Langtang Helambu Trek

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Trip Overview
  • Duration: 13 Days
  • Trip Grade: Strenuous
  • Trip Start and End: Kathmandu
  • Trip Area: Langtang, Helambu
  • Trip Style: Active/ Adventure
  • Age Group: 10+
  • Trip Type: Private and Group
  • Trip Method: Guided
  • Booking Type: Instant Booking
  • Max. Altitude: 4610m
  • Best Season: March-May/ Sep-Nov
  • Foot Print:Carbon Neutralleaf

Langtang Helambu Trek takes you on an amazing journey providing views of snow-peaked mountains, picturesque villages, rivers, forests, and wildlife along the Langtang-Gosaikunda-Helambu route. This less-explored region of Langtang is slowly getting the attention it deserves. This trek extends the Langtang Valley Trek by taking you to additional places like Gosaikunda Lake and the amazing village of Helambu.

This 13-day Langtang Helambu Trek package includes 12 days of trekking starting from Syabrubesi. This is the perfect trek to get close views of mountains like Langtang Lirung, Pemathang Ri, Langshisha Ri, Dorje Lakpa, and Kangchenpo. Langtang National Park is home to several species of plants, animals, and birds as well as various snow-peaked mountains. Walking through several villages like Langtang, Kyanjin Gompa, Thulo Syabru and Helambu village draped by beautiful mountains is also an amazing opportunity to explore the lifestyle of Tamang, Sherpa, and other ethnic groups living in those villages.

Gosaikunda Lake is another major highlight of this trek. The lake, which is a famous pilgrimage destination for both Buddhists and Hindus, lies at a height of 4380 meters. It is nestled in the lap of some mighty towering peaks. Climbing the top of Tsergo Ri is another thrilling activity during this trek from where the best view of mountains like Langtang Lirung, Ghangchhempo, and Yala Peak can be seen.

Langtang Helambu Trek Highlights

  • The best overall trail in the Langtang region
  • Chance to enjoy the glorious view of mountains such as Langtang, Manaslu, Annapurna, Ganesh, Hiunchuli, Jugal, etc.
  • A scenic bus ride from Kathmandu to Syabrubesi
  • Excursion of UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Kathmandu
  • Visit the Kyanjin Gompa, Shin Gompa, and other Buddhist monasteries and Swiss Cheese factory
  • Walk through dense alpine and rhododendron forests
  • Explore the culture and tradition of Tamang, Sherpa, and other ethnic people living in the villages like Langtang and Helambu
  • Reaching Tsergo Ri, the highest point of the trek to get outstanding views of the mountains like Langtang Lirung, Ghangchhempo, Yala Peak, Morimoto peak, Pogen Dhopku, etc.
  • Visit the majestic Gosaikunda Lake which holds enormous religious significance
  • Chance to witness the diverse flora and fauna in Langtang National Park

 Food and Accommodation

Staying at tea houses gives you the chance to explore the simple way of living away from luxury products and modern devices. You will have three meals, all provided by these tea houses. Food may include dal bhat, pasta, noodles, potatoes, vegetables, cereals, eggs, rice, soup, etc. Tea houses are clean and provide warm, homely services. While in Kathmandu, you will stay at a 3-starred hotel with breakfast service. For lunch and dinner, we don't want to bore you with a fixed meal and want you to explore amazing restaurants serving a variety of food and services.

Trekking Route

Langtang Helambu Trek starts from Syabrubesi. You will trek to Lama hotel, Langtang Village, and then Kyanjin Gompa. You will spend a day at Kyanjin Gompa as a part of the acclimatization. From Kyanjin Gompa You will resume the trek to Lama Hotel, Thulo Syabru, Sing Gompa, and Gosaikunda. From Gosainkunda, you will trek to Tharepati crossing the Laure Bina Pass. From Tharepati, you will trek to Tarkeghyang, Sermanthang, and finally to Melamchi. You will take a ride to Kathmandu from Melamchi.

How Difficult is Langtang Helambu Trek?

Langtang Valley Trek falls under strenuous grade trekking. Tre trail ranges from almost flat terrains to high and difficult mountain passes. You will walk for 7/8  hours a day at an altitude higher than 3000 meters. The temperature and oxygen level drops low in the higher region which causes altitude sickness. It will be a total of 13 days of trekking in the Langtang region. So you need to be physically fit to pursue this trek. Apart from that you also have to be mentally prepared to do this trekking.

