Bungee jumping is a very popular adventure sport all over the world during which a person attached to an elastic cord jumps from a very high station. Usually, these stations are high buildings, cranes or bridges. Bungee jumping in Nepal gives you the chance to witness the wilderness of nature while you jump from bridges over monstrous rivers while being surrounded by gigantic hills and green forests. This thrilling adventure doesn’t take any preparation or planning because it takes only a few hours to reach the spot. Bungee jumping can be an extension to your planned trips or treks because it only takes a day in maximum.

People love bungee jumping because it takes you to the edge and lets you taste the freedom while slowly diving into the outstanding natural beauty. It is probably on the bucket-list of adventure lovers all over the world. Gather some courage and treat the adventurer inside you with the thrill during your next holiday in Nepal. There are two famous stations, the gorge of the Bhote Koshi river and a high tower in the city of Pokhara. 

Bungee Jumping in Bhote Koshi River by The Last Resort

As you fall from the suspension bridge over the canyon of Bhote Koshi River, the chilling feelings will slowly turn into happiness and a great sense of adventure as you enjoy the beautiful hills, deep gorge, and wild Bhotekoshi river while you stay inverted. The height of the gorge is 160 meters letting you fall freely for about 6 seconds.

The Friendship Bridge over the Bhote Koshi river is built with a 4x safety factor with the capacity to carry 4.5 tons. Skilled experts operating with international standard security will make sure that they do their part to keep you safe. After the jump, you can choose to stay at the resort surrounded by beautiful forests on a gorge above the Bhote Kosi River or return to your hotel.


The Last Resort lies along the Araniko Highway, about 3 hours of ride from Kathmandu. You will jump from the 166 meters wide suspension bridge over the Bhote Koshi river.


Only Bungee Jump with no meals and transportation costs $92 per person

Bungee Day Trip including lunch and transportation to/from Kathmandu costs $108 per person

Bungee jump with swing costs $29 extra per person

Bungee jump with full meals and one night’s stay at the resort costs $29 extra per person

The Last Resort also offers combo plans including one or many activities like canyoning, white water rafting, and Bungee jumping. Please check their website for other details.

Note: Anyone with heart disease, epilepsy, high blood pressure, pregnancy, orthopedic, psychological or neurological problems should not attempt this. 

Bungee Jumping in Pokhara by HighGround Adventures

Pokhara is a city popular for views of mountains, its lakes, and various fun and adventurous activities including bungee jumping. HighGround Adventures lets you take a plunge from Nepal’s only tower bungee jumping. The duration of free fall in this jump is 4 seconds falling from a height of 75 meters. While you jump vertically from the tower, you will get the views of beautiful hills and high mountains.

Bungee at HighGround Adventures is operated by certified international jumpmasters applying high safety standards and highest quality bungee cord which ensures your safety.


The bungee station is Nepal's first and only bungee tower located at Hemja, Pokhara. It takes about 25 minutes to get there from Lakeside. 


Bungee with transportation to/from Lakeside, Pokhara costs NPR 4000 per person

Also, check out their Bungee jumping combo with Zipline and/or Hot Air Balloon.

Note: In bungee jump operated by HighGround Adventures, there is a minimum age limit of 13 years and a weight limit of 35-125 kg. For your own safety, make sure your health conditions are fit too. 

Best Time

Bungee jumping is available every day during the year. But, there are several factors that may help you decide when to plan your trip. During the summer days are longer and mornings are warm but the day may get hotter. During monsoon, the rain may make the road trip less enjoyable but the forests are greener than ever with the views of green fields. Days are short and cold in winter but the skies are clear. Spring and Autumn are better if you want a less dramatic climate and cozy trip. It really depends upon your preference but there is no perfect time or bad time for bungee jumping in Nepal

Is it Safe?

Bungee Jumping is an adventure sport and you must first decide that your physical conditions are appropriate for this. There is always a risk in everything even if you just stay in the comfort of your home. If you are an adrenaline junkie, trust your instinct and go. Leave your worries at home and trust the experts and the high-quality technologies used by the operators.