Student Trips

Academicsand the wild FOR STUDENTS - THAT GIVE BACK

Sublime Trails has specialised designed programs for overseas school group adventures, something weve been experienced in for over a decade. Our initial outings with students taught us how to educate, inspire, and be active and also to give back to local communities that we constantly encounter out in the wild. Whether youre a teacher, parent or student, these unique experiences are bound to have reflective, beneficial, life changing effects.

For students, growing is a process that can be complicated yet worthwhile, if we get into the right groove with the right mix of the people that surround us; its important for students to have some time where they are encouraged to develop their own interests and to use their imaginations for all practical purposes that are beneficial to the family society as a whole. At Sublime Trails, We have some well designed activities and outings that cover Culture, Wildlife, Environmental Ecosystems, Trekking, Sightseeing, Language, Dancing and Singing which gives us that superb mix for an educational trip suitable for STUDENTS TEACHERS. Your trips can be organized through a school, university, sporting or church club.

Planning your holidays adventures with Sublime Trails is important to ensure the success of a vacation well enjoyed by both TEACHERS STUDENTS alike, for this to happen, the following suggestions are crucial:

If these five statements vibe with you then go on reading go through our website thoroughly:

  • The world is the best most exciting classroom anyone could ever walk into. Discovering the unknown from the known can open your mind and broaden your horizons to see way beyond the boundaries and luxuries of your lives back at home.
  • There are times when travelling, especially on the planets more remote and exotic destinations can be quite challenging. But it can teach you so much about yourself show you how others live.
  • Travel ought to be a mutually beneficial experience that helps to cultivate respect for the natural world as well as the diverse peoples and cultures that live within it.
  • Something that ensures you develop confidence, resilience, tolerance, problem solving abilities, team work, fitness as well as your other core life skills has to be a practical experience ( it can only happen with travel!! Its a better option)
  • Focused activity in the outdoors helps train the mind, providing an important attribute when it comes to education and career choices.