Top 6 Best ways to see mount Everest

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  • Jun 2, 2023

Not everyone can climb Everest but can witness its beauty from a possible close point. Sitting over 5,644 metres, Kala Patthar is the best viewpoint for Everest sightseeing. You can trek, take a flight from Kathmandu or take a flight from Namche Bazar to get glimpses of Everest.

Besides the fierce winter and heavy monsoon days, the Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour is a doable all-around year. There are also options for you to pick for helicopter flights and trekking. People also prefer a hybrid style, first trekking to midway and then taking a helicopter for premium sightseeing.

A helicopter flight to EBC in 2022 comes with utmost luxury. It gives the ultimate aerial viewing experience of the world's tallest peaks and several 8000ers. On a clear day, the landscape around Everest becomes so clear that it surpasses your Everest expectations. Moreover, it is a one-day trip to the Himalayas. A helicopter tour offers both group sharing and private flights all year round. You'll complete the Everest viewing tour without a sign of fatigue or sweat.

Another option is trekking to Everest. The two-week-long strenuous trek is also well-liked by travellers. Trekking to EBC in 2022 has been a to-do among travellers around the globe. There is the unique pleasure of walking in the Himalayas. On trekking, you'll experience the lifestyle and culture of locals. And also, the gradually changing climatic zone never fails to amaze you all the way.

In my opinion, you are the one to tour Everest, and your choice is what matters the most. You can either go for a helicopter from Kathmandu or trek to Namche and going for a helicopter is what makes the difference. In this article, I'll try to explain all the possible ways in which you'll reach the Everest Base Camp.

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Kathmandu to Everest Base Camp Helicopter flight

To get the best day tour experience in the Himalayas, travellers prefer the Everest Helicopter tour from Kathmandu. The snow-capped mountains and alpine terrain throughout the flight give the taste of a diverse landscape.

A helicopter flight to Everest from Kathmandu begins in the early morning. Right after the takeoff, you'll start seeing mountains surrounding the valley. The low altitude flying of the helicopter lets you get every detail on the ground.

The landing at Lukla gives you glimpses of the mountains around. If you take this flight in March, the lush forests of oak and pine, and rhododendrons make sightseeing majestic. The arch-shaped Namche Bazar from a helicopter is a joy to witness. As flight soars past Pheriche, the true wonder of the Everest region starts unfolding. Everest, Lhotse, Makalu, and Nuptse stand tall in front of you. The giant ridges, icefalls, glaciers, and glacial lakes adorn the landscape of Everest beautifully. You'll never witness such majestic presence of mountains ever in your life.

What makes the helicopter flight from Kathmandu to Everest Base Camp best?

Everest is the world's best tourism hub. And it's a dream of many to reach the base camp for once in their lifetime.

Here are some points that make helicopter to Everest sightseeing stand out from the rest.

  • The one-day helicopter tour from Kathmandu to EBC is for those who don't have much time to trek to Everest Base Camp. With the helicopter tour, you can get an unmatched flying experience in the Himalayas.
  • Trekking to Everest Base Camp is a long and strenuous walk for two weeks. Not everyone can walk on the rugged trails of the high Himalayas. It requires some physical fitness and a sound body. Those who have poor physical shape can get the best out of the flight to Everest from Kathmandu.
  • Family in Nepal vacation wants to travel together. They want to get the exquisite excursion experience, most in the Himalayas. Thus, for travellers with a family, all at once, a private helicopter tour to Everest is the best pick. The personal space and sublime experience of the family together are what a private helicopter tour from Kathmandu to Everest is.
  • If you are a luxury fan and want to make the luxury day tour in 2022 in Nepal, the helicopter tour to Kala Patthar with landing is for you. With utmost relaxation in the back seat of the helicopter, you can enjoy the aerial view of the world's tallest peaks. 
  • When it comes to a helicopter flight to the Himalayas from Kathmandu, you may expect the cost to be unaffordable. But, in reality, the helicopter tour to Everest for one day is much more affordable. Besides, the group sharing flights and peak season in a year makes the flight cost as low as around $850 for a person. You can also go private on a helicopter with five members at a price as low as $4300 in total.

Helicopter flight from Lukla to Everest Base Camp

Some first take a regular flight from Kathmandu to Lukla. They believe they can trek to Kala Patthar. But, on reaching Lukla, they change their mind and opt for a luxury helicopter ride to Everest Base Camp.

Other travellers wish to do the complete EBC trek. But, as they reach Lukla trekking, the increasing altitude and fatigue tire them to the bone. They could not keep up the trekking and wished for the helicopter tour to Everest from Lukla.

If you are one of these two groups of travellers, you can get the best helicopter flight from Lukla to Kala Patthar for Everest sightseeing. The best part of touring in the
Everest region is where you can get helicopter tour service from any point in Lukla, Namche, and other places.

Trek to Namche and helicopter flight to Everest Base Camp

Trekking to Namche Bazar is a sublime experience of hiking in high altitudes. The walk on the shore of the Dudh Koshi river and crossing several suspension bridges make the hike to Namche memorable.

