There are various beautiful places all around the world, but only a few places are left in this modern world where natural beauty remains untouched and cultural and historical sites are preserved for centuries. Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan are countries showcasing pristine landscapes with mighty mountains. This holiday, you can travel in one or more of these Himalayan countries to witness the outstanding mountain views, unique culture, tradition, and architecture. 

Sublime Trails has years of experience in conducting tours and trekkings in these three countries and provides you with the best of each place. Furthermore, you will also have help in finding out which package is perfect for you depending on your preferences, budget, time and physical fitness. Even though Nepal and Bhutan are relatively small countries, you will be amazed at the variety of experiences they offer. You may choose an easy trek or sightseeing tour or go for a couple of weeks of trekking in completely isolated places amongst mountains.

Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan are famous for marvellous mountain views and trips leading you very close to many iconic mountains including the tallest peak Mount Everest. But, travelling to these countries are not limited to just mountains, there are several other things unique to these countries that you are unlikely to find anywhere else. Exotic wildlife including numerous species of birds and animals, dense forests, rivers, waterfalls, adventurous trails, etc. that keeps you wondering at each moment. But, the people, their culture, tradition, and lifestyle which has been kept intact for many years makes you feel as if you have travelled time. 

Travelling in isolated parts of these Himalayan countries lets you be a part of the rich, unique and isolated culture of indigenous people Trekking to these places stepping away from your regular lifestyle and giving up luxuries to live a minimalist life can give you a different insight into life. That doesn’t mean you don’t have the option to spend luxurious time with your friends and family. There are several destinations also perfect for celebrating various milestones of life like birthdays, anniversaries and honeymoons. 

Not only that, touring in cities lets you explore its vibrant side as you savour natural beauty in each moment without completely giving up your regular life. The variety of options you can find while travelling here is limitless. From just single day sightseeing tours to adventure tours to hiking to few days of introductory treks to multi weeks trekking to completely emerge into the Himalayan lifestyle. Also, you get to choose how luxurious you want your trips to be and customize each aspect of your trip.

Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan, all these countries can amaze you with their rich culture, amazing dresses, delicious food, brilliant architecture, and unforgettable hospitality. But, you get to decide where you want to spend your holidays. Either you want to plan your trip in Nepal, the lap of Everest and birthplace of Buddha, Tibet, the Roof of the World or Bhutan, the land of Thunder Dragons. Or just forget about choosing and visit the best places in all three countries.