You will have to walk for hours while trekking in the Himalayas. Sometimes you might only have to trek 3-4 hours per day. At other times, the trek can be as long as 7-8 hours. Therefore, food and nutrition are of the utmost importance while trekking.

Food and nutrition replenish all the energy you lose while trekking. It also helps you gear up for the next day’s trek. Without it, you would not have the desire nor the fun while trekking. So, when you go to for a trek with Sublime Trails, we offer you 3 highly nutritious and delicious meals per day.

The meals are not simply tasty, they offer all the warmth and grace you would want from your food. The meals that we serve you are designed to make you ready for the next day’s trek by providing all the necessary nourishment. But at the same time, we also make sure that you don’t lose out on the variety and flavor you would crave in any food. Thus, we serve you with a mixture of traditional and western food during your trek.

It is often said that breakfast is the king of all meals. This is nowhere truer than while you set out to trek. Breakfast is supposed to gear you up for the day’s trek. Hence, we offer you a variety of food in the morning. Your choice consists of porridge, muesli, or a cereal. Alongside this, we also serve eggs. Eggs will be served whichever way you want it- whether it be boiled, scrambled or an omelet. Chapatis or brown bread will complement the eggs that we serve you. To top it all off, we offer you authentic Nepali tea or coffee.

After such a delightful breakfast, you will head out for the day’s trek for a few hours, after which we will serve you lunch. Our lunch generally comprises a generous cocktail of salads, cooked mixed-veggie dishes, pasta and traditional dishes. If you have any special dietary needs due to some conditions, we will try to cater for that to the best of our abilities.

You will trek for a few more hours after lunch and come to the end of the day’s trek. Then we serve you dinner. Our dinner consists of three distinct eating items. First, we will serve you wonderful soup. We will follow it up with an assortment of vegetable, meat, pasta, and rice. Finally, we will serve you desert. After such a tiring day’s trek, you deserve it. If you want to order some tea, coffee, or hot chocolate after dinner, it is on you.

Our leader of the cooking team ensures that rigorous standards of hygiene are set up in the kitchen. The veggies we serve you during the day’s meal is as fresh as it gets. They are also treated with potassium permanganate or iodine. All food that is served to you is well-cooked. This helps all trekkers avoid cramps or other forms of illnesses associated with the lack of healthy food. You will be served hot water, which you can consume after it has cooled down. We will try to make every change to our meals in case you have any dietary requirements. Please inform us in advance if you want such provisions.

Our tea house treks are also as warm and hearty as it gets. We ensure that the lodges provide standard healthy breakfast that is warm, fresh, and nutritious enough to kick-start your day. Lunch and dinner also follow the same patterns of hygienic food that the lodges provide us on the trail.

Our guide will always be with you to assist you if you can’t make out what the items in the menu will be like. Guides will also help you choose the best food at the cheapest price possible.

While you are on the tea house treks, you have to remember that the menu might not have plenty of choices. Almost all the tea houses offer a variety of rice and noodle dishes, as well as soup and seasonal vegetables. An assortment of cereals, bread, and egg is generally available for the first meal of the day. The snacks are plentiful. Snacks include biscuits, chocolate, and soft drinks. In some areas, you might also be lucky to find ripe seasonal fruits.


Water on the mountains is generally pure. But it is worth noting that everyone has a different body. The way that your body reacts to the water on the mountains might be different than somebody else’s. So you should try to take all the necessary preventive measures to keep your body free from water-borne diseases.

During the camping treks, you go with Sublime trails, we ensure that our staff always boil water before serving you. We also strongly advise you to bring water purification pills while hiking. You also have all the freedom to buy bottled mineral water from lodges and local shops en route. This will make you feel as safe as you can be while you are trekking in the Himalayas of Nepal.