Chomolhari Base Camp Trek

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Trip Overview
  • Duration: 12 Days
  • Trip Grade: Moderate
  • Trip Start and End: Paro
  • Trip Area: Paro, Chomolhari Base Camp
  • Trip Style: Active/ Adventure
  • Age Group: 12+
  • Trip Type: Private and Group
  • Trip Method: Fully Guided
  • Booking Type: Instant Booking
  • Max. Altitude: 4080
  • Best Season: 4 Season
  • Foot Print:Carbon Neutralleaf

Chomolhari Base Camp Trek is one of the best treks in Bhutan. Anyone can complete it in a relatively short time while having the time of their lives. Within the 12 days, you can complete this classic trek and spend time in the beautiful Paro Valley. During your days in the city, explore the outstanding Bhutanese art and architecture. The natural, cultural and historical aspects of Bhutan can all be seen in the Paro Valley. The actual trekking starts on the 3rd day from the ruins of Drukgyel Dzong and offers some heavenly experiences in the isolated parts of the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan.

Chomolhari Base Camp Trek - Bhutan

Chomolhari Base Camp Trek is only moderately difficult and requires you to trek for 8 days. Staying multiple days at elevations higher than 3000 meters keeps you out of any risk for altitude sickness. Still, the trek has to be done slowly and steadily. A hike to Tiger’s Nest Monastery before the trek helps us acclimatize. Though extreme preparation is not required for this trek, one should be physically fit and able to adjust to a minimalistic way of life away from luxury. Some physical preparation before the trek and mental strength will make the adventure smoother. 

During the trek, you may encounter animals like the Blue Sheep, monkeys, and various species of birds. As the trekking trail is also a yak pasture land, you may get to see yaks and their herders. The forests are full of alpine vegetation including pine, juniper, rhododendron, and bamboo. While trekking, some paths are easier and some uphill trails may need a bit more effort. Though crossing Yele Pass can be a bit daunting, you will be rewarded with some awe-inspiring views of mountains and valleys from the top. Chomolhari Base Camp lies just between two mountain passes, Nyele La Pass at 4850 meters and Yele Pass at 4950 meters.

There are no hotels or tea houses on the Chomolhari Base Camp trail. So, your team prepares camping for you where you have your meal and spend the night in the wilderness. The horses carry your luggage and everything you and your team needs to complete the trek. Though the trekking trail lies in an isolated part of the world, you will have not a thing to worry about and your experience will be unforgettable. 

Chomolhari Base Camp Trek Highlights

  • Once in a lifetime opportunity to trek in Bhutan's remote Himalayan region
  • Trek with experienced guides who give you insight in the region's culture, history, and landscape
  • A scenic mountain flight to Paro airport
  • Visit National Museum, Rinpung Dzong and The ruins of Drukgyel Dzong in Paro
  • Hike up to Taktshang Monastery (also known as Tiger’s Nest) and visit Kyichu Lhakhang
  • Moderately difficult but high altitude trek to the Base Camp of Chomolhari and back
  • Cross two mountain passes, Yele La Pass and Nyeley La Pass along the way
  • Enjoy the stunning views of Mt. Chomolhari, Jichi Drake and many other peaks
  • Walk through alpine forests along the Paro and Thimphu rivers
  • Experience the lifestyle of people in remote villages of Bhutan
  • Spend your nights camping under the stars
  • Discover the culture, tradition, lifestyle, and art of Bhutan

Airports with flights to/from Paro:

  • Indira Gandhi Airport, India
  • Suvarnabhumi International Airport, Thailand
  • Changi International Airport, Singapore 
  • Tribhuvan International Airport,  Nepal 

Note: If you are flying from countries other than Nepal, you need to take care of your flights to/from Paro by yourself. If you are going to Bhutan by using Kathmandu as a transit point, Sublime Trails will take care of your flight to Paro from Kathmandu and back. We will also take care of your accommodation and transportation in Kathmandu while you are here. 

Mountain Views 

Stunning view of the snow-capped mountains is what makes the trek to Chomolhari Base Camp so special. From the moment you arrive in Bhutan, you will get a plethora of amazing views of the mountain landscapes and beyond. Mountain peaks like Chomholhari (7314 m), Jichu Drake (6794 m), Tshrim Khang, and more can be seen during the trek. The view gets better and the mountains get closer as you approach the base camp of Chomolhari. Two high mountain passes, Yele La Pass and Nyeley La Pass treat you with the best vistas of the landscapes and mountains.

