Lobuche East Peak Climbing

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Trip Overview
  • Duration: 19 Days
  • Trip Grade: Strenuous
  • Trip Start and End: Kathmandu
  • Trip Area: Khumbu
  • Trip Style: Climbing
  • Age Group: 16+
  • Trip Type: Private/ Group Sharing
  • Trip Method: Guided
  • Booking Type: Instant Confirmation
  • Max. Altitude: 6,119 m
  • Best Season: March-May, September-November
  • Foot Print:Carbon Neutralleaf

Lobuche East Peak Climbing introduces you to the true rigors of Himalayan climbing, leading to a rewarding trek, stimulating climb, and views of the towering peaks of Mt. Everest and Nuptse from the summit.

At 6,119 m (20,075 ft), Lobuche East is an accessible peak for beginner climbers. It also serves as a preparatory six-thousander peak for climbers aiming for higher peaks in Nepal.

The Lobuche East is defined as a trekking peak and is thus considered an easy climb for mountaineers. Nonetheless, if this is your first introduction to mountain climbing, you’ll need more preparation and planning coming into this trip.

Our experienced climbing guides and Sherpas will facilitate your climb. They will train you on using climbing gear and equipment and teach you climbing techniques on your way to the summit.

On the Lobuche East Peak Climbing itinerary, you will first get on a scenic flight to Lukla and commence your trek to Everest Base Camp. The trekking trail traverses through the beautiful villages of Phakding, Namche Bazaar, Tengboche, Dingboche, and finally Lobuche.

You will trek from Lobuche to the nearby Lobuche Peak Base Camp from where your climbing route begins.

Lobuche East Peak Climbing Route

You will reach Lobuche Peak Base Camp on Day 12. Located at 4,900 m (16,076 ft), the base camp is at a short distance from Lobuche village.

We will set up camp by a beautiful lake with a close-up view of Mt. Ama Dablam. At this point, our climbing crew will check your equipment and gear again for a 4-hour hike up to Lobuche High Camp. The trail is easy at first and gets steep in the final phase. We camp beside another lake and rest for the following summit day.

Your crew leader will wake you up at 1 am, which is what it takes to reach the summit at the perfect morning window. You will take a slow and steady 3-hour journey in the dark to Crampon Point (5,700 m/ 18,700 ft).

In another 3 hours, you will rope up, scramble, and trudge to the Lobuche East summit.

Lobuche Peak Climbing Cost

The cost of climbing Lobuche Peak with Sublime Trails is USD 2,100 per trekker for the 19-day itinerary.

Lobuche Peak Climbing Cost (1-2 climbers): USD 2300 per climber
Lobuche Peak Climbing Cost (3-5 climbers): USD 2,100 per climber
Lobuche Peak Climbing Cost (6-10 climbers): USD 2,000 per climber

If you’re already in the Everest region and want us to operate the trip starting from Lobuche, the Lobuche Peak Climbing trip will cost USD 900 per climber.

Lobuche East Peak Climbing Gallery

Lobuche East Peak Climbing Itinerary

  • Day 1:Arrival in KathmanduAltitude: 1,400 m (4,600 ft)
  • Day 2:Trip Preparation in KathmanduAltitude: 1,400 m (4,600 ft)
  • Day 3:Fly to Lukla and trek to PhakdingAltitude: 2,730 m (8,957 ft), Duration: 3-4 hrs
  • Day 4:Phakding to Namche BazaarAltitude: 3,438 m (11,280 ft), Duration: 5-6 hrs
  • Day 5:Acclimatization in Namche BazaarAltitude: 3,438 m (11,280 ft)
  • Day 6:Namche Bazaar to TengbocheAltitude: 3,870m (12,697 ft), Duration: 5-6 hrs
  • Day 7:Tengboche to DingbocheAltitude: 4,360m (14,305 ft), Duration: 5-6 hrs
  • Day 8:Acclimatization in DingbocheAltitude: 4,360 m (14,305ft)
  • Day 9:Dingboche to LobucheAltitude: 4,940 m (16,208 ft), Duration: 5-6 hrs
  • Day 10:Lobuche to Gorak Shep, visit Everest Base CampAltitude: 5,364 m (17,599 ft), Duration: 6-7 hrs
  • Day 11:Gorak Shep to Kala Patthar and back to LobucheAltitude: 5,545 m (18,193 ft), Duration: 7-8 hrs
  • Day 12:Lobuche to High CampAltitude: 5,400 m (17,717 ft), Duration: 3-4 hrs
  • Day 13:Lobuche High Camp to Summit and Back to High CampAltitude: 6,119 m (20,076 ft), Duration: 8-10 hrs
  • Day 14:Contingency/reserve dayAltitude: 3,985 m (13,075 ft), Duration: 8-9 hrs
  • Day 15:Lobuche High Camp to PangbocheAltitude: 3,985 m (13,075 ft), Duration: 8-9 hrs
  • Day 16:Pangboche to Namche BazaarAltitude: 3,438 m (11,280 ft), Duration: 4-5 hrs
  • Day 17:Namche Bazaar to LuklaAltitude: 2,800 m (9,187 ft), Duration: 6-7 hrs
  • Day 18:Fly to KathmanduAltitude: 1,400 m (4,600 ft)
  • Day 19:Final Departure

