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Frequently Asked Questions at Sublime Trails

Which is the best tour and travel Agency in Nepal?

There are a few things that you have to take a look at before judging the best travel agency in Nepal. You have to take a look at whether the guides have a good track record. You might also want to glance at the tour and travel agency that has consistently been giving quality service to travelers. And with growing concerns over the environmental impact of traveling, you should also ensure that the agency has the values of sustainable tourism encoded in its DNA.

Sublime Trails checks all these boxes. We have been operating tours, treks, and travels to Nepal's most modern and remotest corners. And our services are not restricted to the boundaries of this beautiful Himalayan country. We have also been given the best value for travelers in countries such as Bhutan and Tibet. So while judging a clear cut winner as “best tour and travel agency” might be difficult to adjudicate, Sublime Trails has all the qualities it takes to rank amongst the best travel agencies in Nepal.

Which is the best season for trekking in Nepal?

Trekking is most pleasurable in Nepal's autumn (late September- early December) and spring (March-May) seasons. These are also the seasons that are the favorites for mountaineers. The fact that the temperatures don’t soar to make trekking sultry and the absence of wetness as in the monsoon makes these two seasons the best for trekking and dazzling views of mountains.

Winters aren’t as cold in the trekking areas as they were in the past. And this probably is down to global warming. So winter trekking is also an option. It is also an off-season which allows for the possibility of getting accommodation at discounted prices. This season is well-suited to people who want to trek in solitude, as the trails are not as full of trekkers as in the autumn and spring seasons.

What is the cost of the Nepal Trekking tour?

There is no clear cut maker that we can put at the cost of a Nepal tour. For one thing, the beauty and diversity of the places in Nepal make it almost impossible to tour Nepal in a person’s lifetime. So a realistic question would be how much price it takes for a person to trek/ tour a specific place in Nepal in a holiday season.

Again, you might want to opt to tour the National Parks of the country, which costs upwards of 400$. If you want to add luxury to your tour and want to cover as many touristic places as possible in the shortest amount of time, it can very well cost you a couple of thousand dollars.

Again, the costs might rise further if you are looking to tour using a chopper. Maybe you are looking to complement your tour with an exhilarating trek. Then, we have to combine the costs of these two activities. So in order to get a good bearing on the cost of the Nepal Tour, contact us and let us know what you are looking for.

What are the advantages of using a Travel Company?

Let’s take a look at the benefits of using a travel company:

  • They offer chances to have certified guides
  • You can cross compare the costs with other travel companies
  • They allow you the possibility of the group joining, which will be difficult to find on your own
  • Can avoid the haggle of generating travel passes
  • You will be able to customize your trip safely
  • You can also get advice about alternative trails/ tours that best fit you
  • You have greater chances of building rapport with other people in the community through guides

Is booking with Sublime Trails affordable?

Sublime Trails offers you the best value for money you can get anywhere in Nepal. You might find some cheaper trekking/ tour packages from other agencies than Sublime Trails. But be aware of the hidden costs and other compromises you might have to make.

We also give a certain portion of the money you spend while traveling to the community you will visit. Some of our resources are also spent on offsetting your Carbon footprint. So make sure that you factor in these things before deciding if the cost of booking with Sublime Trails is worth it.

How difficult is trekking in Nepal?

The difficulty of trekking In Nepal depends upon the type of trek you will be involved in. If you go for a trek such as the 3 passes trek or the Manaslu Circuit trek, these will be extremely demanding. They require preparation of the highest kind and altitude sickness is always on the cards. Then, there are moderate treks such as the trek to Mardi Himal Base Camp or Langtang. Although not the most difficult of treks, these do demand a month of preparation. But you also have milder treks such as the Everest View trek or other treks that are only a few days long.

What is the best time to go trekking in Nepal?

Autumn and Spring seasons are the two best seasons for a trek in Nepal. These two months are characterized by a minimum amount of rainfall, a maximum of clear weather to view the mountains of this Himalayan country, and pleasant weather to trek in. The number of trekkers in these two seasons is staggering. You might even have difficulty finding a decent place to crash in if you don’t make appropriate reservations in these seasons.

How hard is Everest Base Camp Trek?

Everest Base Camp Trek falls amongst the more demanding of treks in Nepal, though not the toughest. In order to make this trek successful, you will need to undergo the necessary training and preparation for at least a couple of months. In order to make this trek a tad more pleasant, you can choose to take a helicopter after you have landed at the Base Camp. There are people who trek to Hotel Everest View and then take the chopper to the Base Camp. If you’ve already been to EBC, you can also choose the 3 passes trek, which is much more difficult than the regular EBC trek.

Why do you book the trekking tour with Sublime Trails?

We ensure that people who book tours with us get the best value for their money. Our readiness to talk to you over any social media platform and the ability to customize your trips so that they feel tailor-made are something we take pride upon. We also ensure that the local communities get uplifted as you travel with us. We also make travel sustainable by setting off your carbon footprint. In order to achieve this goal, we serve local food, use local means of transport, and collaborate with environment companies aiming to make travel a tad less strenuous to the environment.

Do you need a guide for trekking in Nepal?

The idea of a lone trekker entering the wilderness of Nepal is a fascinating one. And many people have done that. But there are also who have perished in their own peril. Some have strayed to trails that really weren’t there while others didn’t get proper rescue when needed. We could have saved a lot of such innocent lives if they had fallen back on guides. They’ve got the right contacts for making an emergency rescue operation. But there are trekking trails such as the Manaslu Circuit Trek where a guide is an absolute must.

Is trekking in Nepal safe?

Yes, it is. If it wasn’t so, there’d not be a flood of tourists that come to Nepal in order to make them successful. The flourishing of many trekking agencies here is another testament to its safety. Yes, there are odd events when a lone trekker doesn’t escape the harshness of a trek, but trekking in Nepal is thought to be really safe. Nepal is a country where historically many people had a culture of “baas basne”. This refers to a tradition of giving shelter and food to any traveler who makes it to the doorsteps of any house. Nepalese have welcoming of guests coded in their genes,

Which is better between Everest Trails and Annapurna Trails?

It’s all down to a trekker's preference. Everest is a name that many people have heard- even when they don’t have any idea about Nepal. So Everest has this almost mythical quality about it and captures the imagination of people more. But Annapurna Trail might be more popular in terms of the number of people who trek here as they feel that they have more of a chance to complete this trek than the EBC trek. However, after the Annapurna Trails saw the possibility of motorways, it lost a lot of its serenity and charm. 

Do you need permits for trekking in Nepal?

Yes, you most certainly do. Trekking in any trekking destination in Nepal requires permits. These might be National Park Permits if you tread the national park region during your trek. If you‘re headed towards the Conservation Area region, you will need a permit accordingly. There might also be local trekking permits that need to be issued. Please consider consulting a  travel agency or tourism industry to get a clear picture of the trekking permits you need for the trek you are embarking upon.