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  • Ram Khadka
  • Dec 9, 2022

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The anonymous socialite said that “investment in travelling is an investment in you”. Travelling offers the best life lessons more than formal education. Walking activities have been increasingly popular in today’s civilized world. Days of monotonous work and drab daily chores prompted people for an excuse to get away. The hindrance to travelling is the cost. Getting the correct rates for walking holiday packages is a key factor in creating a momentous travel tale.

Nepal has been an ideal destination for walking holiday tours. Cost-conscious travellers can get a plethora of Nepal Trekking packages to choose from. Various trekking regions with different attractions have made Nepal the ultimate place for wilderness adventure. From budget trek cost to luxury trek cost, travellers get spoilt by choices. Different forest belts and geographical landscapes endow magnificent trails that walking lovers can enjoy. Among various forms of walking activities, Trekking and Hiking are very popular in Nepal. However, trail running, rock climbing, triathlon, a Helicopter tour, and cannoning activities are also getting popular.

Which is the Less Crowded and Beautiful Trekking Route of Nepal?

Numerous snowcapped mountains, an abundance of water resources, and multiethnic communities have been the major traits of Nepal. The most popular trekking regions of Nepal are the Everest region, Annapurna region, and Langtang region. During peak trekking season in Nepal, these regions are highly crowded by the trekkers. Are you seeking tranquillity and Himalayan wilderness amalgamated with multiethnic culture? If yes, the Manaslu region of Nepal is the most suitable trekking destination where trekkers can get a glimpse of the world’s eighth tallest mountain Mt. Manaslu (8156 m).

Attractions of Manaslu Circuit Trek

Mt. Manaslu is considered the holiest mountain in the region. The word Manaslu is derived from the Sanskrit word “Manas” which means spirit. Hence, Manaslu Circuit Trekking is also famous as a spiritual trekking trail. It is the world’s 8th tallest mountain and the trail is full of multiple attractions. Glacial rivers, waterfalls, hilly-Himalayan community, high passes, temperate-alpine forests, and mountains are major features of Manaslu Circuit Trek. The crossing of Larke La Pass (5135 m) and trail on the bank of Budi Gandaki River endow ultimate adventure. Samagaon, Machhakhola, Lapubeshi, Dharmasala and numerous hamlets of hilly to Himalayan belts offer quintessential moments with different ethnic people.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost Breakdown

The government of Nepal has identified various regions of Nepal as a special area. In order to preserve the natural resources and cultural aspects of such an area, such special restricted regions are created. Upper Mustang Trekking and Manaslu Trekking are two special restricted trekking regions of Nepal. Trekkers need to buy three Permits and one TIMS for Manaslu Trekking. Manaslu Conservation Area Project (MCAP), Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP), Manaslu Restricted Permit and TIMS card should be bought before trekking.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Permit Cost

Trekkers might think that the trail is very expensive. It is not as expensive as Upper Mustang Trekking. In fact, Manaslu Circuit Trek is cheaper than Everest Base Camp Trek. The cost of these permits depends on the number of trekking days inside the special region. During trekking season the cost of permits for Manaslu Circuit Trekking is USD 70 per the first week per trekker. For more walking days trekkers require 10 days of special restricted area permit. However, the simple fact of the Manaslu Circuit Trek permit cost is USD 10 per day.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Guide and Porter Cost

Nepal Government clearly stated that the region can’t have trekked without trekking guide. Solo trekkers are not allowed to do trekking. Manaslu Circuit Trekking without a guide is not possible. We strongly suggest that for a hassle-free and momentous walking holiday in the Manaslu region you have to hire a professional licensed guide. Professional Trekking guide charges 20-25 USD per day. Porters charge around 15-20 USD per day. These wages include meals, accommodation, insurance, and transportation as well.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Transportation Cost

Manaslu Circuit Trek is off the beaten trekking trail. The trekking site can’t be reached via luxury tourist vehicles. Trekkers have to use either the off-road local bus to Sotikhola or private jeep. The cost of the local public bus is about 10 USD per person. To hire a private jeep the cost is about 150 to 190 USD. You can take a local jeep from Tal or further from Besisahar to capital in just about 10 USD per person.

