Seasonal Trekking In Nepal

Nepal is one of the most famous destinations for trekking. Despite being a small country, it offers a wide range of amazing landscapes and trekking destination. Trekking in Nepal can be done almost all the time of the year. However, there are few destinations which are better to visit in some particular season. Usually, Autumn and Spring are considered to be the best trekking season for almost every trekking destination. However, there are a few treks that can be better in other seasons such as winter, summer, etc. Especially the places with lush forests look amazing in summer. Whereas it is not appropriate to trek to the Himalayas in summer due to slippery trails and not so clear views. Similarly in winter, the temperature in the high mountains gets low and due to cold and fierce wind, it becomes to difficult to trek. However, you can get spectacular views of the mountains from the lower region.


Trekking in Spring

Spring is the best season for trekking in Nepal, considering all the aspects. Spring begins with the end of the winter in October. The temperature, humidity, etc are perfect for the trekking. And due to flower blossoms in the forests makes the trekking more beautiful. In spring, trekking can be done everywhere in Nepal from the high mountains to low regions. People even attempt to climb the summit of the mountains in this season. Trekking trails are full of trekking enthusiasts in this season.

Trekking in Summer

Summer is generally considered to be the less appropriate season for trekking. The humidity is the highest with most rainfalls in summer. The views get blocked during monsoon season and the weather is unpredictable in the Himalaya region. But in areas like Upper mustang, it is better to trek in summer because the temperature becomes unbearable to even go to that region in another season. As there is little to no rainfall in Upper mustang even in summer, it happens to be the best season to trek to that area. Similarly, Manaslu trek also becomes amazing with dark green lush forests in summer and it is relatively easy to trek. Apart from there, you can do short treks around the valley in summer months which are June, July, and August.

Trekking in Winter 

Winter offers the best and clear view of the landscapes and the weather is clear almost most of the season. The humidity of the atmosphere is also low with the least probability of rainfall. However, the temperature drops low in the high Himalayan region making it difficult to trek. So even though the trekking to the high altitude areas like basecamp is a bit difficult, winter is perfect to trek to the lower regions of Nepal. Most popular winter treks of Nepal are panorama view treks such as Everest view treks, Poon Hill Trek, etc. You will get an amazing view of the landscapes without having to face the harsh temperature of the higher region.

Trekking in Autumn

The autumn season is considered to be the best trekking season in Nepal. Autumn is marked by the start of September and ends at the starting of December. The humidity and temperature are average during autumn. Most of the trekkers prefer to trek in this season as the weather is most pleasing even in the Himalayan region. The jungles look more beautiful because of the colorful leaves of the autumn. Most of the trekking destinations in Nepal are accessible in this season including trekking to the Himalayas.