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Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

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  • Safety measures
  • No booking fees
Trip Overview
  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Trip Grade: Leisurely Plus
  • Trip Start and End: Kathmandu to Kathmandu
  • Trip Area: EBC, Everest View Hotel, Kalapattar
  • Trip Style: Active/ Helicopter Tour
  • Age Group: 6 or Above
  • Trip Type: Private and Group
  • Trip Method: Partially Guided
  • Booking Type: Instant Booking
  • Max. Altitude: 5300m
  • Best Season: September to May
  • Foot Print:Carbon Neutralleaf

The Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour might just be the highlight of your trip to Nepal. Starting your morning from the bustling city of Kathmandu, you will embark on a memory-of-a-lifetime helicopter ride to Everest. Expect to be blown away by the stunning mountain views from Kala Patthar, where the epic scenery rivals Base Camp.

And did we mention soul-nourishing breakfast at the highest-altitude hotel in the world? If you are already drooling, perhaps it is a calling . . . from the Himalayas.

The Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour is famous because it eliminates the need to trek to Everest Base Camp. While some like to leave their footprints on the entire trail, some choose to directly reach the destination.

If, like them, you are also short of time or simply want to do it your way, the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour with Landing is for you.

You will land in comfort at Kala Patthar, which is the highest point of the Everest Base Camp trekking trail. Kala Patthar offers a far better view of Everest and surrounding massifs.

Unlike the Everest Base Camp Trek, the Helicopter Tour to Everest Base Camp comes with little to no restrictions. Anyone above age 5 is considered fit for the trip.

The time spent at Kala Patthar is also not long enough to cause altitude sickness. The 3,962 m (13,000 ft) altitude of the Everest View Hotel, although enough to make it the highest of its kind, won't cause any health complications to most people.

everest helicopter tour landing point Kalapattar

Highlights: Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour With Landing

  • Stand in awe at the lap of the worlds' highest peak, without ever breaking a sweat
  • Intimate views of Mt. Everest, Lhotse, Cho Oyu, Makalu, Nuptse, etc from air and ground
  • Safe and luxurious journey to the Everest region
  • Scenic helicopter flight with a clear view of the Himalayan ranges
  • Bird's-eye view of unique hamlets like Phakding, Namche Bazaar, Tengboche, etc
  • Land at high-altitude Lukla Airport, an experience in itself
  • Descend at the stunning Kala Patthar, the best vantage point of Everest and neighboring peaks
  • Breakfast at the highest-altitude hotel in the world
  • Observe pristine lakes, glaciers, lush forests, wide valleys, rivers, and more in comfort and safety

Do We Land at Everest Base Camp on the Helicopter Tour?

In the standard itinerary of the helicopter tour, we do not land at the Everest Base Camp. But in the months of April and May, you can make a special request for us to get ground time at the base camp.

April and May are climbing seasons at Everest, and a helipad is built at Everest Base Camp for logistics and rescue missions. As such, we can arrange for landing at the base camp during these months.

While you might want to set foot on the base camp during other months, the lack of a helipad and harsh weather conditions pose a challenge to land at the base camp. But Kala Patthar offers a better view of the Everest summit and of the surroundings than Everest Base Camp anyway.

Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour
Kalapattar Helicopter Landing Point

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour Flight Route

  1. Helicopter ride from Tribhuvan International Airport domestic terminal (Kathmandu, 4,344 ft/ 1,324 m) to Lukla Airport (9,334 ft/ 2,845 m).
  2. Refuel at Lukla, flight to Kala Patthar (18,519 ft/ 5,644.5 m).
  3. 15 minutes at Kala Patthar, descent to Everest View Hotel (13,000 ft/ 3,962 m) for breakfast.
  4. Fly back to Lukla, refuel, and back to Kathmandu.
everest base camp helicopter flight Route
Everest base camp helicopter flight route

Short Overview of Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

The first phase of the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour features a scenic chopper ride from Kathmandu to Lukla. If the weather is clear, you will immediately be drawn to the glistening snow-capped mountain range in the north.

