Nepal: A fantastic mix of nature, history, and culture where the beautiful flora grows wild and the well-fed fauna roam free.

Nepal's contrasting dissimilar beauty and geographical landscapes is a literal platform for poets and artists making this landlocked country a conceptual fantasy in the subcontinent of Asia. The country has a wealth of biodiversity that makes up its attractive flora and fauna; and the worlds highest peaks, historical monuments and its rhododendron strewn forests that can be found in the Himalayas and the teeming east of the country where the royal Bengal tiger and the one-horned rhino find their delightful homes make Nepal the kind of holiday destination for every form of traveler, whatever his characteristic or choice, amazing Nepal has it all. Ringed in by the mighty Himalayas, the country was once locked into the outside world until 1951. After opening its gates, the nation hasn't looked back till then, becoming the king of all destinations for adventure throughout the universe.

Ancient Kathmandu, once a kingdom to itself, is now the heritage capital with its rich cultural monuments, vermilion splattered temples and Pagodas representing different Hindu Gods and Goddesses, Buddhist Chaityas and old palaces that smell of tragedy and its intricately designed ancient wooden carved windows and doors are a sculptors dream.

There is no country in the world other than Nepal that offers such a wide array of outdoor adventures, excursions, extreme activities and cultural tours that invigorate your emotions and stir your imaginations to the hilt; the green Himalayan valleys, the glistening snow rode passes and the breathtaking landscapes as we go up and then come down to walk through lovely green forests of rhododendron and fir with the merry chattering of birds welcoming us as we hike through its domain makes Nepal the kind of holiday hideaway found nowhere else on the planet.

Nepal is an envy for some parts of the world for its vibrant ecosystems and cool environments, which start from zero points of the lowlands in the Terai to the snowy dizzy heights of the highest mountain ranges on Earth you are enthralled from the very moment the wheels of your plane hits the tarmac of the airport in Kathmandu and as you get into your waiting vehicle, you drive through a history of almost 3,000 years steeped in conspiracy, intrigue and royal blooded tragedies; where legendary folklores date back to times as old as the mountains that you see from the windows of your vehicle, the inheritance and influences of the past are a constant presence in the everyday lives of the people, despite modern influences that have invaded the living styles of the local folks. Traditional architecture mingles with the modern; busy streets erratically meander around sacred shrines; festivals celebrate gods and heroes almost every other day, and suited-booted businessmen offer farewell tikas to departing visitors.

In a nutshell, it all happens down here, lifelong experiences where holidays become a purpose and bring a sense of meaning and happiness of a special kind to your holidays. SUBLIME TRAILS will plan your vacations in ways that will linger in your memory long enough for the generations to come.