If you are looking forward to exploring the landscapes, culture, and traditions of Nepal and its neighboring countries, multi-country tour packages are perfect for you. They let you visit major places in Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, and India. Sublime Trails designs these multi-country trip packages to give you the most amazing experiences within the best price range. You will be provided with an experienced tour guide with profound knowledge of the field who will guide you throughout the journey. 

Multi-Country Tour Packages Highlights: 

  • Visit the exotic Himalayan countries such as Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India
  • Enjoy the plane flights with thrilling view of the mountains while going from one country to another.
  • Explore the diverse culture, religion, tradition, and lifestyles of different countries
  • Indulge yourself in different fun-filled activities in different countries
  • Chance to explore the high snow-capped mountains from up close with different perspectives

Multi-country tour packages are the most exciting and rewarding tours available. Nepal and its neighboring countries are beautiful destinations to spend your holidays. With exotic landscapes such as snow-capped mountains of the Himalayan region to the low hills, alpine and subtropical forests, low lands, numerous rivers and waterfalls, these countries look mesmerizing and heavenly. Even though Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, and India share many things in common, each country has many wonderful and unique things to offer. Cultural diversity and their unique and interesting traditions make these countries special. These country vacation packages are a combination of the tours to Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet. These packages are flexible so that you can improvise the itineraries according to your preferences on which countries you want to visit and in what cities/places you want to spend more time. 

Nepal is a culturally and geographically diverse country with many interesting religions, cultures, and traditions of a different ethnic group. The tour gives you the opportunity an opportunity to enjoy the exotic landscapes including high snowcapped mountains of the northern region. The tour takes you to different Hindu and Buddhist pilgrimage sites where you will get to learn about the cultures, explore the brilliant of temples and palaces. There are also national parks to explore the wildlife and jungle safari. You can customize the itinerary the way you like.

Similarly, Tibet is a spectacular destination to visit offering you the exotic landscapes bounded by the Himalayan range on the south. The lakes, barren lands and the mountain are major attractions. Apart from the landscapes, you will get to explore Tibetan Buddhism which is the dominant religion in Tibet. You will visit many monasteries and dzong witnessing amazing arts, sculptures, and traditions inspired by Tibetan Buddhism. 

Bhutan, known as the country of Thunder Dragon is another culturally rich country with many of the wonderful things to offer. It looks like a mythical land at first glance with bright and colorful streets with the sophisticated architecture of dzongs and monasteries inspired by Vajrayana Buddhism. Bhutan also offers an amazing view of the landscapes. During your visit to the dzongs, you will explore the art, culture, and tradition of Bhutan. In a similar way, you can also visit India which is also the combination of amazing landscapes and diverse cultures. 

You will enjoy the mountain flights to go from one city to another and within the city, we arrange comfortable vehicles for you. Your experience of a multi-country tour journey with us will be an unforgettable experience with the amazing memories you collect with us.