The helicopter lands at Lukla to refuel, giving you time to snap a few pictures or adjust to the chilly air. The mountains certainly are not like the countrys' capital city!

We then fly over to Pheriche and then to Kala Patthar, the highest point of the Everest Base Camp trekking trail. You will get an intimate closeup of the world's highest peak and other surrounding massifs.

After a memorable 15 minutes of breathtaking scenery around you in all directions, we fly down to Everest View Hotel, where breakfast is ready to be served.

Breakfast in the mountains is yet another royalty only a few get to experience. As you sip your coffee and absorb natures artistry, it suddenly feels like home, like you were meant to be here.

With a happy heart, chilly nose, and satiated belly, we fly back to Lukla, and then to Kathmandu.

Of course, the views do not get less magnificent on the way back. They never do in the Everest region.

Sharing Vs Private Helicopter Tour to Everest Base Camp

To get to Everest Base Camp on a helicopter ride, you can either take a shared or private booking option.

In the shared plan, you simply share the helicopter with other enthusiasts like you who want to get to the Everest region.

The helicopter can accommodate 5 individuals at once. This might change depending on the weight of each individual - the maximum passenger weight limit is 500 kgs (1102.31 lbs). Nonetheless, there will not be more than five passengers on any trip.

In the shared option, the group of 5 people will stay the same throughout the trip, meaning you will experience everything together and return to Kathmandu in the same group. This way, you can form a bond in the same group even if you are strangers at first!

On the other hand, if you have your own group and want to share the experience within your intimate circle, there is always the option to book the tour with a private plan.

The private plan is a lot more flexible. You can discuss the exact timing of takeoff from Kathmandu, for example. Furthermore, the trip can be modified to some extent - your group can choose to visit the fabled Gokyo lakes and other vicinities.

In the private plan, if your group meets the maximum passenger limit, the standard Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour plan will cost the same, of course.

Logically, if the private charter only has two or three individuals, or if you choose to customize and extend the itinerary, the per-person cost will go up slightly.

private helicopter tour to Everest base camp

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour Price: Group Joining

The Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour costs US $1050 per individual if you join a group. Now this is when you can join with your own group of 3 to 5 individuals.

If you are a solo traveler or have another partner with you, the cost of the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour comes to US $1100.

We are extremely transparent with our booking rates, and there are no hidden fees. Apart from your personal expenses and the fees mentioned on this page, there will be no extra costs apart from the booking price.

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour Price: Private Charter

Booking a private trip gives you more flexibility and allows you to enjoy the journey with your own intimate partner(s).

The cost of a private charter for a single helicopter trip is US $4000. Hence, if you plan to book a private helicopter trip to Everest Base Camp, the cost per individual varies depending on the size of your group.

You can book a private charter helicopter tour during booking from the add-ons section.

Sublime Trails takes 5 individuals at most on a helicopter trip. If you have a group of 5, the per-person cost becomes lower. Likewise, if you have fewer people in your group, the per-person price increases proportionally.

Fill out this simple inquiry form and our representative will reach out to help you plan and customize your special trip to Everest!

Our Fleet and Crew for Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

We use a diverse fleet of helicopters for the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour. These birds have all proven their mettle in the Himalayas, and are reliable vehicles in the mountains.

We have various models of helicopters for your tour to Everest Base Camp: AS250 H125, AS350b3e, AS350 FX II, and BELL-Jet Ranger 206B III-9N-ALL.

All these models are considered superior in performance and reliability at unique altitudes and weather conditions.

Additionally, our pilots and crew are one of the friendliest people you will meet. But they are as specialized in their crafts as they are approachable. Our pilots have years of experience flying our birds in the Everest region. We are proud to say, most of them have successfully done far riskier and unconventional rescue missions in the area.

We trust them as heartily as climbers trust their Sherpas in these mountains.

