A student’s life is full of learning of various kinds. Culture, religion, leadership, interaction, nature, humility, and beauty are some of the most important things that a student should gain an understanding of. A student tour in Nepal from Sublime tours is a perfect opportunity to acquire a knowledge of these things for a national or an international student.

Nepal is a beacon of many things. In this country, people of different backgrounds have lived here in harmony throughout centuries. Thus many cities of this wonderful country are full of architectural and religious buildings of people across different faiths. UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Kathmandu are perfect examples of this fact.

There are many museums in Nepal that have historical and cultural artifacts that are centuries old. The guides at these museums are sure to enrich your appreciation of the history and culture of the places you will visit.

Nepal is also home to some of the most exotic species of plants and animals  These animals are protected in many conservation areas and national parks of the country. A tour to these places will help give students a better understanding of the importance of sharing making this planet better for the coexistence of humans and other forms of life. These tours are

Traveling as a student to various parts of Nepal will help you exchange ideas as well as moral and ethical values with people of a different cultures. This will help to reduce the cultural boundaries that exist between people. Nepal also provides you to be a part of cultural exchange programs. A trip to rural villages of Nepal will also be a lesson in humility as the lives in these villages is quite difficult.

The student tour at Sublime trails is also an excellent opportunity for teachers to educate and inspire the people you will meet along the way. You can share your unique insights into learning with fellow travelers or residents of places you will meet along the way. If you are a university student, you can also become a part of a volunteering program at some schools here.

Finally, you will also learn about responsible tourism while you are here. Many places of tourist attractions in Nepal encourage the prospects of making a positive difference to the economy and environment of the places they travel to.

With so many rich prospects to learn for teachers and students alike, a high school student, a junior college student or a university student can be a part of this student tour. Sublime trails have a rich history of many junior college students as well as university students from various countries who have come to this student tour in Nepal.

A student tour in Nepal is a perfect way to spend students' holidays. In this outward-bound adventure tour, you will be involved in community programs as well as service-learning.

Major Attractions of the Student Tour in Nepal

  • You will get a chance to enter the classrooms of schools in Nepal. There you can learn and share ideas about teaching and learning pedagogy. This is also your chance to share culture and values with people who have different life experiences and perspectives.
  • This student tour to Nepal is a very good way of enriching your appreciation of scenic beauty, plants, and animals if the various regions you will go to. It will also help to generate fresh ideas about how you can make a positive difference to preserve them.
  • During your trips, you will learn to cultivate values like resilience, endurance, teamwork, stamina, management of time and money, problem-solving, etc. These are matters of practical learning and might be difficult to learn solely through classroom activities.
  • Traveling teaches you some harsh realities about the lives of people whom you might have never otherwise met. This will help you to strive to be appreciated and respect people of diverse cultures and origins.
  • There are also outward bound adventure tours where you will get to seek thrill and develop strong bonding with the people you are traveling with as well.

About Our Student Trip Leader

Our tour leader will start to lead the student group upon arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu. Will be with the group for 24 hours. The group leader will stay at the same hotel that the students will be staying in. That way the students can access the group leader at the time of emergency. This will give students a sense of security as well as care.

The group leader will be well versed with the local culture, history, tradition, lifestyle of the place that the students will visit. (S)he will share the knowledge according to the requirement of the students.

Safety, Security and Health Issues

The safety and security of the students who travel with us are matters of grave importance to us. Therefore we use the safest hotel and lodges during our tour. We also facilitate the students with a very experienced leader and assistant.

With regard to the health of the students, we have a health assistant with a fully equipped medical kit. The health personnel will constantly be with the students while trekking in remote areas or while touring villages.

During the student tour, we use the safest vehicle which has passed the safety measurement by the Government of Nepal. The driver will refrain from alcohol during the trip. Our leader(s) will also not be allowed to drink alcohol during the tour period.

Community Involvement program

Most of the Student tour packages will be mixed with the community program. There are various domains of activities you can be a part of. Your working field can be Water and Sanitation, Teaching and knowledge exchange in schools, volunteering in the school building, health camps, Agrotourism or Cultural and musical exchange.