Paro Valley

Paro Valley is where you will first land in Bhutan, offering glimpses of Bhutanese culture and lifestyle with surrounding landscapes. There are many cultural and religious monuments such as stupas, dzongs, and monasteries in Paro. You will also visit the National Museum, Rinpung Dzong and the ruins of Drukgyel Dzong. The National Museum showcases some ancient Bhutanese paintings and artefacts, The Rinpung Dzong is the administrative and religious centre of the district. The National Museum and the Taktsang Monastery (Tiger’s Nest Monastery) are a few of the many places within the Paro Valley. Tiger’s Nest Monastery is another major highlight in Bhutan which attracts lots of tourists yearly. It is believed that Guru Rinpoche, the one who introduced Buddhism in Bhutan, arrived at a cave here on the back of a tigress. The trek to Tiger’s Nest Monastery helps you acclimatize for your upcoming trek. 


For this trek, a group of two people needs to be accompanied by 8 horses and horsemen, 2 cooks and 2 guides. After reaching the place where you will stay during the night, these people will make sure that you have a camp to stay in and food to eat. A new camp needs to be set at the campsite each day during the 8 days of trekking. Solo trekking in Bhutan is not allowed and camping is only allowed in certain places. Our team of local experts trekking with you will have all the knowledge required to make the voyage go smoothly without you having to worry about anything.

Bhutanese Art and Craft

Cities in Bhutan are the best places to encounter unique and amazing art and handicrafts. Museums, dzongs, and temples let you know more about the Bhutanese traditions, history, and religion through the images, paintings and various artefacts. Bhutanese art is heavily influenced by Vajrayana Buddhism and the culture associated with it. The wallpapers and paintings and sculptures represent the spirit of the Himalayan Kingdom. While you visit the dzongs, and museums in Paro, you will get the opportunity to understand these arts in depth. 

People and Lifestyle

Bhutanese people live a unique life based on their religious beliefs and practise traditional rituals in their day-to-day lives. While touring in the valleys, you can find traditional houses and people dressed in traditional clothes. Once the trekking trail takes you further, you only get to see few settlements, most of which are minimalistic winter homes of yak herders. Yaks and horses are used by these people to carry their goods from one place to another where other means of transportation are not possible.

Chomolhari Base Camp Trek Itinerary

  • Day 1:Arrival Paro and transfer to a Hotel
  • Day 2:Paro Valley, Taktsang Monastery and National Museum 
  • Day 3:Paro to Shana TrekAltitude: 2850 m
  • Day 4:Trek from Shana to Soi ThangthangkhaAltitude: 3610 m
  • Day 5:Soi Thangthangkha to Jangothang Altitude: 4080 m
  • Day 6:Trek from Jangothang to Lingshi via Nyeley La Pass (4700 m)Altitude: 4010 m
  • Day 7:Trek from Lingshi to ShoduAltitude: 4080 m
  • Day 8:Trek from Shodu to BarshongAltitude: 3720
  • Day 9:Barshong to Dolam KenchoAltitude: 3290 m
  • Day 10:Trek from Dolam Kencho to Dodena and drive to Thimphu
  • Day 11:Thimphu to Paro
  • Day 12:Departure from Paro to next destination

Day 1:Arrival Paro and transfer to a Hotel

  • Accommodation3-Star Hotel
  • MealsLunch and Dinner

After enjoying an amazing flight to Paro from the city of your choice, you will land in the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan. If your flight is from Kathmandu, you will enjoy amazing mountain views including views of Mt. Everest on a clear day. After that, your guide will help you with everything and drive you to an amazing 3-star hotel. You can either rest and freshen up or stroll around the city and visit local markets. You will stay overnight at Paro.

Day 2:Paro Valley, Taktsang Monastery and National Museum 

  • Accommodation3-Star Hotel
  • MealsBLD

Today, you will go sightseeing in the beautiful city of Paro. You will visit the first dzong-style building which was initially built as a fortress. Though the Chomolhari trek doesn’t start today, you will walk for about 4 hours to reach the Tiger’s Nest Monastery, visit the temples and return from there. Taktsang Monastery lies at the top of a sheer cliff and can only be reached on foot. You can also hire a horse up to the cafe but after that, you have to walk on your own. After returning, you can visit the National Museum of Bhutan full of art and craft related to Tibetan Buddhism and the history of Bhutan.

Day 3:Paro to Shana Trek

  • Max Altitude2850 m
  • AccommodationCamp
  • MealsBLD

Today the trek finally starts as you ride towards Drukgyel Dzong which takes about 20 minutes. The scenic beauty that the trail passes through is heartwarming. You get to see cultivated farms, traditional houses, wildlife and beautiful landscapes. You will mostly ascend during the trek with few descents. You will stay overnight at a camp in Shana.

