Planning a Trek to Everest base camp in October? everything you need to know Before booking a trip

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  • Jun 2, 2023

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The mid-autumn month, October, a period for major festivals and the elegant outlook of the Himalayas, is the best time for the classic Everest Base Camp trek. This month is generous with the sublime landscape views, stable weather, and serene EBC trek route, with more minor hurdles than usual.

Unlike September, October is a rain-free month. Hence, without obstructions and overcast, you can count every mountain in the Everest region all day. It's the time of the year when trekkers around the world trek to EBC, and the locals get busier welcoming travellers than ever before.

Nepal, a country blessed with varied cultures and traditions, Autumn is when the most prominent festivals fall. Hindus and Buddhists share some festivals like Dashain and Tihar. On top, the pious Mani Rumdi festival at Tengboche Monastery runs for three days. You can stop at Tengboche to experience this festival, enriched with cultural and traditional celebrations. Some trekkers often hike the classic Everest base camp trek route in September to Tengboche only to enjoy this festival. Make your hike to Everest base camp and celebrate the festive month, October, to the fullest.

The terrace farming, coloured with golden ripped paddy, greenery landscape, waterfalls, and festive vibes; all add spices to make your 12 days Everest Base Camp trek an exquisite experience.

It is what Everest trekking in October offers. It is what you should experience in the best place on earth, Everest, at the best time of the year, mid-autumn.

If you want to learn more about the archetypal Everest Base Camp trek in October, you should keep reading this blog.

Everest Base Camp Weather in October

One of the primary concerns of every Everest trekker is the weather. The unpredictable weather from Lukla to EBC affects the whole experience of the trek. October for the Everest region is an enjoyable and cheerful one.

The weather and climate around this time of year are pretty stable. The days are sunny, warm, and cosy in this region, but the nighttime is still cold. Still, Everest Base Camp has lower temperatures than Namche, Tengboche, Lobuche, and other places en route.

The 16°C daytime temperature around Everest base camp in October becomes almost stable for a whole month. Wearing fleece and windproof jackets makes the day hike doable. But, the nighttime temperature drops to -6°C, more than chilly. Thus, inners, down jackets, and multi-layered sleeping bags are a must for comfortable overnight sleep.

The chances of rain are significantly less in comparison to September. This weather favours the trekkers. You should choose this month for the Everest trek if you want to have fun and adventure in risk-free weather.

Everest Base Camp trekkers in October, get a close and clear view of the rare flora, fauna, glaciers, and greeneries. The majestic view of Everest, Ama Dablam, Lhotse, Nuptse, and other peaks would melt your heart and energise you to hike cheerfully.

Kathmandu to Lukla flight

You don't need to worry about Kathmandu-Lukla flight delays throughout October. The zero possibility of rain, snow, and overcast eases the flight situation to and from Lukla airport. The flight to Lukla in the clear cloudless sky in October gives the immaculate viewing of mountains throughout the flight period.

But, the flight ticket can affect your trek plans. It is that you may not get the tickets as quickly as other times. It might be impossible to get on the plane to Lukla many times as October is the busiest season for the Everest Base Camp trek. But, when you book an EBC trek with a trusted tour agency like Sublime Trails, you don't have to worry about ticketing, lodging, logistics, and all.

In case you don't find any plane tickets, you can fly to Lukla on a helicopter. We provide Kathmandu to Lukla helicopter flights on a private and group sharing basis, on a fixed departure.

There's an Everest Base Camp helicopter tour available for you if you think you cannot physically fit enough o the trek. Since the weather is clear, the helicopter views will awe you and make your heart skip a beat. In a short period, you can see the aerial views of the mountains around Everest and complete the Everest base camp tour in one day.

Cultural celebration- Everest Mani Rimdu Festival Trek

People of the Everest region practice Hinduism and Buddhism. The chants, prayer flags, statues, and monasteries may enchant you gradually on trails.

October is the month where Nepalese celebrate prominent festivals. Buddhist people follow the Lunar calendar, so the dates vary every year. It is more likely that the greatest festivals fall in October, though.

People of the Everest region celebrate festivals like Dashain, Tihar, and Mani Rimdu. Dashain is the biggest festival in Nepal and is celebrated all over the country. The Sherpa community celebrates this festival lavishly. Tihar is the second biggest festival, and people enjoy this five-day festival as much as Dashain. For travellers, these festivals give the serene experience of a cultural vacation.