Type of helicopter we use for Ebc helicopter tour

Best Time for Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

Everest Base Camp helicopter tours are operated all year round, and the preferred time varies depending on the individual.

For instance, some consider spring and autumn to be the go-to seasons for helicopter tours to Everest. This corresponds to March, April, and May for spring and September, October, and November for autumn. These are the travel seasons in Nepal because the weather remains clear on most days. You will get enough opportunities to share a helicopter trip with others. Furthermore, the Everest region also attracts plenty of trekkers and climbers during this time, so the ambiance overall is bustling.

Helicopter tours to Everest are also operated during winter, and booking a trip at this time has its own benefits. First of all, winter trips are certainly doable, if you prepare well for the cold. Winter in Nepal corresponds to the months of December, January, and February. Since it is the snowing season, the snow-capped mountains look extra spectacular than at other times.

Lastly, you can also book a helicopter trip during summer, which corresponds to the months of June, July, and August in Nepal. The weather is a lot more pleasant than during winter, and the mountain views are always welcoming. However, we should mention that there are chances of flight cancellations due to rain.

Permits and Fees for Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

First and foremost, you will need your passport for check-in at the Tribhuvan International Airport domestic terminal.

The representative from Sublime Trails will hand out boarding passes to each member of the trip.

The followings are the necessary permit fees and charges that you will have to incur during the duration of the trip.

Note: Although mentioned in United States Dollars, we recommend carrying Nepalese currency equivalents of the fees mentioned below in cash.

Sagarmatha National Park Permit Fee

The Sagarmatha National Park permit fee is $30 for visitors. Sagarmatha is the Nepalese name for Everest. During the trip, you will be entering the Sagarmatha National Park territory. As such, you are required to pay for the customary national park permit.

Local Government Tax

The local government of the area levies a tax amount equivalent to ~$20. Proceeds from this fund go to the conservation of the Everest region. Both the national park permit fee and local government tax are collected either in Lukla or the Everest View Hotel.

Breakfast at Everest View Hotel

The cost of the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour package is non-inclusive of breakfast at Everest View Hotel. Enjoying a well-deserved breakfast with scenic mountain views to your side at this restaurant will cost you $25.

Packing Checklist for Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

The Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour is a short trip. Although memorable for a lifetime, the entire journey will be completed in under four hours. You will be back at your hotel in Kathmandu in five hours.

Nonetheless, it is always best to stay resourceful and prepared for what is to come. Sublime Trails recommends the following packing checklist for your short yet eventful helicopter journey to the Everest region:

  • Passport (and other documents that you deem important)
  • Wind-resistant Jacket
  • Sunglasses with UV protection
  • Sunscreen
  • An appropriate layer of base clothing
  • An extra layer of warm clothing
  • Comfortable shoes (Running shoes preferable)
  • Gloves
  • Sun hat or peak cap with neck protection
  • Water Bottle
  • Tissues, Lip Balm, Sanitizing gel, Period Supplies
  • Camera (Optional)
  • Phone (Preferably with Nepali SIM card)
  • Powerbank for Phone (Optional)

Not all of the items on the list are a must-have. Kindly get in touch with our travel consultant to finalize your packing list, or discuss any unique requirement that you may have.

Why Choose Sublime Trails for Helicopter Tour to Everest Base Camp

Everest Helicopter tour with Sublime Trails

Led by Experts

Our entire team is certified and experienced in planning trips in the Himalayas. We have organized numerous trips to the Everest region, Annapurna region, and beyond. These multi-day trips are far more challenging to manage in terms of logistics. As such, we can ensure everything in your trip feels smooth like the mountain breeze.

Veteran Pilots

Our pilots are familiar with all geographical restrictions in the Khumbu area and have extensive Himalayan flying experience. They have what it takes to successfully navigate and maneuver our birds in challenging conditions. Many have successfully performed rescue operations in the area.

