Nepal is a country that has many remote parts. Especially, while trekking, it will be almost impossible to find technologically advanced places. Some places are so remote that accessing a telephone will be virtually impossible. You might find yourself walking several nights before reaching the nearest access to a phone call.

This can be a critical problem- especially during an emergency. There are also times when you miss your friends and family and want to have small talks with them. You might also have to be in contact with your office associates or people at your workplace.

Our crew who will be present with you during the trek will have a cellphone. You also have the option of using your guide’s cell phone. However, while trekking in high altitudes, the quality of cell phone reception can be really bad. In addition, the cell phones are restricted to local use only. If you want to communicate urgently with those who are close to you, Sublime Trails can give you the option of a satellite mobile phone on a rental charge.

In places where the internet facility is available, you can easily connect with friends, family, and other people. The prices might not be as cheap as that in Kathmandu but can be easily afforded.