Planning a Trek to Everest Base Camp in November? You Should Know These Tips Before Trek

  • Saroj Dahal
  • Mar 26, 2023

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Everest Base Camp trek in November

If you missed the chance of the Everest Base Camp trek in October, then November is the second-best month for this trek in Autumn. There are some reasons to trek to Everest Base Camp in November.

The first is the fair-weather conditions of the Everest region. The weather condition for Everest trekking becomes even better in November than in other autumn months. It has a moderate daytime temperature and clear weather, an ideal element for trekking to Everest.

Second, the less crowd on the Everest trekking route. November is almost the beginning of the cold months in Nepal. In the Everest region, it's also the last autumn month for trekking before the fierce cold and snow kick in December. There's also a chance that you may expect some snowfall in November, alleviating your joyous trek. Thus, with a much lower crowd, you can enjoy the peaceful hike on the classic Everest Base Camp trek route.

Further, the shedding leaves in autumn aesthetically decorate the alpine landscape. The lush forest of Lukla, Phakding, Monjo, Namche, and Tengboche scintillates with autumn colours. On top, the undisturbed viewing of Everest, Ama Dablam, Lhotse, Nuptse, and another sierra of Khumbu gives heavenly viewing pleasure.

Everest Base Camp is at a height of 5364m. It beholds the breathtaking panoramic view of the Himalayas. On the lap of Mt. Everest, Kala Patthar, at 5,644 metres, you can appreciate the best time of your life.

Let's have more information on the Everest base camp trek for November.

Weather and Temperature

Great weather in November enriches the scenery throughout the classic Everest Base Camp trek route.

The Everest region's weather in early November is pleasant, warm, and stable. Due to this reason, you can get incredible views of the mountains, alpine vegetation, wildlife, and clear blue sky. It is also the driest month, and humidity in the air gets very low. This low humidity implies a significantly less chance of rain at high altitudes.

If the weather degrades, there may be chances of drizzling, as you never know—the temperature drops in the last week of November. You may expect some snowfalls this month as the winter nears late November.

The daytime temperature in November stables around 6°C at Kala Patthar. The lower places like Lukla, Namche, and Tengboche will be around 10°C to 12°C during the daytime. Also, the shorter days in November make the day colder than in other autumn months.

The nighttime temperature is below freezing. The -12°C temperature at nighttime is unbearable. But, you can beat this temperature with layered sleeping bags and decent down jackets.

With warm overnight sleep in the proximity of Everest, the trek experience becomes sublime.

Kathmandu to Lukla Helicopter flight on flight delays

Since there are no major weather issues in November, it is less likely to have Kathmandu Lukla flight delays. You won't have any difficulty reaching Lukla and coming to Kathmandu.

But the unexpected November rain can become a hurdle to disturb the fixed departures for trekking to Everest Base Camp. To be on schedule, you can take a Kathmandu Lukla helicopter flight. You'll get a group-sharing helicopter flight to Lukla at the most affordable rates.

If you're on a budget trek to Everest, make sure that you have one or two extra days as buffer days to cope with flight delays due to unexpected rain.

For some, the notorious reputed Lukla airport is the first challenge of the EBC trek, and wish to avoid it. Trekking from Jiri is viable but not a wise option. It only adds cost and time to trekkers. Some travellers even wish to fly to Everest on a helicopter and complete the sightseeing in one day, with luxury and comfort.

In many cases, you can also enjoy the one-day Everest Base Camp helicopter tour on private or group sharing. The spectacular views of the mountains, glaciers, and ice fall around Everest in a day make your trip a mesmerising experience.

Foods and Accommodation

Like October, November is also a hectic month though the crowd becomes thinner. Still, there'll be plenty of trekkers at tea houses. It would be best if you pre-booked accommodation in Everest Base Camp trek according to your likeness and comfort.

It is effortless to find a place to eat and drink, though. Teahouses are famous for all kinds of food that people may prefer. You can get basic tea houses to star-rated hotels in Lukla and Namche. Thus, accommodation here won't be an issue. At other places, you'll get basic accommodation.

You won't get the heated bedrooms in tea houses, but you can get warm in the dining where trekkers circle a centrally heated oven. You'll have to accommodate in twin sharing rooms at tea houses en route to the Everest base camp trek, except at star-rated hotels in Lukla and Namche.

Foods while trekking Everest base camp will be hygienic and nutritious. For breakfast, toasts, porridges with honey, bread with butter and jams, Tenduk, and Tibetan Bread are the most common menu items. For lunch and dinner, the menu item is almost identical. You'll get Dal Bhat, a Nepali dish of lentil soup, curry, boiled rice, and pickles. Further, you'll have Pizza, Pasta, Burgers, Spaghetti, Thukpa, and other items.

Cultural Escapade

Prayer flags, monasteries, chants, and stupas give glorious episodes to your Everest trekking. The exquisite culture and traditions of the people living in this region engage you a lot.

You will get to know them better when you observe the festivals that they celebrate. You can get this opportunity to learn their social and cultural values if you decide to visit here in November. For 2022, the Mani Rimdu festival falls on November 8th to 10th. Thus, mark your calendar for Everest Base Camp trek in November with a cultural escapade at Tengboche monastery.