Best Value for Money

We provide Nepal's most affordable helicopter tours. Whether you come as an individual, a couple, or a group, our pricing will sit right with you. We are proud to say - we offer market-best pricing. All our packages offer the best value for your money.

We Promote Mindful Travel

We promote and practice mindful travel, ensuring our presence does not harm the environment. We invest in carbon reduction projects so our trips are carbon-offset. Additionally, 1% of your cost goes to the local community. We are proud of your contribution and you should be too.

Things to Remember on Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

  1. Your flight may occasionally be changed, canceled, or delayed due to bad weather.
  2. The helicopter won't land or take off if circumstances are not favorable.
  3. The pilot keeps the helicopter's engine running during the landing phase.
  4. The helicopter has oxygen tanks for emergencies.
  5. The captain can give you a few extra minutes to take in the view, depending on the circumstances.
  6. In an emergency, the captain discusses where and when to land.

Safety Note for Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

  • Keep your seatbelt fastened on the helicopter.
  • Do not change seats or get out of your seat during the flight.
  • Do not throw anything from the helicopter during flights.
  • There’s a ban on smoking on the flight.
  • Wait at the helipad for the operators of Sublime Trails to give you a green signal to come to the helicopter.

Related Trips

You could also get to other parts of the Khumbu region on a flight.

If on the trek to the Everest Base Camp, you deem the trek to be too physically demanding, you can very well book a helicopter ride back or to other places in the Everest region.

Meanwhile, some choose to take a helicopter back to Lukla after concluding their trek at Everest Base Camp.

You can also hire a chopper from Lukla, Namche Bazaar, or other villages along the way. Most people decide to get on a chopper at Hotel Everest View. This is the place where you get the most splendid views of the mountains of this region from a hotel which is more than splendid.

Besides, you can also choose to complete a tour of the Gokyo region. This famed village is one of the highest human settlements in the world, in addition to being a haven for the highest freshwater lake system in the world.

In these tours, you can either go on a private helicopter tour with your friends, family, and loved ones or join a group. If you choose the shared option, you will share the ride with fellow Everest enthusiasts.

Related Tour Packages

If you enjoy the convenience of helicopter travel to beautiful landmarks in Nepal, Sublime Trails offers similar trips to other parts of Nepal too.

The trips mentioned below are designed similarly to the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour. They offer curated and luxurious experiences in other equally mesmerizing sites in Nepal.

Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter Tour

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Kathmandu to Lukla Helicopter Flight

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour Itinerary

  • Day 1:Helicopter tour from Kathmandu to Everest base camp and back

Day 1:Helicopter tour from Kathmandu to Everest base camp and back

    Phase 01: Meet up at the Domestic Terminal of Tribhuvan International Airport

    After a light breakfast (or carry a packed breakfast - handy for any delays), we will shuttle you from your hotel to the domestic terminal of the Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu.

    After handing out your boarding pass, our representative will brief you about the trip - the necessary guidelines and codes of conduct for the helicopter tour. You will also get to meet the captain of the helicopter. By the end of this phase, you will have all the information regarding the helicopter tour. Let's board and go.

    (Note: The flight to Lukla typically starts early in the morning, between 6:30 am to 7 am. However, the timing of the flight may be altered or delayed as per the weather condition. The crew member will do a thorough check of the weather before flying. Please don’t be disappointed if there is any delay or cancellation due to the bad weather.  We will reschedule. Safety is the first priority.)

    Phase 02: Flight to Lukla and Refueling | Flight Time: 45 minutes, Landing Time: 15 minutes

    The helicopter flight to Lukla is an experience in itself, and many consider it one of the highlights of the tour. We fly over picturesque settlements, lush hills, and mountains. The most notable are the peaks of Everest, Lhotse, Nuptse, Langtang Lirung, Gauri Shankar, Ganesh Himal, Shishapangma, and Ama Dablam.

    Our helicopter will reach Lukla in  35 to 45 minutes. Lukla Airport is also named the Hillary Tenzing Airport after those who first summited Everest and is the entrance to the Everest Region.

