Over 55 Adventure Travel

Adventure Within Ultimate Comfort and Ease
  • Adventure at a slow and steady pace
  • Comfortable and clean accommodation with western toilets
  • Digestive and soft food and beverage
  • Soft, flexible, and friendly guides
  • Suitable for retired people who want less physical demands

It goes without saying that the older you get, your body isn’t as responsive to challenges as it did in the past. So when you are going out on adventure trips to some of the more challenging parts of Nepal like the Base Camp regions, you will want to take more days to reach the destination. You will perhaps want to take a bit of time to let the beauty of the place sink in, and take a more relaxed approach to travel. So we have come up with a special Over 55 adventure trips in Nepal.

If you are heading out to the Everest Base Camp, we will ensure that you have more days for acclimatization. We also ensure that you walk a few hours and cover fewer kilometers each day. This will let your body acclimatize properly to the demands of the trek.

If you are 55 years or older and have been to Nepal previously, you might already have scaled some of the more wonderful treks in the country. In such a case, we offer you a chance to visit the same places but in a different way. You might want to take a Helicopter Tour to the Base Camp. Or perhaps, you are looking forward to taking a more relaxed approach to travel- i.e. wanting to head out on a safari tour or mountain flight. We have all these and more at your disposal in the Over 55 adventures.

During your over 55 adventure in Nepal, you will encounter fellow travelers that are of the same age as you. This will mean that you have similar life experiences and are looking for similar things while traveling. So you will have great company too.

And we also look to push the boundaries of your strength without ever risking your health, to begin with. Our tour guides will adjust the pace of your treks or other adventures you are a part of so that you have an adrenaline rush too.

Whether you choose to go for a day’s hike in the National Parks of our country or go for milder treks, you can be assured that Sublime Trails will cater to all your needs throughout the trip. If you are looking to go out on museum tours around Kathmandu or visit more ancient cities of the country, do not hesitate to write to us. We will customize our Over 55 adventures after taking in any requirements you might have.