Our Story

Sublime Trails Trekking, a home-grown Nepalese adventure travel company started in 2013, is now one of Nepal's leading trekking companies. From the legendary Everest Base Camp to the imperial Annapurna region, we have traveled far and wide to become the premier trekking company in Nepal.

Learn the inspiring story of how Sublime Trails came to be!

Early Days

Story of Sublime Trails
Ram with his clients to EBC in 2010

Ram, the company's founder, was first introduced to the tourism industry when he started working as a porter for a reputed trekking agency in Nepal. He eventually got a trekking guide license in 2005 from NATHM under the Nepalese government. Young and enthusiastic, travelers soon began to admire him for his friendly and cheerful attitude.

Ram also persuaded his brothers to set foot in the tourism sector. They followed his footsteps, starting as porters, and eventually becoming trekking guides. Like Ram, they worked diligently in their groups, and it didn't take long for them to create their reputation.

As part of different groups, the brothers explored all tour and trekking trails throughout Nepal and saw first-hand the heavenly experience their country had to offer. Ram graduated from Tribhuvan University in the year 2009. This allowed him to dedicate himself to tourism and he eventually got promoted to Trekking Operations Manager.

About Ram and Sublime Trails

But Ram and the brothers wanted to deliver more than what was already there. They wanted to promote mindful travel and show travel enthusiasts all over the world the amazing gift that Nepal had to offer.

And their combined experience had already set the framework for something special.

You could tell the seed was ready to be planted. 


2013 - 2015

Realizing that he could add immense value to the tourism industry, Ram started Sublime Trails Trekking. The year was 2013.

But like the glorious trails of Nepal, the journey had its fair share of rocky terrain and bumpy junctions. Tourist guides did not want to work at a new company that seemingly had little to no prospects.

And like the adventurous travelers that Sublime Trails now supports, Ram and the company endured it all. For two years, Ram and his brothers did their own reach-outs, handled their inquiries, and conquered the trail themselves as guides with their guests.

The emperor who fights his own battles - the lucky guests of those years knew they were with a special group.

But tragedy struck throughout the entire nation when Nepal was hit with a devastating earthquake in 2015. The 7.8 Richter scale calamity destroyed infrastructure and claimed lives - bringing tourism to a standstill.

The foundation was strong for Sublime Trails, but the ceiling still seemed far away. Ram and his family personally witnessed their homes crumbling and dreams shattering. But with the grace of god, none of the team members and their families were physically affected.

They had survived the day to fight another. After all, there's no such calamity that can shatter optimism. 


With the blessings of God, and support and prayers from people around the world, Nepal slowly recovered from the disaster, and so did tourism.

We at Sublime Trails opened our doors to travelers and never stopped setting our standards high. Sublime Trails employed modern approaches to reach travel lovers from all over the world. The company widened its horizons, collaborated with institutions worldwide, and made optimum use of digital platforms. As a result, we could serve more guests and the company grew massively in size.

We hired more guides and porters, providing employment and hence contributing to the recovering economy. We are proud of travelers like you who made that possible. You may not realize it, but your actions always impact others in one way or another.

The company matured, and so did we. There were mistakes but we always learned from them, there were obstacles but we always faced them with all our might. 


Just when we started to march forward, the Covid-19 pandemic spread worldwide, and countries went on lockdown. Like you, we regretted not getting to share Nepal's awesomeness with eager souls.

On the flip side, this allowed us to look deeper within ourselves, and improve from our previous experience. This ensured that when we opened our doors next, our guests had more to receive.

For instance, the pandemic influenced us to go through our policies and implement safer, more flexible travel plans. We pay special attention to the health and well-being of our guests. Furthermore, we are now a lot more flexible with our booking policy. You now have the liberty of transferring or postponing your booking if you have a scheduling conflict. Our pricing is transparent, and our refund policy is thorough. 

2022 to Present: 

We proudly claim to be the most responsible tour and trekking organization in Nepal. Each year, we add more amazing travel destinations for travel-hungry junkies like you. Thousands of travelers have shared their experiences with us and will tell you they'd do it again.

As our story advocates, we are travel enthusiasts first and profit-oriented ventures second. More than a company, Sublime Trails is a coalition of travel experts who have been there, and seen it.

Looking into the future, we want to be the flagship of adventure travel in Nepal for the upcoming generation. In view of evolving world views, Sublime Trails prioritizes sustainability over everything else. Our trips are carbon offset, and 1% of your cost goes to the carbon reduction process.

Importantly, we truly owe our success to our team and staff. We respect and care for our tour guides and porters - after all, they are the pillars on which our company and your trips stand on. They are paid market-competitive compensation for their hard work, and we are meticulous with their insurance and welfare provisions.

Our tours attract people from all ages and walks of life. If you're looking for a once-in-a-lifetime destination, (always) choose Nepal, and let Sublime Trails make your escape memorable.

We have countless other stories to share, but we don’t only dwell on the past. There are newer memories to be made, and more remarkable trails to be treaded. And we want you to be a part of that profound story.

Signing off with my favorite quote,


“May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. May your mountains rise into and above the clouds." Edward Abbey

Namaste (I greet the god within you),
Ram Khadka
CEO and Managing Director, Sublime Trails