    The airport is the refueling station for our Everest Helicopter Tour. We will stop for around 15 minutes, giving you time to take into the atmosphere, and location of the vicinity, and probably get a few photographs.

    Although this doesn’t happen on a regular basis, the helicopters are required to attend to emergency rescue missions. If this happens, you may get more ground time at the Lukla airport while the pilot goes to do their heroic job. 

    Phase 03: Lukla to Pheriche | Flight Time: 10 minutes, Ground Time: 15 minutes

    After refueling at the Lukla airport, the helicopter takes you straight to Pheriche, a village in the Khumbu region. Situated at an altitude of 4,371 m (14,340 ft), Pheriche is an important acclimatization stopover for Everest Base Camp trekkers and Everest summiteers.

    The ride from Lukla to Pheriche is ever so picturesque, with the views getting more serene as the chopper elevates. The Sherpa villages, yak pasturelands, and beautiful flora are all sights to behold.

    But there is an important reason why we land at Pheriche. Helicopters can’t bear their normal weight limit at altitudes higher than Pheriche because the air gets thinner. As such, your group will be split into smaller groups of 2-3 people.

    While the first group boards the helicopter and sets off to Kala Patthar, the second group gets around 15 minutes of ground time. When they return, the second group gets to visit Kala Patthar, and it is now rest time for the first group. 

    Phase 04: Flight to Kala Patthar | Flight Time: 15 minutes

    After being divided into smaller groups, you now get even more spacious access to the mesmerizing view in the Pheriche to Kala Patthar shuttle. Words can’t describe what you will experience in this phase of the trip - lustrous white mountains in all their grandeur and glory, glaciers, and the eternal blue sky.

    The helicopter flies so close to the massifs, you get an adrenaline rush of concern and excitement. Leave your worries to rest - your pilot certainly knows what they’re doing.

    At any moment during your helicopter ride, feel free to communicate with the pilot about the view and the place. Our pilots are very hospitable, and they enjoy describing the experience for you. 

    Phase 05: Photo opportunity at Kala Patthar | Landing Time: 15 minutes

    Kala Patthar is the absolute highlight of the Everest Base Camp helicopter tour. Mt. Nuptse, Lhotse, Changtse, Pumori, Chumbu, Kangtega, Taboche, Lobuche, and of course, Mt Everest are right there in front of you.

    With only 10 minutes to enjoy the heavenly view, it’s important to make the most of it. If the weather is perfect and the crew is confident of the conditions, you may be able to extend the time on the ground for a few minutes more. Let’s hope for that!

    The reasons for the short landing time are weather conditions and the fact that you are now standing at 5,500m. Without acclimatization, staying any longer may pose the risks of altitude sickness.

    Nonetheless, 10 minutes is definitely enough time to take in the panorama and snap some amazing photographs.

    Phase 06: Flight to Syangboche and Breakfast at Hotel Everest View | Flight Time: 10 minutes, Landing Time: 30-60 minutes

    After both groups are shuttled to and from Kala Patthar, the helicopter descends towards Syangboche. We fly to the aptly named Hotel Everest View - one of the highest hotels in the world.

    Breakfast at the Everest View Hotel is yet another royalty in the mountains. Hailed for its delicious cuisines, visitors especially love the terrace dining with majestic mountain views. Also, consider the beautiful fir trees and rhododendron forests, and you have yourself a memorable experience that will stay with you forever.

    We are a lot more flexible with ground time at Everest View Hotel, and your stay here may sometimes be extended to as long as 60 minutes. 

    Phase 07: Flight to Lukla for Refueling and Back to Kathmandu | Total Time: 1 hour 20 minutes

    With a happy heart and gratified soul, we fly back to Lukla for refueling. After following the same picturesque route, we spend 15 minutes at Lukla.

