Rafting in Nepal

It’s the adrenaline urge that makes you opt for unusual rafting vacations that pushes you to the precipice…hold it!!!...we are talking water down here, aqua games on some of the wildest rapids in Asia, what the hell! Maybe the world. But our aqua thrills are as sublime as the trails we escort you to throughout the Himalayas… blending your holidays with trekking as you paddle on gushing waves of Nepal’s rivers takes you out of your soothing zone and makes your holidays so much more worth enjoying. You can also reflect on when you were the captain of your college swim team and still want to prove that you still have that wild adventurous streak about you. High flying water waves and Class IV-V rapids are certainly not for the mild hearted, however, for the wet and wild adrenaline pushers looking out for some aqua sport to get you on top gear out there, read on for some of the most enjoyable whitewater rafting trips on the planet for some wild water ventures (guaranteed to give you the ride of your life):

White Water Rafting Trips…this is what it’s like…

The rafting trips we take you on aren’t just about fun, thrills and the outing that comes with white water rafting. This is probably your first experience of the best white water rivers in Asia (most attractive, most exciting, or both) as well as convenient campsites (lets say with a "million stars" above us on romantic moonlit nights, because it would be difficult for us to count the stars) mouth water food accompanied by apres-rafting drinks, and friendly professional raft guides who’ll give us music and tell us stories of the wild.

Our rafting odysseys are in a league of its own...we have no vehicles hereabouts, there’s no anxiety and no cell phones. We only hear the steady gentle flow of the river, the the hushed lapping of the water to lullaby you to sleep, and the tepid sun to kiss you awake in the morning amid the sweet chirping of birds. If not the mountains, our rafting could change your life…

The momentum of the gushing that steadily flows from tributaries of the highest mountains in the world, the white water on the Sun Kosi is almost epic, even expedition-size rafts get lost into the vastness of tumbling waves and rolling water. The rainy season takes the rivers to a higher level and releases the beast in the waters, and this may frighten you if you are faint-hearted, but there’s nothing to be afraid off; Whipped, frothy white water where narrow gorges restrict the river's flow, the rapids here are long and pack a punch you’ll like.

While the lower areas of large volume rivers are somewhat flat, the Sun Kosi saves some of its largest and finest rapids for the last days. When the rivers flow at their serene best; it's an unbelievable combo of white milky water, scenery, lively villages, and justly quiet and meditative evenings on vast sandy beaches along what most visitors & rafters consider to be one of the planet’s 10 classic river journeys…

The Rivers mentioned below give you great white water rafting experiences amid fabulous landscapes and supernatural wilderness:

With some of the most renowned river trips in Nepal’s Himalayan hemispheres, the trips which follow below are a ‘must do’ for anyone wanting to go home with experiences to proudly talk about. Big dancing waves, amazing landscapes, canyons with dense green foliage hanging from cliff tops, your fellow team members, and big fun, as big as the rivers you enjoy while rafting. These are classic rivers with the hallmarks of aqua excitement unusual as they come...you simply can’t ask for more…

Nepalese rivers can be grouped into three categories on the basis of their origin:

1. Antecedent to the Himalayas

2. below the Mahabharat

3. Below the Churia range

The major river systems are: the Koshi, the Karnali and the Gandaki which belong to the first group as stated in No. 1. Rivers originating from the Mahabharat Range, and which cut through the Churia hills, come under the second group. These include the Karnali, Bagmati, and the river Kamala. The third group of rivers originates from the southern face of the Churia hills. We run rafting expeditions on the following river routes: