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  • Ram Khadka
  • Jun 2, 2023

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Everest Base Camp Trek is considered the most enthralling and adventurous walking detour on the planet. No wonder the journey towards the world’s tallest mountain Mt. Everest’s foothill is once in a lifetime event in anyone’s life. Trekking on these high Himalayan belts of Nepal requires an immense amount of perseverance, endurance, and passion. Having a dream and desire merely doesn’t guarantee success. People have to work hard to realize such a dream. Find out the most important Tips for Everest Base Camp Trek via this blog.

Mount Everest (8848 m) is located on the edge of Nepal and Tibet. However, the summit is on the Nepalese side. Therefore, Nepalese people can proudly proclaim their prized assets. Every year thousands of climbers ascend to the top of this gigantic Mountain during climbing season. For those who couldn’t climb trekking to its base camp is an ideal option. Thin air, scarce vegetation, and high altitude hinder a lot for any trekkers to reach such an amazing place. After years of walking on these terrains of the Khumbu region, I have identified a few factors. These tips can very useful for safe and sound trekking to Everest Base Camp.

Here are a few tips for Everest Base Camp Trek which might be very helpful for people opting to go on the Everest Summit Trekking in Nepal.

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Get Experienced Licensed Guide and Legal Trekking Agency

It is highly advised that trekkers should contact the responsible trekking agency in Nepal. If you travel with a trekking agency that recruited guides and porters you will feel confident and safe. There are numerous unauthorized trekking agencies and trekking guides license fewer people in Nepal. Beware of tourists trap and nonregistered trekking companies.

Trekking with such a government listed company could be very helpful in case of emergencies. Most of the hassles about getting good accommodation and food on the mountains will be taken care of by the company crew members.  If you trek alone then instead of enjoying the majestic scenery you will be busy finding the right teahouse and restaurant for food shelter.

Get Lukla Early Morning 1st or 2nd Flight as much as Possible

The weather in Lukla is very unpredictable. The only gateway to the Everest region is from the air. Lukla airstrip is considered as the most extreme airport in the world. Therefore, getting tickets to Lukla is the major thing to do before embarking on the Everest Base Camp trekking journey. Normally the weather of Lukla is clear and calm during the early morning hours. High wind and cloud coverage make it hard for airlines to land in Lukla. Don’t forget to ask for 1st or 2ndflight from your trekking agency if you are going to Everest Base Camp. The first flight to Lukla is less likely to be cancelled or delayed.

Hire strong local Sherpa and Porters

Getting a loyal and reliable Sherpa tops the list of tips for Everest Base Camp Trek. Sherpa is born and bred on this rugged high altitude terrain of the Khumbu region. If you are stuck in an emergency situation in the mountains they can carry you easily and descent. They have strong adaptability qualities.

According to various tests and reports, it is said that Sherpa clan people have a high amount of red blood cells in their blood. At high altitudes, their body produces a normal amount of RBCs and can function very normally in very little oxygen as well. Getting locals for your assistance would be the key to a successful Everest Base Camp Trek trip.

Gradual Ascent and Proper Acclimatization break

In any high altitude trekking, proper acclimatization is a must to do the task. If you find any tips for Everest Base Camp Trek which can be completed in a very short number of days then don’t buy such a crap idea. A highly experienced trekking guide in Nepal always recommends slow walking but at a steady pace. For best acclimatization activities trekkers have to climb the higher point and descend to lower places for lodging. This is the basic idea of proper acclimatization.

During Everest Base Camp Trekking ideal acclimatization breaks are at the Namche Bazaar and Dingboche. These two resting places will help you reinvigorate your tired muscles and adjust your body to the altitude.

Drink Plenty of Water and Eat Plenty of Food

Most people lose their appetite at high altitudes.  They tend to not eat more food or drinks. Even if you don’t feel like eating you have to compulsorily eat. If you eat well and drink well then you will get good sleep. Very good sleep leads to effective acclimatization to an altitude.

Drink garlic soup and warm water. It is advised that you have to drink 3 times more than what you piss. A regular flow of liquids in a body will help you relax as you trek higher and higher.

Don’t drink Alcohol and Don’t Smoke Cigarettes

On the trekking trail, you might see lots of Sherpa and guides drinking alcohol as well as smoking cigarettes. Those people have been to these places many times and their bodies are well adjusted to the change in altitude. However, you should wisely avoid drinking alcohol and avoid smoking cigarettes.

You can take alcohol or smoke cigarettes while returning back. The places like Namche Bazaar, Phakding, and Lukla are considered as the best place to hang out for booze and cigarettes after Everest Base Camp Trekking.

Don’t Push the Limit

If you feel a mild headache don’t wait for it to get over. Consult with your trekking guide and walk cautiously. You might have planned months and saved the money after months of saving for the trip. You might tend to finish the trekking as much as possible. However, always take good care of your body too. Don’t go over the board and don’t be rigid. Always be open to descending if your body is not adjusting to the high altitude.

Get Travel Insurance (Helicopter Rescue, Altitude Sickness & Medical Expenses)

Before going to Everest Base Camp Trekking it is very wise to get travel insurance. Your insurance must cover the helicopter rescue, accidents, and medical expenses. This would help you to relieve from financial burden in case you get caught with altitude sickness or accidents.

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The most important tips for Everest Base Camp Trek are your own self-motivation and passion for travelling. If you are very passionate about reaching Everest Base Camp then you will win over 50 % of the hurdles psychologically. Sometimes the psychological state of a person also plays a vital role.

Enjoy the journey of Everest Base Camp Trekking and don’t forget to write to us about your own experiences.

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Ram Khadka

Ram Khadka

15 years of experience in Nepal Himalaya and worked as a trekking guide for 10 years. Managing Director at Sublime Trails Pvt. Ltd.