Private Tours in Nepal

Private tours are personalized tour packages provided by Sublime Trails that let you explore the best of what Nepal offers. In the private tours, you will get more personalized and customized services where people other than your group or circle won’t be involved. It lets you enjoy and experience the amazing tours in Nepal while maintaining your privacy and freedom to choose the places you want to visit during the tour. Tours in Nepal cover the visit of the cultural and natural sites and wildlife exploration in the jungles of Terai. We designed the packages prioritising your comfort and preferences.

Nepal is a beautiful destination to have a family vacation and tours. High snow-capped mountains of the north, lush forests and heavenly landscapes and the unique and diverse cultures of Nepal can be the perfect retreat from your everyday life. Wildlife and cultural explorations are the major things you can do in Nepal. While experiencing the heartwarming combination of the culture and nature, the tour to Nepal can be a great opportunity to learn many things about the cultures, lifestyles, traditions, and wildlife of Nepal.

Normally, tours in Nepal include the visit of the UNESCO world heritage sites, jungle safaris, cultural exploration tours, etc in Nepal. In private tours, the tour will be conducted solely for your group or family. It makes your trip flexible in a sense you will get to choose how where you want to go and how much you want to spend time in certain places. Your privacy will also be maintained as there will be no one else other than your group. And all the services like accommodation, food, vehicles will be customized according to your comfort and preferences.

Private tours are perfect for a family vacation tour. In family vacation tours, you can enjoy the worry-free holiday in the pristine and beautiful places of Nepal all on your own without having an outsider in your group. In these tours, you can customize the itineraries, and destinations according to you and your family member's preferences.

Private tours are also ideal for student tours or educational tours. While having educational tours you will get to learn a lot about Nepal and different aspects of it such as history, nature-culture, lifestyle, etc. While having educational tours, it is mandatory to have private tours because the itineraries should be optimized according to the needs of the students and it is inappropriate to have other people in your educational tour.

Sublime Trails helps you get the best experiences from the beautiful places of Nepal. We provide you with the tour guide with profound knowledge about the field you will be visiting who will help you know about the things you are curious about. We make sure you’ve had the best services during the tour journey.