Day 1:Arrival in Kathmandu

  • Max Altitude1,400 m (4,600 ft)
  • Accommodation3-star hotel
  • MealsNone

You’ll get on an international flight from your home country to Nepal. Our representative will receive you at the Tribhuvan International Airport. First day of the trip, you’ll have enough time to adapt to your biggest cultural shock and fight that jetlag.

Day 2:Trip Preparation in Kathmandu

  • Max Altitude1,400 m (4,600 ft)
  • Accommodation3-star hotel
  • MealsNone

You’ll meet your climbing guide and supporting crew in the detailed orientation session today. Your crew will check your equipment and look for faults or incomplete items. You will attend an elaborate overview of the Lobuche Peak Climbing itinerary and have all your queries addressed. You can shop for incomplete items and wander around Kathmandu for the rest of the day.

Day 3:Fly to Lukla and trek to Phakding

  • Max Altitude2,730 m (8,957 ft)
  • AccommodationTea House
  • MealsBreakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Just like in all trips to the Khumbu region, you will get on an early morning mountain flight to Lukla. You will hand over your luggage to porters at the airport and head on a brief trek to Phakding.

Day 4:Phakding to Namche Bazaar

  • Max Altitude3,438 m (11,280 ft)
  • AccommodationTea House
  • MealsBreakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

First mornings in the Everest region create everlasting memories. After breakfast, you’ll get on your trail to Namche Bazaar. Unlike the convenient Day 3 of the Lobuche East Peak climbing itinerary, this day introduces you to the true rigors of trekking in the Everest region.

Day 5:Acclimatization in Namche Bazaar

  • Max Altitude3,438 m (11,280 ft)
  • AccommodationTea House
  • MealsBreakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

At an elevation of 3,438 m, Namche requires that you spend a day to acclimatize to the sudden increase in altitude. Namche has plenty of options for acclimatization day. You can hike to the nearby Everest View Hotel or visit the Hillary School.

Day 6:Namche Bazaar to Tengboche

  • Max Altitude3,870m (12,697 ft)
  • AccommodationTea House
  • MealsBreakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Regal views of Ama Dablam and Everest will keep today’s trek interesting. You will first reach the Ohunki village and eventually reach the infamous Tengboche Monastery. After enjoying the serenity of the monastery and enjoying epic views of Everest, Lobuche, Thamserku, and Ama Dablam, you will reach your teahouse to spend the night.

Day 7:Tengboche to Dingboche

  • Max Altitude4,360m (14,305 ft)
  • AccommodationTea House
  • MealsBreakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

The trek from Tengboche to Dingboche is fairly challenging and takes around 6 hours. Today’s highlights include crossing the Imja Khola Bridge and Pangboche Monastery.

Day 8:Acclimatization in Dingboche

  • Max Altitude4,360 m (14,305ft)
  • AccommodationTea House
  • MealsBreakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

The Wilderness Medical Society recommends allowing an extra night to acclimatize for every 3,300 ft (≈1,000 m) of sleeping elevation gain. As such, Dingboche requires an additional day for acclimatization.

Feel free to sleep in or hike to the nearby Nagarjun Hill or Chukung village.

Day 9:Dingboche to Lobuche

  • Max Altitude4,940 m (16,208 ft)
  • AccommodationTea House
  • MealsBreakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

The trek difficulty goes up a notch as you’re near the elevation of 5,000 m. You will move through rough and steep trails to reach Duglha and then Chuki Lahara beneath the peaks of Cholatse and Tawache. A trek over the moraines of Khumbu Glacier takes you to Lobuche village.

