Tiny Himalayan kingdom of South Asia is probably the most scenic and traditional country across the globe. Bhutan is also called as the dragon kingdom and still practices the ancient way of living. While traveling to this amazing land people can savor natural diversity and cultural showpieces. Monasteries and palaces are frequent sites. The cultural excursion is the major attractions of Bhutan Tour. The way of living and laid back society truly will inspire westerners. The slow paced lifestyle is the feature of Bhutanese people and is their trademark. Apart from monasteries and palaces there are numerous mountains, grassy meadows and lakes where people can experience wilderness adventure.

Sublime Trails has strong rapport among tourism entrepreneurs of Bhutan. Therefore, while traveling with our team you will be able to experience momentous event of your life. Tiger’s Nest Monastery has been the identity landmark of this tiny Himalayan dragon kingdom. The excursion of traditional folk music museum will definitely soothe your soul. The marketplace is not like what you have been seeing in the western world. Traditional market and hospitable people really make the trip memorable. There are numerous packages which you can choose for amazing Bhutan Tour.

Bhutan Cultural Tour package includes the sights seeing around various cities of Bhutan like Paro, Punakha and Thimpu. There are numerous high passes which can be accessed via bus too from where the panoramic view of mountains is really marvelous. One can witness mountain range as far as the Mt. Kanchenjunga. Therefore, the trip is equally adventurous and mountainous too. The Jumolhari Trekking which is the journey towards Bhutan’s tallest mountain Mt. Chomolhari is the oldest trekking route of Bhutan. Haa Valley, Bumthang, Druk Path and short hiking trails are also popular among tourists.

Book the Bhutan Trip packages with us and find out yourself the cultural beauty of dragon kingdom. You will be hypnotized by green lush forests, meadows, mountains and people. Explore palaces and monasteries savoring the delightful mountain vistas.


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