Panauti Namo Buddha Day Hike

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Trip Overview
  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Trip Grade: Leisurely Plus
  • Trip Start and End: Kathmandu
  • Trip Area: Panuti, Namobuddha
  • Trip Style: Active Hiking
  • Age Group: 7 or Above
  • Trip Type: Private and Group
  • Trip Method: Guided
  • Booking Type: Instant booking
  • Max. Altitude: 1345m
  • Best Season: All Season
  • Foot Print:Carbon Neutralleaf

Panauti Namobuddha Day hike is a one-day leisurely hike around the Kathmandu Valley that lets you explore the amazing landscapes around the valley, including many cultural and historical places of Panauti and Namobuddha Monastery. It takes just an hour of drive to get to Panauti and a few hours of drive to get to Namobuddha.

Panauti is the one of the oldest towns in Nepal, now part of Kavre. It displays many sites and monuments of historical, cultural and religious significance. Indreshwor Temple and Panauti Durbar Square are the highlights of the Panauti visit. This city was once a trading hub and has many temples and buildings which date back to the 15th century. Local people here have preserved these monuments and traditions of the city. This city is a great place to visit and explore the culture, and history of the locals.

Namobuddha is one of the sacred pilgrimage sites for Buddhists. Situated at the top of the hill, the monastery is a serene place to spend time listening to the prayers and chants of Buddhist monks. This monastery is historically significant and has its own story on how it was built. This monastery is said to be ancient, but the exact date of its founding is unknown. Its structure, though, remains well preserved to this day. Apart from its religious and historical significance, it provides you with an amazing view of the jungle and surrounding landscapes.

This one day tour is perfect to explore the serene landscapes around the valley and explore the historical and cultural aspects of the traditional city Panauti and Namobuddha Monastery.

Panauti Namobuddha Day Hike trip Highlights

  • Hike to the traditional town of Panauti and explore the Hindu and Buddhist monuments
  • Visit the Buddhist pilgrimage site of Namobuddha
  • Hike through the beautiful forests enjoying the scenic view of the landscapes
  • See the beautifully preserved culture at both sites
  • A short and sweet getaway within the Kathmandu Valley

Panauti Namo Buddha Day Hike Itinerary

  • Day 1:Drive from Kathmandu to Panauti, hike to Namobuddha and return

Day 1:Drive from Kathmandu to Panauti, hike to Namobuddha and return

    After your breakfast, our private vehicle will come to pick you up at the hotel you will be staying in. You will have an hour of the ride from Kathmandu to Panauti. Along the way, you will enjoy the beautiful sight of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and the surrounding landscapes. 

    After about an hour of the ride, you will reach Panauti. You will spend a few moments here, exploring the historical monuments such as Temples, Panauti palace, etc. You can stroll around the town and interact with locals as well. 

    From Panauti, you will start hiking to Namobuddha monastery which is situated at the top of the hill. You will ascend uphill from the town crossing the forests, picturesque villages, and the river. The monastery of the top and the prayer flags can be seen from the trail. After walking for about 4 hours you will reach the monastery. When you reach the top, you can spend some time watching the pray of monks and enjoying the serene environment. The valley and the surrounding landscapes look amazing from here. 

    After spending some time at Namobuddha, you will trek down the same route to get to Panauti. Our vehicle will drive you back to Kathmandu and drop you to your hotel.

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    Cost Details


    • Transportation:   
      All land transportation with pickups and drops
    • Guides and Porters:
      One tour guide between 6 people 
    • Entry Fees and Permits:
      All Monument Entrance Fee
    • Miscellaneous: 
      Necessary paperwork with the government of Nepal and Tax department

    Panauti Namo Buddha Day Hike Reviews

    5.0based on 1 reviews
    • Jeffrey R. Muldrow
      Jeffrey R. MuldrowOctober 30, 2018

      Fun hiking in Namobuddha

      As this was my first trip to Nepal I was so unsure about everything and I really thought that it was going to become one big mess. But, it didn't. I was there for just a few days and I went sightseeing in Kathmandu with Sublime Trails and after that, we decided that we should go hiking for a day. I have always been fascinated with Buddhism so we went to Namobuddha, a place related to the previous incarnation of Buddha. When I look back, I think that I had a fun holiday in Nepal even though I couldn't go to major famous places besides those in Kathamandu. I am planning to go back there and go a longer trek.

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