Manaslu Trek Basic Food Accommodation and Drinks Complete Guide

  • Ram Khadka
  • Feb 5, 2023

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Meals in Manaslu Circuit Trek are almost identical to what the tea houses in Annapurna and Everest Base Camp Trek offer, but not as broad menu choices as in Annapurna and Everest region. Tea houses in lower regions of Manaslu Circuit offer a more comprehensive range of meals than those at high altitude places. But still, you'll get a sufficient number of meals to choose from for BLD.

Manaslu Circuit is wapping 177 kilometres, and most days, trekkers hike here 14. Hence, to keep up with the itinerary, you, as a trekker, have to walk for multiple hours and more than 10 km each day in Manaslu Trek. It would be best to consume adequate healthy meals to keep the pace and energy levels at the peak. Not only to refill energy but also to escape altitude sickness, the proper meals are a must.

Here in this food and drinks in Manaslu Circuit Trek blog, we'll cover the types of meals you can expect on this trek. Also, if you find any food outside the list, you can request that your tour agency include additional meal requirements.

We’ll break down the meals menu into three parts, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Breakfast Meals in Manaslu Circuit Trek

Breakfast has to be adequate, and in Manaslu Trek, the tea houses offer various choices of meals for breakfast. The most common breakfast item includes Chapati, Toast with butter and honey, Porridge honey, Muesli, Omelette, Pancakes, and Soups.

Ginger lemon tea, Garlic Soup, Milk tea, black tea, hot chocolate, and coffee are the most available hot drinks on the breakfast menu.

Lunch and Dinner Meals in Manaslu Circuit Trek

The lunch and dinner menu is almost identical, from where you can get multiple choices. The most common meal trekkers consume is the Nepali Dal Bhat, with lentil soup, cooked vegetables, and pickles. Trekkers also prefer plain rice and noodles fried with eggs for the carbohydrate and protein combo.

Pizza, Burger with fries, Pasta with cheese and garlic, Spaghetti w/o cheese/tuna toppings, mashed potato, sandwiches, spring rolls, Sizzlers, Thukpa, Tenduk, cooked vegetables, and salads are the most available meals in Manaslu Circuit Trek.

You can expect these items at tea houses at lower altitudes, but these items are not readily available at higher-altitude tea houses.

Drinks in Manaslu Circuit Trek

The temperature in Manaslu Circuit in late Autumn can go as low as -15 degrees, and on a typical day, the temperature can get near freezing at high altitudes. In such conditions, drinking cold water and drinks causes cough and chest infection. Hence, hot drinks in Manaslu Circuit Trek are a must to keep yourself warm and healthy.

In the morning and evenings, drinking hot drinks like ginger lemon tea, black tea, milk tea, and soups can revitalise the body's fluids. Taking hot chocolates and milk as dessert can also help you get better sleep and digestion.

While on a day hike, trekkers must drink 3 litres of safe drinking water not to develop altitude sickness symptoms. Keeping yourself hydrated is crucial to developing waterborne diseases. Hence, you can carry a thermos or hydration bladder for lukewarm water mixed with the electrolytes, ORS solutions, and Chlorine tablets.

You can get cold water at tea houses for free. But, tea houses ask for a certain amount from trekkers when refilling hot drinking water. The average asking price for each litre of war water ranges from USD 3.

The food you should avoid in Manaslu Circuit Trek

Avoiding certain meals at high altitudes of Manaslu can benefit your health.

First, we don't recommend you consume meat and meat products on this trek. Since people here practise Buddhism, they don't kill animals. Hence, meat products at higher altitudes are carried by porters or helicopters. As a result, the quality of meat decreases and is also not healthy to consume.

Drinks you should avoid in Manaslu Circuit Trek

You must avoid certain drinks if you're planning to hike Manaslu Circuit. First, you mustn't consume more coffee and caffeinated beverages as they cause dehydration and lack of sleep.

Furthermore, alcohol, tobacco, and smoking are not items to consume while trekking. Dehydration, shortness of breath, and other issues might develop the symptoms of altitude sickness.

These products only alter sleep schedules and cause issues and AMS. Trekkers need 8 hours of complete sleep for proper rest; avoiding these will be wise.

Final Thoughts

Improper diet and unhealthy foods can ruin your long-planned Manaslu Circuit Trek. Increased acidity and bloatedness happen to most trekkers when they don't plan the accommodation places and types of meals to consume in the trek wisely.

Even if you consume adequate meals, you'll need to keep a balance of protein, vitamins, and carbohydrates. Hence, vitamin supplements and protein bars can maintain your nutrient levels while on the trek.

Always drink lukewarm water throughout this trek, including water purifying tablets and electrolyte solutions for quick rehydration.

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Ram Khadka

Ram Khadka

15 years of experience in Nepal Himalaya and worked as a trekking guide for 10 years. Managing Director at Sublime Trails Pvt. Ltd.