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We ensure that the resources you use in your travel: from food to bedding: come locally.

With globalization reaching the peak of its power, we see big, strong, international companies eating away at the heart of small local businesses. In a country that is not as economically robust as others, we have seen an infringement of the Nepalese Market by companies that don’t operate here. Whether it is in terms of food or clothing, this heavily import-dependent mentality has not had a positive impact on the economic opportunities for local people. We, Sublime Trails, on the other hand, are all out to promote local products and make sure that local economies flourish.

One of the simplest ways that we promote such values is by ensuring that the food we serve along the way is grown in Nepal. Much of the resources that are used in traditional Nepalese food that we serve you along the various places you get to are made in Nepal. More often than not, the green vegetables that you get in the “Nepali Dal Bhaat” are grown in the backyards of the lodges that you will be staying in. The sources of carbohydrates ranging from wheat to rice are also cultivated in the nearest possible districts, from where they are imported. The same goes out to pulses. In addition to having monetary benefits for small businesses, this also ensures that the ecology of the place remains intact as the environmental costs of international import is negated.

Having a traditional Western or Continental Meal often means that the ingredients that are used for preparing the meal come from outside the country. Nepal doesn’t have a big market for ingredients that still resonate with a Western feel ranging from Mayonnaise to Peanut butter and even Olive Oil- much of which forms the basis of Western-style dishes. These have to be imported from outside the country. Even much of milk needed to prepare Nepalese tea in the Himalayan Region comes in the form of “Milk Powder”, which is a major import in our country.

In order to stay true to our pledge of supporting the local economy, traveling with Sublime Trails comes with an urge to support everything that is made and crafted locally- ensuring that the beverages that we serve from Tea and Coffee are grown in our tea and coffee estates and also the alcoholic beverages that are grown within Nepal’s boundaries.

Not only will this help you to get a feel of the food of the place and its agricultural practices, it is sure to improve your health as well. Processed food has been known to have a lot of downsides- especially the artificial flavoring and added preservatives, and refined are bound to impact your health negatively. Especially if you are on a trek to high altitudes, refraining from food that has tinges of processed food is also bound to enhance your stamina.

Note: If you have underlying health problems that make you allergic to certain spices that are used in Nepalese food, please do not hesitate to tell us. Even without the allergies, if you, at any times feel that you have problems with the digestion and nutrient absorption of Nepalese food, let us know. In such a case, your health should be the topmost priority as we’ll shift our preferences accordingly to ensure your health and well-being.