Mount Everest Helicopter Tours in Summer - June, July, and August

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  • Jun 1, 2023

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Everest Helicopter tour in Summer (June, July, and August)

People would go crazy to see Everest from a close point. Who wouldn't be if sightseeing is possible by helicopter and in just five hours flight time? The helicopter flight to Everest is doable all year round. But, there are some months where flight cancellation happens the most.

June, July, and August are the monsoon months. The lower altitude places receive high rainfall. Even if the rain is less at a higher altitude, it's enough to disturb the flight for sightseeing. Also, the downpour and overcast cover the landscape in clouds obstructs the sightseeing around Everest, Lhotse, and Makalu. 

The helicopter tour to Everest base camp with landing can't take off when it rains. In such situations, you have to postpone the flight. And if it rains straight for some days, you might have to cancel the trip, which is disappointing for you and us. 

In summer, some best weather windows in early June and late August are favourable for Everest sightseeing. But the rest of the summer months are unsuitable for Everest helicopter trips. Thus, it is best to know the weather and temperature of EBC of June, July, and August before opting for the Everest Base Camp helicopter tour booking.

Everest base camp helicopter tour

Here is our well-prepared weather and temperature report of Summer in Everest Base Camp.

Everest Base Camp weather in June

June is the warmest time in Everest Base Camp. It makes the Everest helicopter tour and Everest Base Camp tour the best time in summer. 

June is the first month of the monsoon in Nepal. Early June days are usually clear and visible. But, in late June, the frequency of rainfall increases. It obstructs the regular helicopter tour and trekking to Everest. 

On a visible day in June, in the warm temperature, the viewing experience of Everest, Lhotse becomes unmatched. 


Everest Base Camp temperature in June

Early mornings and evenings are chilly, but the day remains favourable for a day tour in Everest. 

The 11-hour long sunshine makes the average daytime temperature 16°C and the highest of 22°C. This warm temperate could be altered by the rainfall.

In June, the nighttime temperature at EBC averages -1°C. Also, the wind speed in June averages 10 mph. It is ideal for daytime trekking and sightseeing around Everest Base Camp.

Everest Base Camp weather in July

July is the mid-monsoon month. It rains every day in June, but the temperature remains warm all day. 

On the higher altitudes like Everest Base Camp, the frequency of rain is low in June. The rainfall of late June makes the weather fluctuate.

A clear day with the bright sun is favourable for a helicopter tour to Everest in July. 

Everest Base Camp temperature in July

The sun shines for almost 7 hours in July. It makes the outlook clear and visible. 
Due to the bright sun and rainfall, the daytime temperature remains average of 15°C. It makes the temperature around base camp mild for a day tour. 

In the evening, the temperature drops to an average of 2°C. With decent sleeves and jackets, the temperature becomes bearable. 

The wind speed in July averages 10 mph.

Everest Base Camp weather in August

In July and August, the Everest region receives the highest rainfall in a year. But at the end of August, the frequency of rainfall decreases. The days are usually milder and clear when the rain stops pouring. 

The approaching autumn also makes August a time for the Everest tour. If you can trek or take a helicopter flight to Everest on the utmost visibility window, you might get some glimpses of Everest. 


Everest Base Camp temperature in August

In August, on a visible bright day, the daytime temperature averages 10°C. It is a perfect temperature in the Himalayas for sightseeing and trekking. 

At Gorak Shep and around base camp, the nighttime temperature averages to 0°C. If you are trekking to EBC in August, it would be wise to carry decent down jackets for the night. 

Wind Speed of 10 mph is common in August and would not be a problem for Everest base camp helicopter tour with landing.

To make the weather and temperature in June, July, and August, here is an accurate representation of it.


Average Daytime 

Average Nighttime 

Wind Speed
 June  16°C  -1°C  10 mph
 July  15°C  2°C  10 mph
 August   10°C  0°C  10 mph
Admin @Sublime Trails

Admin @Sublime Trails