Everest Helicopter in Autumn Weather and Temperature: September, October and November

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  • Jun 2, 2023

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The helicopter tour to Everest in Autumn is the peak and best term in a year. So, what makes it a favorite time in a year for sightseeing around Everest? Well, September, October, and November are crystal clear months in a year with the utmost visibility. The mild temperature of the daytime also makes the travel to Everest Base Camp comfy.

Before choosing a helicopter to EBC with landing, you must know the best time in a year for the flight tour. Even the climate of Everest is difficult to predict, knowing the weather conditions for various months is essential. It gives you an idea of finding the best time for you to fly to Everest. The idea of temperature also lets you pick appropriate gears to carry while trekking.

People don't get a clear window for a helicopter tour to Everest in the monsoon. Even in summer, the flight takes off, but it's more like an off-season for Everest flight tour. So, more and more people pile up to get the flight ticket as soon as Autumn starts. More people for group sharing helicopter flights to Everest also makes this day tour affordable.

The greenery in alpine forests and crispy sky make this day trip sensational. The monsoon rain stops completely in mid-September. As the visibility improves in November, the landscape of Kala Patthar stands out. You can get the desired view of Everest, Lhotse, Pumori, Cho Oyu, and many more. On a clear day in October, the ridge to China and Khumbu icefall gives you a spectacular viewing experience. On top of that, the gentle temperature during the day makes the tour hassle-free.

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Everest Base Camp weather in September

September marks the end of the monsoon in Nepal. But, till the mid to last of it, the frequent downpour obstructs the tour. 

The reduction of rainfall in September makes it an ideal time for the Everest helicopter tour. Once the monsoon rain stops, you'll encounter people who are as desperate as you to go for this excursion.

The bright sun and crispy sky make the sightseeing remarkable. Moreover, the stable weather in late September makes the helicopter tour to Everest a 100% success. On the day of September, the clear view of Everest, Lhotse, Nuptse makes your trip unforgettable. 

Everest Base Camp weather in October

In October, the rain stops totally, and tourism restarts to the fullest. The landing helicopter to Everest is the best choice in September for the Everest tour. 

The sky becomes clear and brighter in October. The best view of the Himalayas is possible throughout the days of this month. Along the Everest base camp helicopter tour, the festive season in Nepal in October lets you enjoy the festival vibes. 

The verdant alpine forest after the monsoon makes the viewing on a helicopter tour of Everest sublime. The ripped paddy farmlands make the landscape golden. On top, on a clear day, from the sky, the bird's eye view of these terrains is astounding. 

Everest Base Camp weather in November

In November, the days are fair as there will be no overcast or rain at high altitudes. For the best Everest viewing experience, it is a perfect month. 

The less crowd and most visibility throughout the day make the Everest helicopter tour first rate. The shorter days in November demand you to walk at some good pace. 

The crystalline month in a year, November, lets you see the turquoise blue sky and 360 panoramic views of Everest. From Kala Patthar, you can witness every possible mountain on the horizon.

Everest Base Camp temperature in September

In September, the sun shines for almost eight hours. It makes the temperature a favorable condition for EBC helicopters with landing.

The day temperature averages 17°C, due to which the day becomes warmer. The mild daytime temperature is also the perfect state for the trekkers, who walk all day long on the strenuous trail. For a comfortable walk, you can wear quick-drying shirts. 

The night temperature drops to an average of 1°C. A decent down jacket and some sleeves can keep you warm all night. 

Further, the regular day in September receives a wind speed of 7 mph. It also makes the prospect clearer. 

Everest Base Camp temperature in October

The daytime temperature in October falls slightly lower than in September. Neither too hot nor too cold, the gentle temperature of October is all we need for sightseeing. 

On a perfect day, the temperature at Everest Base Camp can go up to 16°C, but in total, it averages to 12°C. This reduced temperature of October makes the trek easier than that of a hot September day. 

The nighttime temperature falls to -6°C on average. The night temperature can be bearable. Carrying some down jackets for the night can be beneficial. 

The wind speed in September also averages 7 mph.

Everest Base Camp temperature in November

With the approaching winter, the temperature in November falls to some extent. 

The shorter days with the sun shining only for 7 hours make the daytime temperature rise to 6°C on average. You may have to put on a jacket to keep up with the day's temperature. 

At night, the temperature falls to -12°C. This temperature is likely unbearable. If you don't put on the down jackets and warm sleeping bags, you'll never experience a cold night like this anywhere. 

Plus, the average wind speed of 7 mph in November makes the tour to Everest on a helicopter the best pick.

You can prepare a backpack according to the day and night temperature at Everest. This tabular representation gives you the idea of the temperature and wind velocity at Everest Base Camp in Autumn.


Everest helicopter tour weather and temperature in Autumn
   Month           Average Day           Temperature       Average Night         Temperature       Average     Wind Speed
 September    17°C    1 °C   7 mph
October    17°C    -6 °C   7 mph
November    6°C    -12 °C   7 mph

What makes the Everest helicopter tour in Autumn special?

  • The end of the monsoon and lush alpine landscape makes the helicopter flight possible and scenic. 
  • The mild temperature throughout the days makes hiking at high altitudes easy.
  • The crispy clear sky and utter visibility make the sightseeing around Everest, Lhotse, Ama Dablam, Khumbu glacier cheerful.  
  • Availability of group-sharing helicopters to Everest on peak tour days of October makes the cost feasible to all.
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