Day 10:Lobuche to Gorak Shep, visit Everest Base Camp

  • Max Altitude5,364 m (17,599 ft)
  • AccommodationTea House
  • MealsBreakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

With the view of Mt. Pumori Peak in close quarters, you will embark on your trek to Gora Shep, the last settlement before Everest Base Camp. After lunch at Gorak Shep, you will trek to Everest Base Camp, one of the major highlights of our Lhotse Peak climbing package.

After returning, you will spend the night in Gorakshep.

Day 11:Gorak Shep to Kala Patthar and back to Lobuche

  • Max Altitude5,545 m (18,193 ft)
  • AccommodationTea House
  • MealsBreakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

While visiting Everest Base Camp gives you bragging rights for the rest of your life, Kala Patthar gives you better views of Everest and the surrounding serenity. With its peak at 5,644 m (18,519 ft), Kala Patthar is arguably the best vantage point in the Everest region.

With the Everest side quest accomplished, you will then return to Gorak Shep and head towards Lobuche for your main quest.

Day 12:Lobuche to High Camp

  • Max Altitude5,400 m (17,717 ft)
  • AccommodationTented Camp
  • MealsBreakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

You will first have to get to Lobuche Base Camp to get to the High Camp. The trek to base camp transitions from relatively flatter terrain to steeper and rockier paths.

You will advance further along the Lobuche Glacier with panoramic views of Ama Dablam, Cholatse, Pokalde, Thamserku, and Kangtega.

Your guide will train you on climbing techniques for the climb the next day. You will learn proper use of climbing gear and equipment like ice axes, crampons, harnesses, ascenders, etc, and also learn rope techniques for ascent and descent.

Day 13:Lobuche High Camp to Summit and Back to High Camp

  • Max Altitude6,119 m (20,076 ft)
  • AccommodationTented Camp
  • MealsBreakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

This is the most thrilling and also the most challenging day of the entire trip. After all, today is when you will finally accomplish your long and persistent journey to the summit of Lobuche East.

Requiring a bit of technical climbing, you will follow your guide’s instructions to the Lobuche East summit.

Day 14:Contingency/reserve day

  • Max Altitude3,985 m (13,075 ft)
  • AccommodationTented Camp
  • MealsBreakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

If the summit day is to be postponed for any unforeseen circumstances or weather conditions, you can attempt the climb again on this day. Otherwise, we will continue our descent to Pangboche on this day.

Day 15:Lobuche High Camp to Pangboche

  • Max Altitude3,985 m (13,075 ft)
  • AccommodationTea House
  • MealsBreakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

On successful completion of your climb, you will head for Pangboche today. We will stop for lunch at Lobuche and set off for Pheriche. While some descending climbers choose to stay at Pheriche, we will set off further till Pangboche. This means you will have descended enough for a peaceful sleep and also ensures that tomorrow’s trek will be a lot more convenient.

Day 16:Pangboche to Namche Bazaar

  • Max Altitude3,438 m (11,280 ft)
  • AccommodationTea House
  • MealsBreakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

The trek from Pangboche to Namche Bazaar is a blissful 4-5 hour stroll downwards. You will reach just in time to check into a teahouse and set off for an epic exploration of Namche Bazaar.

Day 17:Namche Bazaar to Lukla

  • Max Altitude2,800 m (9,187 ft)
  • AccommodationTea House
  • MealsBreakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

We trek back to Lukla through the same trail, only this time with a heart full of memories. After confirming our flight back to Kathmandu, we will have enough time to relax and share stories.

Day 18:Fly to Kathmandu

  • Max Altitude1,400 m (4,600 ft)
  • Accommodation3-Star Hotel
  • MealsBreakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

You will board a second epic mountain flight, this time on the return trip from Lukla to Kathmandu. A Sublime Trails representative will shuttle you from the Tribhuvan International Airport back to your hotel. We request you to attend the company-sponsored farewell dinner tonight.

Day 19:Final Departure

    It is finally time for hugs and goodbyes as you set off for a flight back home. Adios, traveler.

