Manaslu Circuit Trek Daily Distance- Itinerary Breakdown

  • Saroj Dahal
  • Feb 5, 2023

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Manaslu Circuit Trek distance is roughly 177 km, and to complete this trek itinerary on time, you have to hike more than 10 km each day on average. Some days, you may have to walk for 9 hours, and some days, you may have to hike for only 4 hours.

With the rising charm of this off-the-beaten trekking destination in Nepal, Manaslu Circuit Trek is finally receiving the trekkers it deserves. The improvement in tea house services improved trekkers' safety and security, and unmatched pristine landscapes are becoming every trekker's dreamy place.

Here, in this Manaslu Circuit Trek Distance blog, we'll take you through the settlements where you'll hike and the distance along with the time it'll take you to walk each day.

Distance from Kathmandu to Arughat Bazar to SotiKhola (710 metres)

With a total distance of 138 km, a drive from Kathmandu to Arughat takes around 10 hours. Arughat Bazar is well known as the starting point of the Manaslu Circuit Trek.

You'll have the option to hike or take a drive to Soti Khola from Arughat Bazar. From Arughat, you'll take another 13 km road trip to Soti Khola, around two hours of drive time and five hours of hike time, and stop for overnight accommodation.

Distance from Soti Khola (710 metres) to Machha Khola (900 metres)

The actual hike on Manaslu Circuit Trek Route starts as you gear up from Soti Khola to Machha Khola. The trek distance between these two is around 14.2 km, and the total hike duration is 6 hours, excluding the resting stops.

Cascading Budhi Gandaki River, Pine forests, an inspiring panorama of hills, and Ganesh Himal make your hike worth it. You'll hike through the settlements like Lapu Besi and Khani Besi. Overnight accommodation at a tea house in Machha Khola.

Distance from Machha Khola (900 metres) to Jagat (1,340 metres)

The 20 km long Manaslu Circuit Trek distance between Machha Khola to Jagat takes 7 hours, and it's among the most extended day hikes in this trek. You'll hike through Machha Khola, Khorlabesi, and Hot Spring. You'll also walk on the sandy beach of Budhi Gandaki and the lush forests with vivid landscapes and panorama.

The frequent greetings of Ganesh Himal and Lhakpa will be till Jagat. Overnight accommodation at the tea house in Jagat.

Distance from Jagat (1,340 metres) to Deng (2,095 metres)

The total hiking distance from Jagat to Deng is 21 km, and it takes 9 hours to complete the hike. On top, most of the walk will be gaining altitude with gradual ascend, which becomes tiring. Trekkers Check Post at Jagat is where you'll have your Manaslu Conservation Area Permit checked.

Alongside the beautiful scenery, you'll cross some streams like Ghatta Khola and Deng Khola. Furthermore, you'll get mesmerising glimpses of Shringi Himal, 7,161 metres tall.

Distance from Deng (2,095 metres) to Namrung (2,900 metres)

The trek from Deng to Namrung on the Manaslu Circuit Trek route is only 19.4 km for 6 hours. But it's the highest altitude gain you'll get on a single day throughout this trek.

Hence, you may feel the hike arduous at most parts of the ascent on zigzag trails. Some features of the course even demand you to hike down the steep descent to Budi Gandaki and gradually ascend to several settlements.

Distance from Namrung (2,900 metres) to Lho (2,957 metres)

Lho from Namrung is around 11 kilometres in the distance and takes 5 hours for average hikers. The hike to Lho gives you an in-depth into Tibetan-influenced cultures, prayer flags, and stupas. On top, The clear view of Manaslu and Manaslu North makes your day hike worth it.

Distance from Lho (2,957 metres) to Samagaun (3,500 metres)

Samagaon from Lho is 18 km long and takes around 6 hours for you.

The hike from Lho to Samagaon can be enjoyable because you'll hike past Pungyen Monastery. Also, the chortens and prayer flags on the breeze make the Nubri settlements serene. The terrain also changes from treeline to Yak pasture lands with bushes.

You must be careful about the high altitude en route because you'll be hiking on terrain above 3,000 metres, and Samagaon is at 3,500 metres.

Distance from Samagaun (3,500 metres) to Samdo (3,865 metres)

If you wish to hike Samdo via Manaslu Base Camp, it'll take 6 hours to complete the day hike. The trail length also increases to 17 km. But, if you wish to hike Samdo without visiting Manaslu Base Camp, it'll take four hours to complete the 8.1 km long trail.

Samdo, being a Tibetan refugee village, you'll get glimpses of these people's lifestyles. You'll get the best view of Manaslu from Samdo while hiking all day.

Distance from Samdo (3,865 metres) to Dharamshala (4,450 metres)

Dharmashala from Samdo is around 13 km away, and it would take about 5 hours for average hikers to complete the hike. En route, you’ll pass through several streams, Larke Glacier, and Mani walls with prayer flags. You’ll stop at a tea house in Dharamshala for overnight accommodation.

Distance from Dharamshala to Bimthang (3,720 metres) via Larke Pass (5,160 metres)

Crossing Larke Pass at 5,160 metres from Dharamshala and hiking down to Bimthang takes almost a day, nearly 10 hours. It's also the longest hiking day, where trekkers must cross 25 kilometres in a single day.

Larke Pass is filled with snow, and the trail leading to this pass is rocky. The rugged terrain filled with snow becomes mesmerising in early Spring. You'll see the best glimpses of Himlung Himal, Kang Guru Himal, Cheo Himal, and many from the Annapurna range from Larke Pass and nearby areas.

The descent becomes easier as you can breathe more oxygen again on the grassy moraines. Overnight at the tea house in Bhimtang.

Distance from Bimthang (3,720 metres) and Dharapani (1,860 metres)

Dharapani is a descent hike from Bimthang and is 30 kilometres long and takes almost a whole day. Being a 30 km route, you'll enjoy the utmost scenery and beautiful villages like Thonje. This is also one of the longest Manaslu Circuit Trek distances to hike.

Dharapani is a well-sophisticated town where trekkers can enjoy some luxurious accommodations. Overnight at a tea house in Dharapani.

Distance from Dharapani (1,860 metres) to Kathmandu (1,324 metres)

Dharapani to Kathmandu is a 180 km roadway that takes around 10 hours. You can get a private jeep or tourist bus for a comfortable ride to Kathmandu.

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