Bhutan is a country that is graced by the wonder and beauty of the Himalayas. Bhutan is sandwiched between China and India. It is also known as a country of Thunder Dragons protected by mythical creatures like Bodhisattvas and other tantric deities. Bhutan’s ancient culture, wonderful biodiversity, and mesmerizing views of the mountains and its historical sites make a tour to Bhutan one of the best in the world.



Bhutan has traditionally been a Buddhist country. This is why it has an amazing assortment of Buddhist monasteries and temples. These monasteries appear like forts, like Paro Taktsang, Tango Monastery, and Phajoding Monastery. It is a mysterious country whose history and religious values are interconnected. Kings of this country are highly respected and named as Dragon Kings and people are known as Dragon people. It is believed that Guru Padmasambhava also known as Guru Rinpoche brought Buddhism in Bhutan. Many religious sites like temples and chortens are built on the respect and memory of these kings and protector deities.

Not only mystical, but Bhutan is also equally beautiful due to its forests, grasslands, and mountains. More than half of Bhutan is a protected forest. Thus 5400 species of plants are found in Bhutan. In addition, the protected forests of Bhutan harbor many animals like the Bengal Tiger, Clouded leopard, red pandas, wild pigs, etc. The Inner Himalayas run across Bhutan. The inner Himalayas of Bhutan include Black Mountains and  Dongkhya, Donga, and Tawang Range. So many peaks that are over 7000 meters are visible from Bhutan. These mountains include Gangkhar Puensum, Kula Kangri, Jomolhari, Tongshanjiabu, and Kangphu Kang.

Due to the excellent maintenance of the natural resources in Bhutan, it has become the only country in the world where more carbon is absorbed than it is emitted. This makes the air of Bhutan pure and fresh to breathe.

Bhutan is regarded as the World’s happiest nation. Bhutanese government believes that the Gross National Product doesn’t accurately represent how happy people are in a country. Therefore, the country promotes values of economic freedom, peace, and security. This has resulted in this country becoming the least corrupt country. Therefore the lifestyle of people here is great. This trip is bound to make you feel delighted with the culture and tradition of the people here.

Due to such exciting prospects, Bhutan has become one of the many beautiful locations in Asia to travel. Geographically, Bhutan is quite similar to Nepal and Tibet. Thus many tourists take a round trip of Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan tour. Such tour gives an unprecedented view of the Himalayas.

Residents of India, Bangladesh, and Maldives don’t require a VISA to Bhutan. Residents of all other countries require a VISA to Bhutan to travel there. Traveling Bhutan independently cannot be done. This is because you can only travel to Bhutan via an official tour operator. At Sublime Trails, we offer you some of the best travel packages to Bhutan so that you can explore this dreamland in all its natural and cultural perfection.