and services. We don't sell any of your information. 

Credit Card Security

We believe that online security is very important and Sublime Trails ensures that you are safe because :

  • We do not store your credit card details on any of our electronic devices, emails, and printed tools.
  • We use Himalayan Bank Partnering with 2C2P Thailand Payment Gateway to provide a secure, encrypted environment for the authorization of credit card and charge card transactions between your browser and our financial institution

Using our Website

Some information is collected through our website from anonymous users and we know nothing more about you than your activities on our websites. This helps us in maintaining the quality of our website. Information about your activities on our website that we get are:

  • Pages viewed, date, time, time spent, clickstream information
  • Geographical region
  • Browser type and device type
  • IP address

Note: We collect website activities using analytics tools.

Other useful notes:

  • Our website may have links to other websites and clicking those links means you have left our website and our Privacy Policy
  • To correct or update your information, you have to contact us and verify your identity
  • You should immediately contact [email protected] for any inquiry about our Privacy Policy.
  • Contact us for any complaints or suggestions, we take each user's feedback into consideration.
  • We update our Privacy Policy depending upon any required changes, we suggest you keep yourself updated.