It is quite natural for you not to feel fresh after long hours to trekking. Hiking and trekking with many layers of clothes can often result in sweat and you might feel your body giving a bit of odor. So you will need to take a shower every now and then after your trek. After all, there are not a lot of things that make you feel as fresh as you feel after a shower.

You might be wondering how you will take a shower in the high altitude cold temperature regions of Nepal. Don’t worry! There are various systems of water heating in various altitudes of your trek.

In the lower and mid-altitude regions, lodges have fixed solar systems to heat water. These regions receive plenty of sunshine compared to high altitude regions. So taking a shower in such lodges is never a problem.

However, the situation was not the same a few years ago. In the yesteryears, wood was used as the fuel to heat water for showering and other purposes. This caused considerable damage to the ecosystem. Realizing this, many trekkers abandoned the idea of using firewood for their baths. This system of water heating was then replaced by solar heaters. So now trekkers can enjoy a refreshing bath in hot waters for just US$ 2 - US$ 6.

At high altitudes where the sun doesn’t shine as much as the low altitude regions, different alternatives are used. The most common of these is kerosene, which helps boil water. Don’t be surprised if the cost of taking a  shower is greater in the high altitude regions. Transporting items here really tough. This explains the high cost of the shower and other items in this region.

So no matter where you are trekking to, you can be assured that you will have a chance to take a bath. However, you might not find your favorite shampoo or soap. So, bring the soap that livens you and your mood up.