    Once the helicopter is good to go, we’ll join the craft for yet another spectacular air time. The helicopter will fly over the stunning landscapes and Himalayas again. In around 50 minutes, we fly through the airspace at Kathmandu to make a landing at Tribhuvan International Airport’s domestic terminal. You will then be shuttled back to your hotel.

    Momentous experience of a lifetime, all in a span of under 5 hours. What more could you ask for?

    Love doing it your way?

    What's Included

    • Pickups from the airport and Hotel.
    • Ticket of the helicopter to Everest.
    • Salary, insurance, and meal to the tour crew.
    • Supplemental oxygen and medical help.

    What's not Included

    • Visa fees, international flight ticket
    • Breakfast at Everest View Hotel
    • Entry fee (permit) for Sagarmatha National Park @5000Nrs per person
    • Travel gears

    Add-Ons & Options

    You can also book a private charter helicopter trip. A helicopter can take 5 people on a single trip to Everest Base Camp. Hence, if you have a group of 5 people or fewer, you can opt for a private charter from the add-ons section during booking.

    Departure Dates & Price

    Select Month and Year
    Start DateStart: SundayJun 04, 2023End DateEnd: SundayJun 04, 2023PricePriceUS$990StatusStatusAvailable
    Start DateStart: ThursdayJun 08, 2023End DateEnd: ThursdayJun 08, 2023PricePriceUS$990StatusStatusAvailable
    Start DateStart: MondayJun 12, 2023End DateEnd: MondayJun 12, 2023PricePriceUS$990StatusStatusAvailable
    Start DateStart: FridayJun 16, 2023End DateEnd: FridayJun 16, 2023PricePriceUS$990StatusStatusAvailable
    Start DateStart: TuesdayJun 20, 2023End DateEnd: TuesdayJun 20, 2023PricePriceUS$990StatusStatusAvailable
    Start DateStart: SaturdayJun 24, 2023End DateEnd: SaturdayJun 24, 2023PricePriceUS$990StatusStatusAvailable
    Start DateStart: WednesdayJun 28, 2023End DateEnd: WednesdayJun 28, 2023PricePriceUS$990StatusStatusAvailable

    Additional Information

    Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour in March, April, and May

    March, April, and May are more or less the go-to seasons for visitors to Nepal. And this is no different for people who are interested in a helicopter tour to the Everest Base Camp as well.

    Given that there are plenty of people who are looking to view the glorious Everest region in what is the spring season (March, April, and May) in Nepal, there will be plenty of opportunities to share the chopper with others.

    A hidden advantage of going on a helicopter tour to the Everest Base Camp in the months of March, April, and May is that you can also interact with plenty of climbers. This is the most popular time for Everest Summiters to get to the pinnacle of Everest. Expect to find plenty of mountaineers eager to share their experiences with you.

    The reason why so many mountaineers, trekkers, and tourists alike come to the Everest Base Camp this season is the glorious weather it offers. You do not have to worry about the biting temperatures of the winter. You also do not have to fret over whether the pockets of clouds like in the monsoon will obstruct your views. Not saying every day of these months offers the most glistening views, but the chances of obstruction are mild.

    Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour in Winter

    Although it is thought of to be too scary a prospect, a tour of the Everest Base Camp in the winter might just be the best thing out there. There are various reasons behind this.

    One of the most obvious is the fact that there are not a lot of people who dare to trek to the Everest Base Camp this season. Some tourists often say that the huge traffic of people to the Base Camp can be a tad off-putting. So the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour is the perfect opportunity for anyone to get in touch with the glories of the Base Camp in solitude.

    Besides, there is a genuine concern among the people of the Everest region about the low levels of snow that the mountains are receiving each year. Global warming is often thought to be the biggest reason behind this. But winter is the season when the whole of the Khumbu region is blanketed in snow. This adds a greater amount of beauty to the mountains and the hills of this region.

    If you are concerned about the cold, you can put them to rest. With proper clothing to keep you warm, you need not worry about the temperature. You are not going to spend your evenings or nights at a high altitude during the trip. So getting on a helicopter to the Base Camp during the day is perfectly manageable.

    Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour Safety and Security

    Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour ranks as one of the safest ways to get to the Everest Base Camp and back.

    There are a lot of trekkers who have had to be rescued during their trek due to various illnesses such as altitude sickness, food poisoning, cramps, and other reasons. But these problems are unheard of in the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour.

    Helicopter services from Kathmandu/ Lukla to the Everest Base Camp have been close to flawless. With so many rescue operations and beyond, the helicopters to EBC and the pilots that operate such tours are some of the best in the world.

    To combat complications from low levels of oxygen (which is almost unlikely), emergency oxygen cylinders are present in the helicopter. You never have to worry if the altitude might pose a severe problem.

    Worth of Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

    Since you are putting so much time and money into planning for the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour, the question of its worth will be there on your mind.

    One of the reasons why you might be a tad hesitant about the Helicopter Tour might have to do with the Carbon footprints of the aviation sector. You might also be worried if you are polluting the Everest Region. We would like to assure you that we make sure that we offset every Carbon footprint you leave behind and enjoy the warmth of the tour.

    If you are a mountain lover but do not have the physical prowess to complete the Everest Base Camp Trek, then the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour is definitely worth it. Never has this place been so readily accessible as it is now with the help of a helicopter.

    In addition, the fact that you save so much time by getting there on a helicopter instead of trekking is a bonus. You can spend the number of days you have saved going to other places in Nepal or other parts of the world. This helps you maximize the short window of holiday you have.

    Shortest Way to Reach Everest Base Camp

    It goes without saying that a helicopter tour to the Everest Base Camp is the shortest way to reach it. A flight on a chopper for an hour or so takes you to this starting point of the ascent to the tallest mountain in the world.

    The helicopter services to the Everest Base Camp offer you much more than the shortest way to reach the Base Camp. They also come in handy for rescue operations of mountaineers/ trekkers whose physical health has been jeopardized due to the strain of the ascent.

    Besides, many people also choose to use a chopper after they have trekked to the Everest Base Camp. After they reach the Base Camp, some trekkers feel that the downward hike to Lukla might be strenuous to the knees. Some also feel that they can use the time to descend to trek to other areas of the country or explore some other villages of the Khumbu region.

    So a trip on a helicopter acts not only as the shortest way to reach the Base Camp but as the shortest way back from the Everest Base Camp.


    • Yes, the entire Everest Base Camp Helicopter Trip will be concluded in under 5 hours, and that considers your return to your hotel. If there are no flight delays or weather hindrances, you can take any international flight in the afternoon.

    • During subgroup shuttles from Pheriche to Kala Patthar, each group gets a brief break of 10 to 15 minutes at Pheriche. You are stationed near the helipad. Most of our guest use this time to explore the surrounding and admire the mountain flora and fauna.

    • We recommend taking Nepalese cash equivalents of US $30 for the national park fee, $20 for local government tax, and $25 for breakfast.

    • No, you are free to capture all the picturesque view at any point during the Everest Base Camp helicopter trip. Come with your best photography hat on.

    • The total passenger weight in the helicopter should not exceed 500 kgs or 1102.31 lbs. After we reach Pheriche, the total bearable weight goes down due to thin air. This is why you will be shuttled from Pheriche to Kala Patthar in an even smaller group.

    • No, Kala Patthar is the highest point in the Everest region that can be accessed without a climbing permit. All you need to pay is the national park fee, local government fee, and breakfast at Hotel Everest View.

    • No, there is no wifi connection at Kala Patthar. While the Everest Base Camp has a wifi connection during climbing seasons, thanks to Everest Link, there is no such arrangement at Kala Patthar. You can connect to wifi after we reach Hotel Everest View.

