Private And Group Sharing Everest Helicopter - Detail Information and Cost

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  • Jun 6, 2023

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Everest Base Camp helicopter tour: Private and Group Sharing

Everest Base Camp in the helicopter is a luxury style of day tour in the Himalayas. Flying close to Mt. Everest, Lhotse, Khumbu glacier, and many more give the unmatched sightseeing experience. 

The helicopter landing at Everest Base Camp happens throughout the year. But there are some best months in Autumn and Spring that make this tour one of the best. It is a place that equals the viewing standard of Elbrus and K2. Travellers across the globe love the scenic Everest helicopter flight while on vacation in Nepal. 

Travellers with limited travel time in Nepal can get the best out of the Himalayas in one day Everest helicopter sightseeing tour. Also, to escape from the strenuous trek to Everest, travellers favour this day trip most. People who lack physical fitness, with this tour service, can enjoy the utter scenic Himalayas from the sky. These are the points why travellers pick Mt. Everest sightseeing with the return in one day in a helicopter. 

The crystal clear sky, gentle temperature, and elegant outlook make this trip striking. The aerial view of lush forest, alpine landscape, Mt. Everest, Ama Dablam, Lhotse, Nuptse give the premium sightseeing feel. Moreover, the panoramic view of Lukla airport and Namche Bazar makes this sightseeing a sublime tour of your life. 

To make EBC helicopter tours with landing in 2022 feasible as per your preference, you can opt for either group sharing or a private helicopter flight.

Private Everest base camp helicopter tour

Group sharing Everest Base Camp helicopter fight

Spring and Autumn are the peak season for Everest Base Camp helicopter tours. The utmost visibility and 100% flight success ratio at this time in a year lures thousands of visitors. Due to this, many travellers form groups and take the flight on sharing. 

The shared helicopter flight to Everest carries at most five passengers. It reduces the cost for each individual. Also, in peak season, the tour company offers some discounts to travellers. Thus, it is the best way to make the most out of Everest at the most affordable rates. 

By sharing the Everest flight with others, you'll get to know people with similar interests. Who knows, a person sitting next to you on an Everest helicopter flight might become a friend for the rest of your life.

On group sharing, the pilot rotates the seatings at every stop. It makes everyone on the flight happy as everyone can witness the best views together.

Private Everest Base Camp Helicopter flight

If you wish not to share the tour with others, you can opt for a private Everest Base Camp helicopter flight. So, what makes this private flight a pick for many? Let's explore the private EBC sightseeing flight in detail. 

To tour Everest is a bucket list to many and flying on a helicopter for a bird's eye view is a once-in-a-lifetime moment. On such a one day majestic tour, people want to witness the Himalayas with their loved ones by their side. 

Private flight allows you to have a personal space. You can choose the front seat on request to pilot and enjoy the best view throughout the flight. The flexibility in the flight makes it the best for people desiring the Everest view. 

Apart from the viewing experience on the flights, the cost of the flight makes the difference. Let's break down the price of a private and shared helicopter flight to Everest Base Camp.

Cost of Everest Base Camp helicopter tour

Apart from the viewing experience on the flights, the cost of the flight makes the difference. Both the private and group sharing flights have different prices. 

Let's break down the price of a private and shared helicopter flight to Everest Base Camp.


Cost of group sharing Everest Base Camp helicopter tour

The cost of a group sharing helicopter tour to Everest in 2022 depends on the number of travellers on the flight. The more the number of passengers, the lesser the cost of the trip will be. Also, for groups, the tour companies offer some discounts, which is a thing travellers wish for. 

Here’s a tentative cost of group sharing a flight to Everest Base Camp for 2022-2023

   No. of people sharing the flight  Cost in USD (per person)
    1-2  1050-1450
    2-4   950-1200
   5 or more   850-1050

Cost of private Everest Base Camp helicopter tour

The cost of a private helicopter tour to Everest in 2022-2023 is slightly higher than group sharing. The main reason for it becoming expensive is the flexibility of the flight. You can tour Everest with three, four, or five family members or friends in private. 

Here's the tentative price for the private Everest Base Camp helicopter tour for 2022-2023.

 Total cost for 5 members in a private flight Price per individual on a private  flight 
  US$4000-5000 US$850-1000

To know more about the tour and availability of the Everest Base Camp helicopter for 2022-2023, please feel free to get in touch with our representative. Reach out to our tour manager Mr Ram Khadka at +977 9851183278 or email at We are always here to guide you with the best tour service.

Admin @Sublime Trails

Admin @Sublime Trails