One Day Tours in Nepal


Sublime Trails tries its best to offer the best tours and trekking packages for everyone. The beauty of Nepal is diverse and there is something for everyone. These one day tours in Nepal is perfect for people wanting to explore this outstanding beauty of Nepal in a single day. Not everyone can spend weeks or even days traveling. These excursion tours are ways to make your day worth it. All of these amazing things without worries, hassles or strenuous activities.

Nepal is a beautiful country with various amazing places to visit with varying grades of difficulty and days needed to complete. One day tour is one of the easiest trips to complete. Kathmandu Tours doesn’t focus on covering huge distances but in exploring the rich art, culture, and tradition within the small city of Kathmandu. Helicopter tour starting from Kathmandu and taking you to Everest Base Camp is the most luxurious way to get so near to the giant Everest.

Kathmandu City Tours

Kathmandu is the best place to spend sightseeing in Nepal. This city of temples and millions of gods offers some outstanding religious, cultural and historical places with a brilliant architecture. Kathmandu city is surrounded by mighty hills and mountains. Depending on where you choose to stay and how clear the day is, you might get some glimpses of the Himalayas which is especially wonderful during sunrises.

Kathmandu is a blend of various cultures, religions, languages, and philosophies. This city when observed from far can even seem chaotic to some. Sublime Trails is there to help you get behind this superficial identity of Kathmandu and connect you to the real treasures of this city. UNESCO world heritage sites are such places in this city where each rock has its own story and our experienced guides will be there to take you back in time with these amazing stories, mythologies or legends. This tour includes an excursion to religious places like temples, monuments, holy rivers, stupas and historical places like palaces, durbar squares, ponds, etc.

While trekking in isolated regions of Nepal lets one detach from earthly pleasures and live a minimalist life, Kathmandu day tour gives you the opportunity to be a part of community living in this city, understanding the culture and ancient architectures while also enjoying amazing activities in tourist hub of Thamel, buying exotic things, art, handicrafts, and souvenirs.

This one-day excursion is perfect for anyone but it is also a chance for students of archaeology to learn about thousands of years old art, history, and civilization.

Helicopter Tours

Another amazing thing during your one day stay in Nepal is to go for a helicopter tour. Not everyone has the time and physical strength needed to trek for 2 weeks and get to Everest Base Camp. Sublime Trails has an outstanding tour prepared for you which you can complete in one day. During this tour, you will get to the foot of Everest and several other spots in the Himalaya and return back to Kathmandu. Sitting in the cozy seat of a helicopter, you will get the chance to catch some mesmerizing views as the mountains get closer and closer.

This being a luxurious tour doesn't mean that it is any less thrilling, it is one of the adventurous things to do in the Himalayan region. Some popular places where the helicopter lands are Lukla, Kalapatthar and Everest Base Camp. Getting to and flying past Lukla, getting to Everest Base Camp and even returning, everything gives an awesome feeling of conquering the Himalayas.

Another highlight of this trek is enjoying the majestic view of sunrise over Everest form the world's highest hotel, Everest View hotel enjoying a warm cup of coffee and breakfast.