Mani Rimdu is a prominent festival celebrated by Buddhists of the Everest region. As practised, Mani Rimdu takes place every 10th month of the Lunar calendar, during the full moon day. Sherpa people gather and celebrate the founding of Buddhism by Rinpoche Padmasambhava. Locals and tourists attend prayers, masked lama dance, and other rituals.

Everest Base Camp Trekkers can observe this festival closely. They get an excellent chance to behold the authentic culture and even be part of it. It's so enriched that trekkers often hike till Tengboche, stay here for multiple days, and enjoy this festival.

Food and accommodation

The best season for the Everest Base Camp trek invites trekkers from around the world. Not only trekkers but even non-trekkers also find the atmosphere of October alluring.

So, the teahouses and lodges are bustling with crowds around this time. People pre-book all the hotels and tea houses a month before trekking, so they get comfortable accommodation later on the trek. Trekkers with last-hour Everest trekking plans may not get the lodging of their choice. Thus, choosing a trusted local tour agency like Sublime Trails will be wise to get the best accommodation and meals during peak season.

Due to crowded trekkers, you'll have to accommodate in twin sharing rooms. During peak Everest season, trekkers, guides, and porters often have to sleep in the dining hall. The central heating oven heats the room, making it warmer and cosy for a comfortable overnight.

The teahouses, cafes, and restaurants offer varieties of food and drinks. You'll have wider choices on the menu at Lukla, Phakding, and Namche. As you ascend further above 4,000 metres, the menu choice constricts. Toast, porridge, omelette, soups, and Tibetan Bread are regular breakfast dishes.

For lunch and dinner, the menu is somehow similar. You'll get Dal Bhat, Thukpa, Tenduk, Fried Rice, Spaghetti, and more.

Even during the crowded season, the tea houses offer hygienic meals to trekkers. Sublime Trails will manage the logistics for tented overnight if you wish for camping style overnight. But, you have to inform us before this trip starts. However, you won't be able to enjoy the BBQ inside the Everest region. People here practice Buddhism, and hence, such activities often reflect disrespect to local communities and culture.

Classic Everest Base Camp trek route

The rain-free days, clear weather and non-slippery trails in October offer you the whole EBC trek with magnificent views. On top, the Autumn colour in the leaves makes the alpine landscape colourful.

The EBC trek route in October gets busier with trekkers from all over the world. The most common, the classic Everest trekking route, is most hiked by trekkers all year round. But, in the best weather of October, you'll have a handful of options for reaching Kala Patthar and base camp.

Trek routes other than the classic EBC route, such as the EBC via Gokyo Lake and Jiri-Lukla to EBC route, can spice up your journey. For experienced trekkers, Everest Three High Passes Trek, also known as Everest Circuit Trek in October, gives the wholesome Everest experience.  And also overnight Everest base camp trek is added recently on a classic route to the Everest base camp.

For those who don't have enough trekking time and still want to see Everest at the best time of the year, one day Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour is the best day tour option. It is safe, and comfortable, and offers the ultimate sightseeing of the Everest region at the most affordable rates.

Tips for adventurous Everest Base Camp trek in October

You would love the iconic panoramic view of the greater Himalayas of Mahalangur Range, Everest.

How amazing is that!

Sky-scraping mountains, rocky hills, and lush greeneries inside Sagarmatha National Park are more captivating than your imagination.

The stable weather of an ideal time of year doesn't mean you don't need preparations. Here is some advice you should consider while planning the EBC trek in October.

Know your standard Everest base camp trek itineraries

Trekkers love trekking in Nepal, and the weather in October isn't harsh. Thus, trekking at high altitudes during this month gives trekkers minor challenges than in other months.

Still, it would help if you get an idea of all the itineraries of Everest trekking. It lets you know the temperature, accommodations, altitudes of different places, and tea houses for overnight throughout the EBC trek.

You'll carry gears, sleeping bags, skin care products, pillowcases, shoes, torch, gloves, beanies, etc. When you get the idea of backpacks and temperature, you may unpack unnecessary stuff that only contributes to making your bag heavier. It is essential to carry some cold medicines, travel thermos, and raincoats. But, if you have one, you can guarantee comfort and cleanliness.

A trusted agency like Sublime Trails provides everything necessary for you on the Everest base camp trek in October. The EBC trek cost you pay to us will cover fees for flight tickets, accommodations, guides, porters, and logistics.

Be mentally and physically fit

To prepare for the Everest Base Camp trek, you should develop a walking habit to avoid straining your feet. The EBC trek route is rocky and uneven. Thus, walking for a month as a prep helps stretch your muscles and exercise to compose yourself for this trek.

Be mentally prepared for any events that might happen during this trekking. There's a saying, "Expect the unexpected!" You should tell your mind if there is any chance of a disappointing event, but the probability of such is significantly less.

Before and during the EBC trek, it is necessary to be careful about food and drinks. Taking unhealthy food would make you sick and unable to continue the journey. You should only eat clean and healthy food.

Oh! Wait. Extra tip.

You should wear comfortable hiking boots for the EBC trek. Hiking boots facilitate effortless hikes on rocky terrain.

Drink plenty of water and soupy foods

Consuming plenty of water during hikes and rest days deals with acclimatisation. The more you climb the altitude on Everest, the more arid and chilly the environment is. 

Also, the day hikes make you sweat and pee more. To adjust and walk, you must have a lot of fluids and maintain the dampness. Thus, to compensate for the water level and essential body ions, drink 100 ml of glucose water every 30 minutes on a hike.

Book classic Everest Base Camp Trek for October 2022 in advance

As you know, October is the month when most crowds visit Everest.

Flights, lodges, hotels, and tea houses get filled with trekkers. If you have made the last hour's October Everest trekking plan, you might even have to rethink the decision.

There's less chance that you'll get a flight ticket in the first place. Finding a place to stay and have food of your taste and comfort is challenging. You should pre-book everything if you don't want any of these problems.

Let Sublime Trails be your trusted tour agency in Nepal to make your once-in-a-lifetime Everest base camp trekking in October the best. While trekking with us, you won't have to worry about itineraries, tickets, lodging, and everything. We follow a mantra, "You only hike. We'll take care of the rest to be the best.

Wake early, Hike early

Waking up early after a proper overnight rest replenishes the energy to hike the next day. You'll never miss sunrise and sunsets if you start your day hike in the Everest region early.

You can stroll around the teahouses in your free time and explore more about the trails and people. You can walk at your own pace and reach the day's destination without delay or difficulty.

You can take your time to get into nature. You can observe the flora, fauna, and scenery taking up enough time. You can save your energy better if you start your daily trek schedule.

Things to know when hiring a local tour agency.

Countless tour agencies in Kathmandu operate Everest trekking in Autumn and Spring. Amidst all, there are few authentic and trustworthy travel agencies for your service.

Sublime Trails, with an expertise of 8 years in Nepali Tourism, have a 100% successful Everest Base Camp Trekking record. Our fixed number of clients, well-designed itinerary, adequate acclimatisation, and expert guides make every EBC trip successful.

Also, we, Sublime Trails, stand as a highly rated tour agency on TripAdvisor for 2022. Our service speaks louder. Thus, for a wholesome Everest experience, be a part of our fixed departures of 12 days long classic Everest Base Camp trekking in Autumn 2022. We ensure you'll get the best service at the most affordable rates.

With successful Spring trips to Everest, we have fixed departures for the Everest Base Camp trek in Autumn 2022. To know more about it and its availability, please feel free to inquire Mr. Ram Khadka, a tour manager and CEO at Sublime Trails, at +977 9851183278 or email  regarding this tour. We are always here to guide you with the best tour service.

Final Thoughts

This weather in October allows you to reach the Everest base camp and experience the best view of Everest, Lhotse, Nuptse, Ama Dablam, and more. The clear blue sky in the daytime and the crisp starry night sky can immediately recharge your energy.

If you have enough time and love the crowd on your journey, you should plan for the EBC trek in October. You will never regret your decision.

And, also don’t forget to hire a professional tour agency. It will save you the hassle and let you enjoy the time on the trek.

Adventurous Everest Trekking in Autumn 2022, Folks! 

Admin @Sublime Trails

Admin @Sublime Trails