Thrilling Youth Escpades

Adventures for below 40s

Reflecting upon the lack of experiences that youth have Henry Estienne, once said, “If only Youth but knew” This gives you a sense of how much there is to know and learn as a youth. And one of the best ways of doing that is by traveling to various parts of Nepal on Youth Adventure trips- not only to have a holiday but to learn about the social, economic, and cultural aspects of the many microcosms present in this beautiful Himalayan country.

We have specialized in arranging itineraries where youth, students, in particular, can go to one of the most pristine parts of Nepal and at the same time be engaged in community work that will help the travelers well-versed with the dynamics of a particular society. That might include learning how a language works or what norms are acceptable or not within the framework of the culture of that palace, and forming bonds with people that last a lifetime.

Besides, youth adventure programs don’t necessarily have to be about community work all the time. Sometimes, we make sure that you, as a youth, get engaged in strenuous treks that push the limits of your travel- enhancing not just your physical prowess but also building the mental fortitude it takes to complete journeys in a challenging environment.

But challenging outdoor adventure camps or adventure charity challenges don’t mean they come with risks. We make sure that all of your activities are monitored by your group leader who will be there by your side to take care of you. This ensures that he pushes your limits but not to the point of physical or mental breakdown. We operate Youth Adventure Trips that are in accordance with all the safety laws and measures of the highest international standard.

In addition to getting along with the people within Nepal, you might also get to join students or youth from other nations that are looking to enrich their imagination and creativity with travel. This might include trips to the most wonderful places in the country which have shaped not only its language but its archaeology, history, culture, and outlook. 

Youth Adventure to camping in places like the Everest Base Camp or Annapurna Base Camp not only give you the strength and courage to pursue your dreams of traveling to challenging environments but might also allow you to use these opportunities to become mountaineers in the future or open up possibilities to travel to unchartered places, in case you would want to pursue such a career.

We have designed a lot of adventure trips for 2023, 2024, and 2025 in Nepal. Some youth collaborate with universities to get a feel of the education that is shaping the youngsters of this generation while others are taking on adventure sports that we offer. 

All in all, the possibilities of the Youth Adventure challenges and the delightful learnings along the way is bound to make your travel and experience rich. And unlike Henry Estinenne’s phrase, you might be a youth that knows.