Health and Fitness are of great importance while you go out for trekking. Our trips have various levels of difficulties. Some are extremely easy and require a very low level of fitness. Some trips, however, are challenging. These challenging trips require a high level of fitness.

So we strongly encourage you to take a look at how challenging the trips are before coming to one of our tours. That will give you a very good idea about how much you have to prepare yourself physically before your treks.

We also ask you to have a full body checkup before coming to the trip. That will also help you assess your bodily conditions and see if you will be able to complete the trip of your choice. Some treks in Nepal average around 3-4 hours per day while some average 7-8 hours. A medical checkup will help you determine which of the trips is perfect for you.

A body checkup will also help you know if there are any vaccinations you have to take.

If you have any physical ailments or dietary conditions, please let us know. We will do our best to accommodate your trip properly.

If you don’t inform us beforehand about your medical conditions, there might be medical expenses resulting from treatments you have to undergo. In severe conditions, you might also need to be evacuated. Such medical expenses then need to borne solely by you. We generally ask our clients for medical certifications related to their health before they book a trip.

Please Note: it’s possible to buy over the counter medicines inexpensively without a doctor's prescription in Kathmandu. At Sublime Trails, we request you to be honest with us at the time of booking & let us know about your medical conditions honestly so that we could give you a better holiday & prevent you from developing any medical problems