Mani Rimdu is the festival that Sherpas celebrate in their monasteries for several days. Since Nepalese follow the lunar calendar, the dates keep changing yearly. Make sure that you make this visit when this festival falls in November.

But this festival is for them to gather and celebrate for a good cause. This festival was 19 days long, but the monasteries held a series of events for 3-5 days.

There are plays, masked dances, prayers, chants, and a feast for everyone who goes to monasteries at that time of the month.

Everest Trek route in November

The classic Everest Base Camp trail is the best route to walk in November. No rain and snow make the hike on trails risk-free and less arduous.

All passes are safe to travel and enjoy the scenery, majestic Himalayas view, flora, fauna, and social life of the Khumbu region.

You can closely explore the region and even go on alternate treks after extending your stay. You can extend the standard Everest Base Camp trek with the Gokyo Lakes and Cho La Pass trek.

Trust me! You don't want to miss the best window of November to explore the Everest region before winter kicks in. In other seasons, it has a harsh and cold climate, making it challenging to explore as much as you want.

Six tips to make your Everest Base Camp Trek in November the best.

November is the last month of Autumn, so the temperature in the Everest region declines below freezing as the day ends. Though the weather is relatively stable in comparison to other months, it is always best to prepare yourself for this trek.

Classic Everest trekking on the legendary trek route is adventurous, full of challenges, and fun memories.

Here are a few tips for your EBC trek in November.

Pre-book your accommodations

You may see less crowd than in October, but the number of trekkers is still significant at Everest Base Camp in November. So you might not get your desired accommodation when you come without booking.

Bustling with people, trail routes in November are lively and fantastic.

Hotels, teahouses, and lodges are full of people that you might have shared your room with.

To have the comfort that you seek in the vacation, you have to make a booking of everything.

With us, you don't have to worry about accommodation. Reserve your Everest Trekking with Sublime Trails and stress less about logistics and accommodations.

Stay hydrated to avoid dehydration and altitude sickness

It is essential to stay hydrated all the time. Drinking water would help you during the acclimatisation process at high altitudes.

When you ascend the altitude, you will most likely get altitude sickness. Altitude sickness is dangerous and swift. Staying hydrated with balance in body ions helps prevent altitude sickness. You should also keep a record of the colour of your pee and the amount of water you drink.

It will be best if you avoid caffeine and alcohol while trekking. If consumed, you'll get dehydrated quickly. You should develop healthy eating habits before and during the trek. Unhealthy food would make you sick, and you won't be able to continue your journey in sickness.

So, if you don't want to miss your classic Everest Base Camp trek adventure, pay extra attention to your food and water intake.

Wear layers rather than thick and stiff clothes

Early November on the Everest route is warm and sunny, but late November isn't. Temperature decreases as the month come to an end.

So to prevent yourself from catching a cold, you should bring an extra layer of clothes. Wearing multiple thin layered sleeves is better than wearing stiff and thick jackets. They only make your body uncomfortable while hiking.

You might not need a lot of layers of clothes while the days are pleasant. But for the night, wear a decent down jacket and use multi-layer sleeping bags. So, you can take it off when it's warm and put on the clothes when it's cold.

Make a checklist of gears and backpack items

Carrying all the necessary items and itineraries eases your trek. But, putting unnecessary items only adds weight and extra stress to your back. Ascending and descending in this trek region need attention and equipment.

If you have a guide from a travel agency like Sublime Trails, we will provide you with the list of the necessary gear to put in a backpack. At your request, we also assist you with trekking gears and stuff in rentals.

But, still, it is better to have a personal one.

Hike early

You aren't taking part in any race here. So, you can relax and start your journey at your own pace.

But, if you start your Everest trek early, you can reach your destination without trouble. You can take breaks between lunchtime and snacks to take a short stroll in the trail area. You can save energy and prepare for other challenges at higher altitudes. You will experience the spectacular sunrise and sunset.

Another perk of starting early in the morning is you can walk at a slow pace. Trekking fast has a high probability of causing altitude sickness.

Know the weather before you hike

There's no harm in checking the weather and possible rainfall at a higher altitude. You can't always trust the weather in the Everest region. With any turn of events, checking once can prevent you from having a hassle. Sometimes the Everest region faces early snowfall, and snow can block the passes on the trail route.

Thus, carry an umbrella and poncho to prevent unexpected rain.

Final Thoughts

Sublime Trails is travellers' favourite agency for 2022 on TripAdvisor. Our tour and trek services are most admired by trekkers. Thus, for a wholesome Everest experience, be a part of our fixed departures of 12 days long classic Everest Base Camp trekking in November 2022. Our expert-designed Everest trekking package with proper acclimatisation plans, logistics, guides, and porters.

With successful Everest trekking in Spring 2022, we now have fixed departures for the Everest Base Camp trek in Autumn 2022. To know more about it and its availability, please feel free to inquire Mr Ram Khadka, a tour manager and CEO at Sublime Trails, at +977 9851183278 or email  regarding this tour. We are always here to guide you with the best tour service.

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