Namche Bazar is the best place for a traveller to acclimatise. Those who can trek past Namche would walk, but for those who can't, do they have to abort the Everest trek midway? No, Everest sightseeing is for all, and for those who can't walk much, a luxury helicopter ride from Namche to Kala Patthar is the best offer.

The view of Everest and other peaks is fantastic from the base camp and Kala Patthar. But, the aerial view is what makes the viewing experience stand out. Thus, most travellers first trek to Namche and then take a luxury flight for the best sightseeing of Everest. It also makes them avoid catching the potential altitude sickness and injuries while trekking.

What if you have to cancel your Everest trek and head back home from Namche? It would be a heartbreaking situation for you. But, how relieving would it be for you to take a flight for some hours from Namche to Everest for sightseeing? To make it, you can get a helicopter fly-out from Namche to Everest Base Camp at the most affordable rates.

From the helicopter, looking at Ama Dablam, Pumori, Nuptse, and Everest is the best helicopter tour from Namche to Everest. You'll complete this tour in a couple of hours while your companion trekkers will reach around Tengboche in the meantime.

Gokyo to Everest Base Camp Helicopter flight

Give a pat on your back if you have managed to trek to Gokyo. Travellers call the Gokyo Valley to trek an alternative to the EBC trek. It takes you through and to one of the intense and diverse topography of the Himalayas region. It is in Sagarmatha National Park and embraces several oligotrophic Gokyo Lakes and crowning the Gokyo-Ri spot.

Gokyo Valley embraces innumerable picturesque treasures. The wildlife of Sagarmatha National Park, the pristine lakes of Gokyo, and the sublime setting of the valley itself are heart stealers of the Khumbu region. Gokyo - Ri, the standpoint for the Everest region, gives a close-quarter view of this diverse landscape. Sightseeing unparalleled Himalayan giants like Mt. Everest, Cho Oyu, Makalu, and several others from Gokyo-Ri [5,360 metres] is enchanting. Further, the traditional lifestyles of Sherpa in this region host great companionship to the wayfarer.

Yes, Gokyo Ri is a perfect viewing place for Everest and others. But what if you want to reach Kala Patthar for the ultimate aerial viewing of Mt. Everest? Well, my friend, you need a helicopter flight to behold a bird's eye view of the scenic landscape around Everest. You may keep up with the tired body up to the base camp, but sightseeing on Everest in a helicopter is luxury at its best.
You can get the helicopter flight for Everest sightseeing from any point in Gokyo. The helicopter sightseeing of Everestand returning to either Lukla or Kathmandu lets you wash away some fatigue. It also saves some days of strenuous trek to Kala Patthar and back to Lukla. Also, the flight cost from Gokyo to EBC and back to Lukla is way more affordable than flying from Kathmandu or Lukla.

Everest View Hotel to Everest Base Camp Helicopter flight

Travellers, especially the aged ones, reach Everest View Hotel for sightseeing. They take a flight to Lukla, trek to Namche, and trek to the Everest view hotel. For them, it might be the best. But for sightseeing, coming this close to Everest and not seeing it from close would be a great mistake.

The backyard and courtyard of Everest View Hotel are ideal for sightseeing. Yes, Ama Dablam and several others peaks along minor glimpses of Everest are visible from the hotel. But, to get the ultimate viewing pleasure of Everest, Lhotse, and Nuptse, you have to take a helicopter flight to Everest. The bird's eye view of these peaks is what makes it a life enduring tour experience for you.

Flying from Everest View Hotel for Everest sightseeing is way more affordable than doing it from Kathmandu. And also, you have got some experience of high altitude hikes. So, to make the tour luxurious with the helicopter return, you'll get this outing service anytime in the best season.

Everest Base Camp Trek 

To reach the Everest Base Camp, some like to take a luxury flight, and some want to explore the landscape and the culture of the Himalayas by trekking up. Two-week-long trekking to Everest Base Camp makes you a completely new person who loves nature and admires the beauty of nature. It makes you realise later in your life how warm the memories of the Everest trek had been.

It is a dream for every outdoor enthusiast to trek the esteemed tail Everest Base Camp. What could be a more enchanting experience in life than retracing the footsteps of Sir Edmund Hilary, Tenzing Norge Sherpa? Trekking to Everest Base Camp gives you the doorstep prospect of Mt.Everest along with several other peaks beyond 8000 metres.

A half-hour flight from Kathmandu takes you to Lukla airport, from where you’ll kick off your trek. Above all, this flight offers you a scenic view of the mountains. It bounces your adrenaline as the plane approaches for landing at the arduous airport of Lukla.

Everest Base Camp Trek begins from the green forest along the bank of the Dudh Koshi River that takes you to the assorted topography of Sagarmatha National Park. Embrace the beautiful bridges you’ll pass en route on this trek which perches over the cerulean torrents rushing through this region.

The villages of Everest, Namche Bazaar, Dingboche, Tengboche, Gorakshep, and so forth are beauties of the Himalayas. Filled with extreme adventures, joys, and lifelong memories, Everest Base Camp is a must-do trek for once in a lifetime.
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