Suggested Preparation

  • Cardio exercises including running, cycling, jogging, push-ups, and pull-ups for about 4-5 days a week for 3 months before your trip will come in extremely handy.
  • You should also be involved in developing core strengths. and muscle endurance in weight training.
  • Hiking in the hills in different weather conditions will be good preparation for this trip.
  • If you have access, kayaking will also be a very good way to develop the strength and endurance required for this trip.

Weather and Best Time to Trek

Trekking in the Langtang region in each season has its own pros and cons. Autumn and spring are the most popular trekking seasons of all. Autumn starts in early September and ends in late November. The weather is usually nice and calm with a clear sky most of the time this season. Similarly, March, April, and May are spring months when the weather is similar to autumn, at least in terms of clearness. Spring starts as the days start to get warmer. The trees start to grow new leaves and wildflowers bloom which is an amazing process to observe.

Winter and summer are considered as less favorable as the winter days are unbearably cold and summer comes with heavy rainfall. It is extremely hard to trek in the higher region due to episodes of snowfall and blizzards in winter. However, in summer, with proper preparation to cope with rainfall, you can pursue Langtang Helambu Trek.

Langtang Helambu Trek Itinerary

  • Day 1:Bus ride from Kathmandu to Syabru BesiAltitude: 1503 m
  • Day 2:Syabru Besi to Lama HotelAltitude: 2480 m
  • Day 3:Lama Hotel to Langtang VillageAltitude: 3480 m
  • Day 4:Langtang Village to Kyanjin GompaAltitude: 3830 m
  • Day 5:Kyanjin Gompa to Tsergo Ri (4984 m) and return backAltitude: 3830 m
  • Day 6:Kyanjin Gompa to Lama HotelAltitude: 2480 m
  • Day 7:Lama Hotel to Thulo SyabruAltitude: 2230 m
  • Day 8:Thulo Syabru to Shin GompaAltitude: 3330 m
  • Day 9:Trek from Shin Gompa to GosaikundaAltitude: 4460 m
  • Day 10:Gosaikunda Lake to Tharepati via Laurebina Pass (4610 m)Altitude: 3640 m
  • Day 11:Trek from Tharepati to TarkeghyangAltitude: 2743 m
  • Day 12:Trek from Tarkeghyang to SermathangAltitude: 2621 m
  • Day 13:Trek from Sermathang to Melamchi Bazaar and bus ride to KathmanduAltitude: 1345 m

Day 1:Bus ride from Kathmandu to Syabru Besi

  • Max Altitude1503 m
  • AccommodationTea House
  • MealsBLD

You will leave Kathmandu and head off to Syabru Besi, our gateway to Langtang region. This ride takes about 9 hour and you get to enjoy beautiful landscapes, villages and mountains like Manaslu, Annapurna and Ganesh Himal, etc. You will have your lunch somewhere along the way. You will reach Syabru Besi and stay at a guest house there after having your dinner.

Day 2:Syabru Besi to Lama Hotel

  • Max Altitude2480 m
  • AccommodationTea House
  • MealsBLD

You will follow the trail of Ghumanechok and walk towards Ghoda Tabela by walking along Langtang River. The trail will be covered with beautiful Rhododendron and Oak trees. You will then climb an uphill trail and reach a valley. You will then descend and again ascend for few more times. Walking along the way, you will find many tea shops where you can buy different food items. After crossing a small bridge, you will get to Lama Hotel by climbing a steep uphill. You will stay overnight at Lama Hotel.

Day 3:Lama Hotel to Langtang Village

  • Max Altitude3480 m
  • AccommodationTea House
  • MealsBLD

Leaving Lama Hotel, you will head towards Langtang village. It is a beautiful village, surrounded by views of mountains and glaciers, inhabited by Tamangs and Tibetan Buddhist Sherpas. You will reach there by walking parallel to Langtang river, getting to Ghoda Tabela and Yak pasture lands and then walking steep uphill for about 4 hours. You will have your lunch at Ghoda Tabela. This place also offers you mesmerizing views of green grasslands and Langtang range. You will have dinner and stay at a tea house there.

