What Sets Us Apart

First and foremost, integrity and trust sit at the top of our moral values. Every year, we plan hundreds of trips - some recreational, most adventurous. We carry a sense of responsibility and mindfulness on our journeys. All these trips ensure you have an exceptional time and get the best value for your money while contributing to the environment and communities that you visit.

This is why travelers find us a special group to be with:

Sublime Trails is a Guide-Led Company

The story of Sublime Trails is modest and inspirational. The company was started by Ram, who entered the tourism sector as a porter, eventually becoming a trekking guide, and then trekking operations manager. His brothers also followed in his footsteps, and together they traveled far and wide to witness what Nepal had to offer.

Sublime Trails was a seed that was planted in one of these epic journeys. Further, in the early years of the company’s inception, the brothers orchestrated the trips and served as travel guides themselves.

At its essence, Sublime Trails is thus run by former guides and not by profit-centric businessmen. As a result, the founders understand the core of what travelers need when they are hoping for a life-changing escape in Nepal. They understand all possibilities that can occur on the rugged trails or the scenic mountain flights and have prepared the proper course of action.

Our CEO and MD Mr. Ram also loves saying this - if the fueling force for the company had been money and not his experience and sheer passion for travel, the company wouldn’t have reached the heights it has today.

We Only Promote Itineraries That We’re 100% Confident About

As mentioned already, travel experience comes first and profit-making second on our list of priorities. We don’t plan trips that are beyond our comfort zone.

When we say that, we mean that our guides and assistants have personally explored the area numerous times before we design an itinerary for a destination. It’s our duty to ensure that the place has the best to offer you and that our team is the best to bring it to fruition.

And what does it mean to you? When you see the list of destinations on our website and book your favorite one, our team is already in the backend, sleeves folded and prepared for all possibilities, eager to deliver the best travel experience for you. 

We Are Die-Hard Fans of Sustainable Travel

As a travel buff, you’ve seen first-hand the power of travel. But it can benefit more than just travelers.

Sustainable travel is at the foundation of everything we do. With evolving beliefs, we understand that travelers like you have become more sensitive to the environment. You are mindful to not affect the ecosystem of the destinations you visit so that your children and their children get the same view that you did.

We appreciate that, and we go out of our way to make it possible. We try hard to make paper and plastic usage during the trip near zero. During the entire trip, we serve locally-produced organic food as much as possible. This is especially beneficial to the mountain economy when you’re in those remote areas. Sublime Trails doesn’t waste food and we encourage you to do the same.

The Everest region and Annapurna region are destinations of national pride but Nepal isn’t limited to that. Each year, we add new itineraries to uncommon and hidden gems like the Dolpo region, the beautiful Ruby Valley, the less-popular Rara trail, Kanchenjunga, and more. These are dedicated to those who find their purpose in treading the path less traveled. Although equally deserving of attention, these areas are considered to be backward economies. When you visit these magnificent locations, you’ll also be directly uplifting the living standard of the local communities.

Everywhere on our trips, we employ scores of porters and servicemen from the local community. While we are grateful that these brave men choose to do much of the heavy lifting for us, we also take pride in the fact that our employment enriches their families and communities.

Last but not least, we encourage all businesses that come into our contact to practice and promote sustainable travel. This includes teahouses, lodges, and transport services, to name a few. 

All-inclusive Trips

You’re on vacation having the best time of your life. What could possibly go wrong? Surprise costs, and having to run the tab by yourself.

We understand that, and we want you to have a worry-free vacation. This is why our tour packages are all-inclusive. After you book your dream destination, we take care of all essentials during the entire trip. And this includes accommodation, transportation, travel, food, entrance fees, and all your basic needs.

Expert and Professional Guides

To begin with, all our tour and trekking guides are professionally certified with government licenses. They can only receive one after working for at least 2 years as an assistant guide and completing the comprehensive trekking guide course.

Additionally, our guides can understand and speak English fluently. Since the trekking guides will be flagbearers of our company and caretakers for you during the entire trip, smooth communication is essential. Sublime Trails sets an exceptionally high standard for our trekking guides. Most of them have completed the trekking trails of Nepal countless times and can handle everything travel-related.

Compared to solo travel, choosing Sublime Trails to be your travel partner comes with a long list of benefits. With us, you do not have to negotiate with shops and teahouses, worry about food and accommodation, or plan the best route for your destination. Let us bear that responsibility, and we’ll let you focus only on the elegance of your journey. 

No Hidden Cost

You only pay for what you agreed upon with us during booking. Under the package description of each travel plan, we have meticulously crafted the list of includes and excludes for the trip. And we honor it religiously.

There are no hidden costs that you have to worry about. Some travel operators add payment card fees and miscellaneous expenses alongside the displayed booking price. Sublime Trails doesn’t boggle you with them.

In short, what is displayed is what you pay for.

Choice of Trip Styles

Our trips are diverse and plentiful. Whether you are an adventurous millennial or a veteran retiree, you’ll find trips that resonate.

Want to experience Nepalese royalty in luxury 5-star tours? We’ve got you covered. Cherish the motto that the world shows itself to those who travel by foot. The Everest Base Camp trek is for you.

How about your holiday schedule? Scrambling for the best trip at a limited time? Or do you want to explore the meditative Nepal for days on end? From 4-hour helicopter trips to 90 days of great Himalayan trails, you’ll surely find something that sits right with you.