Reasons to Trek with Us

reason to trek with sublime trails


Why Choose Us For Your Next Adventure

Something for Everyone

Sublime Trails puts together a diverse range of tours and travel activities. From our inception, we have been adding meaningful itineraries every year. As such, you will find something that suits your interest and style. Whether you are a solo traveler, a family group, or a couple, there is something that's just right for you.

Additionally, we specifically have specialized adventures for youths, women, and people over 55. Thus, you can choose to have a memorable experience with your demographic - people with similar interests to talk about!

All our tour operators and trekking guides can speak fluently. Since English is an international language, we invite travelers from all countries to join us.

On top of it all, we feature trips and itineraries of varying time intervals and difficulty levels. Whether you're looking for a relaxed inter-city tour in Nepal or a luxurious travel experience, we have meticulous itineraries crafted for each. Meanwhile, if you are an adventurous soul and are in love with rugged wonderlands, you might want to check out our Himalayan trekking plans. Trekking to the Everest region or the Annapurna region are all rewarding experiences that won't put you down. 

Proven Track Record and Stellar Reviews


Sublime Trails brings with it years of experience hosting travelers from all over the world. Hundreds of travelers have chosen us to be a part of their memorable journey into Nepal's wonderlands.

As a veteran travel operator in Nepal, Sublime Trails has seen the highs and lows of the tourism industry. Regardless of what was tossed our way, we have always dealt with obstacles and come out stronger. During all these years of serving adventurous travelers, we have faced numerous complications on the trail and learned to handle them diligently.

In all honesty, it's not like we have never made mistakes, however. We have made errors and learned from them even faster. This is how years of experience have benefitted us, unlike for a newly established company.

We have served travelers from more than 50 countries. And guests who have traveled with us just won't stop talking about us. Our top-class hospitality begins from the moment they land at the Tribhuvan International Airport or the moment we receive them from their hotels.

Client safety and satisfaction are our top priorities during each trip. We employ a rigorous training process for our tour operators and trekking guides. We encourage them to always be courteous and go beyond their ways to ensure a smooth trip. With this, we ensure that you don't just get a travel guide but are accompanied by a supportive and sympathetic travel partner.

If you want to get a feel of how travelers feel about us, we encourage you to read client reviews on TripAdvisor, our guestbook, and other review sites.

All-Inclusive Adventures


Expenses and logistics are the hardest part of planning a holiday trip. Having to deal with price negotiations and basic utilities are the last things you want to worry about on a trip. With that in mind, we have made our trips all-inclusive.

After you book a trip and pay for the fully transparent pricing, there's no need to worry about any additional expenses, unless you choose to indulge in extra services. While there are permits and fees to pay for some trips, we will already have informed you beforehand if you need one.

Sublime Trails ensures a worry-free holiday for you. We provide the most essential trip gear worth over US $300. For example, if you are doing hikes or treks in Nepal, this includes the indispensable down jacket, duffel bags, cap or hat, hiking ponchos, etc. 

Small Groups


We prioritize small teams over larger groups on our trips and treks, and it's not just because they're easier to manage. Visiting a destination in a small group has its own set of benefits for a traveler. First of all, a small group gives you better access to trip resources, which include our trip guides.

We take no more than 16 people on a single group trip. In a small group, our guides can spend more time with you explaining the location, and keeping sure your health and wellbeing are at its best. By choosing to keep our groups small, we also reduce the workload on our guides and operators. This translates to them being in their best form and having enough time to tend to your personal needs.

Additionally, we also organize many trips for the solo traveler every year. Our solo traveler gets a guide all for themselves. They can enjoy the entire journey and the destination at their own pace however they like. After all, every destination has something unique to offer for each traveler, and no two experiences are the same. 

Certified Local Guides


We have two main requirements for our guides - proven expertise and enthusiasm for their work.

First of all, our selection process is rigorous. We do not only select our guides on a single dimension. When we say that, we mean that we look at a guide's experience, credibility, certification, and personality. All our trekking guides are certified by the Nepal government.

While serving clients is a part of our business, we also understand that travelers visit a destination primarily to have fun. When you plan a trip, the first thing that comes to mind is the amazing scenery and the blissful feeling of serenity, not logistics or food. We understand that, and our guides are trained to care about the way you feel.

We provide market-competitive compensation, health insurance, and lucrative welfare policies to our guides. They are incentivized to bring their best. Because of this, we have had amazing feedback from our guests. Furthermore, we're proud to say that our guides have stayed loyal to us, and most have worked with us for a significant portion of their careers. 

Comprehensive Risk Management

Sublime Trails prioritizes safety during the trip over anything else. We employ a comprehensive risk assessment and handling system that is second to none.

Our guides are first-aid trained and can handle all complications during the trips proficiently. Sublime Trails also equips each tour lead with a reserve of medicines that may be needed on the field.

At the end of each day, our guides are required to brief the administrative team on the trip’s progress and field condition. This allows our administration to check on the well-being of each guest while also ensuring the trip is going as planned.

Additionally, we have a 24-hour call line that our staff, guests or their family members can use at any time of the day. 

Commitment to Conservation


Sublime Trails stands in solidarity with worldwide nature conservation and sustainability goals. We choose responsible travel above everything else.

We contribute to offsetting carbon dioxide emitted from our trips by investing in carbon reduction projects. This way, when you let Sublime Trails be your travel partner, you are choosing to conserve the amazing destinations that you visit.

Sublime Trails is careful not to leave a negative impact on venues that we visit, and we encourage our business partners and guests to do the same. Furthermore, 1% of your booking price goes to the local communities of your dream destination.

In short, your choosing Sublime Trails preserves the destinations that you love and enriches their local communities.