    • First of all, everybody gets a window seat on the ride from Pheriche to Kala Patthar, which is a highlight ride of the trip. Meanwhile, on the flight from Kathmandu to Lukla till Pheriche, three people can have window seats at once. Because of that, your pilot will arrange (alternate) the seating so that everybody gets to have a window seat either on their way to Lukla and Pheriche or the way back.

    • Yes, weather conditions do affect the schedule and we may even have to postpone the trip for another day. In that case, you will get a full refund if you have a serious scheduling conflict.

    • The highest point the helicopter will take you is Kala Patthar, which has an altitude of 5545 meters. Other stops during your tour will be Everest Base Camp (5380 meters) and Hotel Everest View (3880 meters).

    • Two primary reasons don’t allow for a helicopter to land in the Everest Base Camp. One is the safety of the passengers as well as other people who reach the Base Camp. This has led the government to bar any helicopters to land in the Everest Base Camp. except for the rescue operations.There is also a growing concern that a large influx of choppers to this region might disturb the ecosystem of the Khumbu region.


    • Winters are the time when a lot of snow has also gathered over the mountains and the weather is more or less stable- offering you the best views. But the cold will be something to watch out for.

      It is well-known that winters in the Everest region are remarkably tough for trekkers and villagers alike. With heavy snowfall and many places that turn into veritable ice fields, many locals who run lodges in the villages that you encounter during the trek head back to the lower altitude region, leaving the place almost barren. But this is not a problem for someone interested in the helicopter tour to the Base Camp. 

      The monsoon is another season that is likely to mess up flight schedules. And the highly unpredictable cloud covering the mountains also has a deleterious effect on sightseeing. So, autumn and spring are the best seasons to go on the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour. With many people looking to get to the Everest Base Camp region this season, you can also share the helicopter flight with others and save some money.

    • We have various models of helicopters for your tour to Everest Base Camp. The models of the helicopter we have are AS250 H125, AS350b3e, AS350 FX II,  BELL-Jet Ranger 206B III-9N-ALL.

    • The weather in the mountainous region of any part of the world is unpredictable. The same is true of the weather of the Everest region. However, we get updates about the weather from the meteorological departments. We also call our local people of the Everest region and get live updates. In the monsoon season, the weather might affect the flight. However, early mornings are always crisp and clear in the mountain.

    • Yes, it is certainly possible. Sublime Trails has a lot of options for the Mount Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour. You can confirm the flights after contacting us. We can also help you to come back to Kathmandu after the completion of your Everest Base Camp Trek. Such a tour is called Short Everest Base Camp Trek or Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour.  

    • The pilots that operate the helicopter during your helicopter tour to Everest Base Camp are extremely well-trained. They are some of the best in Southeast Asia who has established a reputation after years of flying over the Himalayas.

    • Our flights have a provision of oxygen supply. The supply will be activated as soon as the helicopter hits the mark of 3000 meters.

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      Russel AnnDecember 26, 2022

      Flying close to Everest was my dream until I fly to Everest.

      Mount Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour with Sublime Trails was one of the amazing trip of my life. I was so thrilled to see Everest and other prominent mountains Infront of me. Mr. Ram from Sublime Trails offered me a window seat for almost trip and hence, I got amazing moments in Infront of my eyes.

      The cost was affordable. Also, Mr. Ram sent a representative on my hotel to pick me up and drop me in Kathmandu airport. After the fight briefing, the flight went smoothly throughout. My photos from this trips are also amazing. I loved every corner seen from the flight. It was best moment of my life. I lived a life.

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      KiliyenDecember 05, 2022

      Dream came true as I fly over helicopter on Everest Region with Sublime Trails

      My travel partner, Sublime Trails, offered me an excellent one-day helicopter tour to Everest.
      As I requested Ram for a window seat, I got one after Lukla and my sightseeing angle was
      superb. I saw Everest from Kala Patthar which is the best moment for me.
      Thank you Ram for this beautiful trip with some discount on the price. Also, your hospitality
      and communication throughout were excellent. Will come soon some other time. Cheers!!

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