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    Cost Details


    • Airport shuttle to and from the hotel
    • All ground and domestic air transfers for the trip
    • 3-Star Accommodation in Kathmandu
    • Teahouse and tented accommodation during the trip
    • Meals in Kathmandu as specified on the itinerary
    • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner for the entire trip duration in the Khumbu region
    • Climbing permits, trekking permits, National park permits
    • Certified and qualified English-speaking trekking/ climbing guide (with a supporting crew of assistants and porters)
    • Compensation, meals, accommodation, and insurance for the guide and supporting crew
    • Comprehensive first aid kit, communication equipment, and medical evacuation coordination
    • Duffel Bag, Down Jacket, Sleeping Bag, Tent, Ropes and Harness
    • 24-hour administrative and online support to monitor the trip conditions, prepare for emergencies, and contact insurance companies


    • Visa Fee
    • International Airfare
    • Any meals other than breakfast in Kathmandu
    • Rescue & travel insurance, trip cancellation costs, accident or health emergency, evacuation, loss, theft, or damage to baggage (We strongly advise you to take out personal travel insurance.)
    • Extra night accommodation in Kathmandu due to any reason
    • Personal expenses (phone calls, internet, laundry, bar bills, battery recharge, extra porters, cold drinks, bottled or boiled water, hot shower, etc.)
    • All alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
    • Tipping for the Sublime Trails crew
    • Personal clothing and other climbing gear not mentioned in the includes section

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    Trip Essential Information

    Safety and Insurance

    Climbing Lobuche Peak requires technical skills, a certain level of physical fitness, and the ability to adapt to the challenges you face during the climb. Having prior climbing experience helps, but it is not a must-have requirement to climb Lobuche East.

    Unlike Lobuche West, summitting Lobuche East requires less technical climbing but has challenges, especially for intermediate climbers. The trek to Lobuche village itself is no walk in the park.

    Difficult terrain, altitude, and physical exhaustion pose the most common complications in the Khumbu region. If you’re unable to complete the trip and can’t descend to lower altitudes for medication, you will have to be evacuated via a helicopter.

    The cost of helicopter evacuation can be high, so look for travel insurance that covers heli evac in mountainous regions.

    This is what we recommend to our guests from around the world. We are not affiliated with any companies, and our list is based entirely on years of experience dealing with a diverse list of travel insurance policies.

    For travelers of, 

    USA: UnitedHealthcare Global
    Europe: Global Allianz, Europe Assistant 
    Australia: Cover-More Travel Insurance
    Asia Pacific: World Nomads Travel Insurance


    Best Time To Climb Lobuche East Peak

    March to May(Spring) and September to November(Autumn) are the perfect time/season to climb Lobuche East Peak.

    As per the trends, climbers prefer the Autumn season for the trek rather than Spring because the temperatures are moderate, and the weather is consistent not to mention, the views are exquisite! No wonder, Autumn has always been a trekking season in Nepal.

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    • To successfully climb Lobuche, you have to trek for 6 to 9 hours each day. On the day of the summit, you will need to climb steadily for 6-8 hours to reach the top.

    • You need four permits to climb the Lobuche East Peak. They are the TIMS (Trekking Information Management System) permit, Khumbu Pasang Lhamu Entrance Permit, Sagarmatha National Park Entry Permit, and Lobuche East Peak Climbing Permit.

      • TIMS permit costs NPR 2000($18) per person
      • Khumbu Pasang Lhamu Entrance Permit costs NPR 2000 ($20)
      • Sagarmatha National Park Entry Permit costs NPR 3000 ($30)

      (For travelers from the SAARC countries, it’ll cost you NPR 1000/ $10)

      Lobuche East Peak Climbing Permit costs:

      • $70 per person during June/July and August
      • $125 per person during September to February

      Sublime Trails covers the cost of these permits if you book the Lobuche East Peak Climbing trip with us.

    Lobuche East Peak Climbing Reviews

    5.0based on 2 reviews
    • D
      Danny JohnsonNovember 08, 2023

      My First Peak Summit

      As we were making our way up the mountain, we hit this crazy icy stretch that had us all on edge. I swear, it felt like every step was a gamble. And then, just when I was about to lose my cool, Tenzing, our awesome guide, came over and gave me a pat on the back. He was all like, "You got this, buddy," and suddenly, I felt like I could conquer anything. It's amazing how a little encouragement can go a long way, right?

    • E
      EmmaOctober 05, 2022

      Unforgettable Adventure: Lobuche East Peak with Sublime Trails!

      Just got back from the most epic journey of my life with Sublime Trails, and I had to share the highlights with you!
      Sublime Trails' guides were like mountain wizards, guiding us through tough terrains with humor and wisdom. Shoutout to Tenzing for being a legend!
      The climb itself was a thrilling rollercoaster of icy ridges and cozy tent nights, all with breathtaking views. Plus, the camaraderie with fellow travelers made it even more special.
      If you're considering a Himalayan adventure, go with Sublime Trails. They'll make it unforgettable. I'm already planning my next trip with them!

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