While you are on your holidays, you should be extremely careful to take care of yourself. While you are in Nepal, you might be involved in a lot of activities like trekking, hiking, or adventure sports. There are potential safety issues that come into play when you go out on these trips.

Therefore we provide excellent safety and security for our guests. The plans and policies of Sublime Trails are made in such a way that your security is never compromised on.

While recruiting our crew, we make sure that we do a very good background check of all the applicants. We also recruit crew who have tons of experience and pleasing personalities. Our crew is well trained in mountain survival techniques. They are licensed by the Department of Tourism of Government of Nepal.

The crew members are honest, sincere, and trustworthy. They also have sound communication skills in the English language. Our trekking team will make you feel at home irrespective of the places you will be traveling to. They will also give you all the necessary mental and emotional support you might require while trekking.

Despite our best efforts, there might be injuries that you might suffer during your travel. There are 4 locations where injuries are most likely to occur:

  • Roads
  • Hotels
  • Remote locations
  • Trekking trails

We strongly recommend you to get an insurance that covers these 4 sensitive areas while you are traveling to Nepal. This will help you enhance your holiday safety so that you can enjoy a hassle-free holiday.