Food Cost in Manaslu Trekking

Manaslu region of Nepal is the most remote area. The accessibility component of this rugged geographical terrain is very difficult. Teahouses, lodges or shops use either helicopter or porters to carry goods. Therefore, the cost of food increases as the altitude increases. Mules and porters carry goods all the way up to Larke La Pass. You will also notice such transporting caravans on the trail. For food, you can allocate 15 USD to 20 USD daily. The cost of food is in the same range as Annapurna and Langtang region trekking but cheaper than Everest Trekking.

Accommodation Cost in Manaslu Circuit Trekking

There are numerous teahouses and lodges on the Manaslu Circuit Trek trail. Even after such a devastating earthquake teahouses are in abundance in the region. Damaged teahouses are rebuilt and now these lodges are safe to live. The cost of twin sharing basis room is about 5-9 USD per night. If you want a single room which has a twin bed then you have to pay the price of two persons.

Beverage Cost During Manaslu Trekking

Having a beverage in the mountainous region of Nepal is always an expensive affair. You could also imagine the manner in which these goods are transported by the help of porters and mules. Bottle of Water or sparkling water is about 1-5 USD. For tea and coffee, the price range is about 1-5 USD. However, if you buy an entire breakfast set, lunch set or dinner set which comprises tea/coffee and hot water, this is an ideal way of surviving in the mountains.

Miscellaneous Cost

Getting various services in the mountainous region of Nepal is costly. Trekkers should not have an ill feeling about the charges of such services. Such high geographical terrain hinders teahouses and lodges to provide world-class services. However, some basic facilities are available in the mountains.

The cost of a shower, wifi internet, and battery charge vary according to teahouse. The general cost of these services is about 1-5 USD.

The visit to monasteries and gompas differs in every place. Some monasteries charge the entry fee but some don’t. It is up to you to give donations to these monasteries.

If you are happy with the services offered by porters, Sherpa and guides then you can tip them according to your wish.


Manaslu Circuit Trek can be smartly planned. It is highly advised to trekkers to get a reputed trekking agency for this trip. If you get the whole package then it would be hassle-free. Trekking agencies will arrange accommodation, permits, guides, porters, and logistics.

The Manaslu Circuit Trek Package is available in a price range of 1500 USD to 2100 USD per person. The area is highly attractive but has its complication as well. The government of Nepal didn’t put it under a special restricted region haphazardly. The area has numerous places that might be of utmost importance to every trekker. If you want to gain full information and also want to gather wilderness adventure events then hiring a reputed trekking agency is the smart move. Before departing for such an amazing trekking adventure in Nepal get correct Travel Insurance. Make sure that your insurance covers Helicopter rescue from high altitude and accidents as well. The journey is in the high mountains and there is always a risk of altitude sickness. In the case of force majeure also this insurance can be life-saving.

Manaslu Circuit Trek is simply an awesome escapade. Journey around the world’s 8th tallest mountain Mt. Manaslu (8156 m). The journey will not only become the splendid experience of natural resources and cultural brilliance. The trip will let you know about the extent of damage made by the 2015 earthquake. The epicenter of the 2015 April Earthquake is also located in the vicinity of the Manaslu Circuit Trek trail. You can get authentic local information about the chaos and situations during such an earthquake. Mingling with the remote Himalayan and hilly people will definitely provide another perspective to you on life on Earth.

Manaslu Region which is the restricted trekking zone and has off the beaten trail undoubtedly offers stupendous walking holiday moments. Don’t worry about the Manaslu Circuit Trek cost. Exciting memories gathered during this trekking in Nepal worth millions.

We always respect the traditions and values of our valued clients. Over decades of experience in the field of Nepal Tourism, we assure your safe trek in the Manaslu region. Our travel planners have expertly planned the itineraries. The on-field approach and local-based support crew members made us the most competent trekking agency of Nepal. Our trekking packages cost are competitively priced aimed at providing impeccable hospitality and quality services during trekking in Nepal.

For more information and to know more about the Manaslu Region of Nepal, feel free to contact us. Our travel planners and guides are happy to offer some valuable trekking tips to you.

Ram Khadka

Ram Khadka

15 years of experience in Nepal Himalaya and worked as a trekking guide for 10 years.