When people think of trek in Nepal, most people think primarily of Everest Region or Annapurna Region. A place of mesmeric beauty that is often neglected is the Rara lake region.

It is quite astonishing that Rara Lake region isn’t as popular amongst trekkers from outside Nepal. Despite seeing a large number of domestic tourists, this place still remains as one of the best hidden trekking gems in Nepal.

Rara region lies in the western part of Nepal. Trekking in Rara lake region takes you to trails that lie in Rara National Park. This national park is the smallest national park in Nepal. The crowning jewel of this national park is Rara Lake.

Rara Lake is the largest freshwater lake in the Himalayas of Nepal. It is also the deepest. The turquoise blue water that is surrounded by the awesome hills and mountains visible in this region is a sight to behold.

The altitude of Rara Lake is 2990 meters. It has a maximum depth of 167 meters. Boating in this region enjoying the playfulness of the varieties of fish in this lake is an experience of a lifetime.

Trekking in Rara Lake region begins with a flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj. You will take another flight from Nepalgunj to Jumla. Jumla is one of the most remote parts of Nepal and promises to give you experiences of centuries old culture and tradition of this region.

During your trek, you will also go to Sinja Valley. This valley is where Nepalese language originated. The oldest forms of the written Nepalese dialects were found in the edge of the cliffs in this valley. So the Nepalese language, in its original ‘Khas’ dialect, is spoken in this region.

Rara Lake trek takes place in some of the remotest part of the country. So the trekking trails are full of steep uphills. This makes trekking to Rara a tad strenuous than other regions in the country.

Due to this reason, going solo to Rara is not recommended. In the difficult terrains of Rara Lake, guides will help you and give you directions to complete your trek easily. Porters will also come in handy while trekking the uphills of Rara region.

The cost of Rara trekking depends upon various factors. The biggest of these factors is whether you choose to go to Jumla by land transport or via air. Land transportation despite its relatively low cost takes a lot of time. So many travelers avoid the haggle of long hours of hectic bus transport to Jumla.

You can complete Rara trek all year round. However it can get a bit too cold for your liking in the winter season. Due to the dry conditions of Rara region in the monsoon as well, Rara trek can be completed in the summer season as well. But as with all other trekking regions in Nepal, the best time to visit Rara region is the spring (March, April, May) and autumn season (September, October, November).

With awesome trekking trails, a majestic lake, beautiful hills, and ancient culture and traditions, Rara is a place that must be on your trekking wishlist.

Main Attractions of the Rara Region Trekking

  • Visit to the largest as well as the deepest lake in Nepal.
  • Visit the place where the Nepalese language originated.
  • Boating and enjoying the pleasure of the various fishes in the lake.
  • Visit to the Rara National Park, which is a harbour of many species of birds and animals alike.
  • Enjoy a scenic flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj and Nepalgunj to Jumla.
  • An off-the-beaten-track trekking destination that is one of its kind.