Day 4:Langtang Village to Kyanjin Gompa

  • Max Altitude3830 m
  • AccommodationTea House
  • MealsBLD

Today, you will continue your trek by walking through villages like Muna and Singdun. After having your lunch at Singdun, you will cross a wooden bridge and walk a rocky path to reach Kyanjin Gompa. Mountains like Kyanjin Ri and Tserko Ri will surround you. You can either rest of go around the village to explore the monastery. You will stay at a tea house here.

Day 5:Kyanjin Gompa to Tsergo Ri (4984 m) and return back

  • Max Altitude3830 m
  • AccommodationTea House
  • MealsBLD

Today is the day you will spend acclimatizing. You will have crossed an altitude of 3000 m and trekked higher so you will be at risk of getting altitude sickness, Thus, you will go to higher places but return to Kyanjin Gompa for dinner and sleep. As a part of acclimatization, you will go to Tsergo Ri. You can get marvellous views of mountains like Langtang Lirung, Ghangchhempo, Yala Peak, Morimoto peak, Pogen Dhopku, etc. from there. You may also go there early in the morning to view sunrise.

Day 6:Kyanjin Gompa to Lama Hotel

  • Max Altitude2480 m
  • AccommodationTea House
  • MealsBLD

You will descend to Lama Hotel the same route enjoying the views of the same mountains and green forests. You will get to Langtang Khola passing through Tamang villages. Walking further, you will reach Ghoda Tabela and then Lama Hotel. You will stay at a tea house there after having your dinner.

Day 7:Lama Hotel to Thulo Syabru

  • Max Altitude2230 m
  • AccommodationTea House
  • MealsBLD

After walking an uphill path for few hours, you will reach Rimche. You will now get to Langtang river by following a downhill trail. After that, you will reach Bamboo without any steep uphill or downhill climbing. You will then cross a bridge which you will get to by walking uphill for a while. Then, you will reach a village with waterfalls and then to Thulo Syabru.

Day 8:Thulo Syabru to Shin Gompa

  • Max Altitude3330 m
  • AccommodationTea House
  • MealsBLD

Though it is possible to walk up to Gosaikunda, we will not do so. The gain in elevation will be too much more than your body can comfortably take. So, you will walk slowly and steadily to reach Shin Gompa and rest there. Today’s trail will be a straight uphill and you will walk through Rhododendron forest. There is a Cheese factory along the way and you can go there to taste some nice Cheese. You will walk past villages like Garta and Phulung monastery. You will stay at a tea house here.

Day 9:Trek from Shin Gompa to Gosaikunda

  • Max Altitude4460 m
  • AccommodationTea House
  • MealsBLD

Leaving Shin Gompa, you will head towards Gosaikunda. This will be the most rewarding experience in your whole trek. You will walk uphill, and you will first reach Laurebinayak. From the top, you can enjoy the marvellous sight of mountains like Annapurna, Hiunchuli, Manaslu, Ganesh and Langtang and the TIbetan plateau. Walking further on the rocky terrain, you will reach Gosaikunda, a glacial lake with huge religious significance to Hindus and Buddhists equally. It is also a pilgrimage performed mostly during Janai Purnima. You will stay overnight at a tea house in Gosaikunda.

Day 10:Gosaikunda Lake to Tharepati via Laurebina Pass (4610 m)

  • Max Altitude3640 m
  • AccommodationTea House
  • MealsBLD

You will leave Gosaikunda move toward Laurebina Pass. You will have to ascend fow a while to reach it. Then, you will walk the rough route with moraines and cairns. After that, you will descend to Melamchi Valley. After walking about 5-6 hours, you will reach Ghopte. Then you will ascend for a while to reach a village surrounded by Rhododendron. You will finally descend to reach Tharepati. You will stay there overnight.

Day 11:Trek from Tharepati to Tarkeghyang

  • Max Altitude2743 m
  • AccommodationTea House
  • MealsBLD

You will start descending and you will reach Melamchigaon. You will continue your trek to reach Melamchi river. You will get to see several Sherpa settelments along the way. You will get to explore the tradition of these Tibetan Buddhist Sherpas. You will descend the trail at a fast pace and cross a wooden bridge to reach Tarkeghyang. You will stay here overnight.

Day 12:Trek from Tarkeghyang to Sermathang

  • Max Altitude2621 m
  • AccommodationTea House
  • MealsBLD

Altitude will be gradually dropping as you descend towards Sermanthang. Your walk will be easy as oxygen level rapidly increases while you also will be enjoying the views of Helambu village and Ganesh, Jugal and Langtang Himal. You will get to see several lush forests, villages, monastery and mani wall along the way. You will stay overnight at Sermanthang.

Day 13:Trek from Sermathang to Melamchi Bazaar and bus ride to Kathmandu

  • Max Altitude1345 m
  • Accommodation3-Star Hotel
  • MealsBreakfast

Today you will leave this region. Upon reaching Melamchi Bazaar, you will take a bus ride for about 2 hours to reach Kathmandu. Now you can rest for a while and later go out to buy souvenirs to take back home. Sublime Trails will have organized a farewell dinner for you where you can enjoy traditional food and dances. If you have time and aren’t tired, you can stroll around the streets of the tourist hub Thamel to enjoy live music or any other activities.

Love doing it your way?

Cost Includes / Excludes

Cost Includes

  • 13 Breakfasts, 13 Lunches, and 13 Dinners during the trek
  • Tea house accommodation along the way for 12 nights
  • Local bus transport from Kathmandu to Syafrubensi and Private transport from Melamchi Bazaar to Kathmandu
  • One guide and 1 porter between two people (A porter can carry up to 30 kg)
  • Langtang National Park Entrance Fee
  • TIMS Card 
  • Down jacket, a Sleeping bag which should be refunded to the company after the trip
  • Necessary paperwork with the government of Nepal and the Tax department
  • All the necessary insurance for the guides and porters
  • First Aid service in case of minor injuries
  • Salary, food, and accommodation for guides and porters

Cost Excludes

  • Rescue & travel insurance, trip cancellation costs, accident or health emergency, evacuation, loss, theft or damage to baggage and personal effects (We strongly advise you to take out personal travel insurance.)
  • Personal expenses (phone calls, internet, laundry, bar bills, battery recharge, extra porters, cold drinks, bottled or boiled water, hot shower, etc.)
  • All the alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks including mineral water
  • Nepal entry visa fee
  • Tipping for the Sublime crew

Langtang Helambu Trek Available Dates

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Start DateStart: SundayDec 03, 2023End DateEnd: FridayDec 15, 2023PricePriceUS$890StatusStatusAvailable
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  • Yes, there are risks of altitude sickness as you will be trekking on the altitude above 3000m for days. However, with proper acclimatization, you can prevent altitude sickness. You need to make sure you are hydrated and walk slowly and steadily.

  • Our guides and team are well experienced and trained to handle minor problems. They will take care of you well and prevent such things from happening. However, if you get extremely sick despite all the effort, helicopter evacuation services are available no matter where you are.

  • Yes, Teahouses you will be staying in providing you with the facilities of charging the batteries. However, you have to pay an extra price for their services. In trekking seasons, there might even be a queue for the charging in the teahouses.

  • The network is available in the trekking region. It might not be good at some places but it works. There will be no problem in communication. Wifi might be available in some of the teahouses. You can use an internet service provided by Nepal Telecom and Ncell during the trek.

Langtang Helambu Trek Reviews

5.0based on 5 reviews
  • Gregory Evans
    Gregory EvansOctober 16, 2018

    Langtang trekking, Yet another trekking in Nepal

    I knew this trek would be a bit harder than last because it is a long trek and I was physically and mentally prepared. Trekking in Nepal can challenges you in different ways, the altitude, temperature and how you pack for it. I want to thank Ram that he suggested that I should take extra blanket because of the cold weather. If I didn't I would be in great troubles, I am bad at coping with cold and he knows that from our last Everest Base Camp trek. That doesn't minimize my love for mountains and Nepal.

    There were not many travellers this time because Langtang is not that popular destination like EBC but I have to say that I had one of the best experiences in my life. Everything went completely fine and my friends were happy too. If there would have been any problem they would literally kill me because I talked them into coming here. They had already trekked in such places but, they were in Nepal for the first time. I will come to Nepal again and again and there's no doubt that I will choose Sublime each time. The farewell dinner they planned for us was so amazing this time.

  • William Davis
    William DavisJune 17, 2017

    Great trip, keep it up

    Now that the trip is over, I kind of feel sad because I spent so many days here with you guys having so much fun visiting to so many places. After a long time I spent my holidays trekking. Ram was very helpful in everything long before the trek even started and our guide Shiva was also very frank, experienced and helpful. Nepal is a very amazing destination for tours and treks guys, don't miss it.

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