Day 4:Trek from Shana to Soi Thangthangkha

  • Max Altitude3610 m
  • AccommodationCamp
  • MealsBLD

Get up early in the morning and have breakfast at Shana. Today, you will have almost eight hours of trek to get to Thangthangkha during which you will follow the Paro river in between the dense forests. You will ascend about 700 m uphill where the river valley gets narrow. You will encounter some isolated farmhouses along the way. Then descend for a while and you will reach a grassland where you will set up your camp and spend overnight. You will get the first glimpse of Chomolhari mountain from here. 

Day 5:Soi Thangthangkha to Jangothang 

  • Max Altitude4080 m
  • AccommodationCamp
  • MealsBLD

As you start your trekking, follow the Paro river where the river valley starts to get wide again. You will get out of the dense forest and enter the wide valley. You will get a spectacular view of the high hills and snow-capped mountains from the valley. Along the way, you will encounter the home of yak-herding families. You will finally reach Jangothang which lies near the base camp of Mt. Chomolhari. Your camp will be set here and you will spend the night.

Day 6:Trek from Jangothang to Lingshi via Nyeley La Pass (4700 m)

  • Max Altitude4010 m
  • AccommodationCamp
  • MealsBLD

Today is the longest day during this trek. You will leave Jangothang and walk for a while before you need to walk a steep uphill for about half an hour. Then, you will continue the ascent as it becomes more gentle. Along the way, you get to see blue sheep, yak pastures and amazing landscapes with views of mountains. After reaching Nyeley La Pass, you will get to catch spectacular views of mountain peaks like Jomolhari, Jichu Drake and Tsherimgang. Enjoying the views, you will descend towards the Lingshi basin. From here, you may also catch glimpses of Lingshi Dzong. You will stay overnight here at a camp.

Day 7:Trek from Lingshi to Shodu

  • Max Altitude4080 m
  • AccommodationCamp
  • MealsBLD

Today is probably the most difficult day of the trek as you have to trek up to the Yele La Pass which is at the altitude of 4930m. Even though the trail is strenuous the view from the mountain pass is rewarding. You will get the amazing panoramic view of the snow-capped mountains from the viewpoint. You will then descend down a ridge to reach Shodu. Stay overnight at Shodu.

Day 8:Trek from Shodu to Barshong

  • Max Altitude3720
  • AccommodationCamp
  • MealsBLD

Today, you will walk by the Thimphu river surrounded by alpine forests. Along the way, you will encounter a military camp and meditation caves. View of the mountains and the landscapes look amazing throughout the journey. You will also get to see several waterfalls along the way. During the final hours of trekking, you will have to ascend the gentle ridge to get to Barshong where your camp will be set for the night.

Day 9:Barshong to Dolam Kencho

  • Max Altitude3290 m
  • AccommodationCamp
  • MealsBLD

After waking up, you will head towards today’s destination. Today, you will mostly descend with several uphill and downhill sections. You will continue walking until you reach the rough roads of Dolamkencho. There you will camp for yet another day and enjoy the wilderness.

Day 10:Trek from Dolam Kencho to Dodena and drive to Thimphu

  • Accommodation3-Star Hotel
  • MealsBLD

Today is the last trekking day and you will head towards Dodena. You will walk inside a forested area with bamboo where you can see monkeys pass by. After trekking for about three hours, you will finally reach where a vehicle awaits you to take you to Thimphu.

Day 11:Thimphu to Paro

  • Accommodation3-Star Hotel
  • MealsBLD

After the Chomolhari Base Camp treks end, you will still have a couple of days left to spend in Bhutan. Today, at Thimphu, you may stroll around the city for a while or just rest before a vehicle picks you from there. You will enjoy a scenic ride from Thimphu to Paro. After reaching Paro, you can visit the places around and buy souvenirs. The local markets sell some amazing handicrafts you can take back home.

Day 12:Departure from Paro to next destination

  • MealsBreakfast

Your Chomolhari trek concludes here. We will drive you to the airport for your connecting flight according to the schedule. We will bid you farewell and you will fly to your next destination or home from there.

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  • Meals: 
    11 Breakfasts, 11 Lunches, 11 Dinners
  • Accommodation: 
    3-Star accommodation in Bhutan for 4 nights
    Camp accommodation for 7 days in Bhutan
  • Transportation:   
    All land transportation with pickups and drops
    An experienced driver and a private vehicle
  • Guides and Porters:
    A qualified & licensed English-speaking guide
  • Entry Fees and Permits:
    Visas for Bhutan
    All entry fees and permits
    Government fee, royalty, taxes & surcharges
  • Miscellaneous: 
    Mineral bottled water
    Set of traditional costume (to be returned at the end of your stay)

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  • Travel Insurance (assistance can be provided)
  • Meals at any other restaurants than the designated ones
  • Any upgrade in accommodation and services
  • Items of a personal nature (drinks, chocolates, desserts, etc.)
  • Tips for the guide and driver

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