While camping, your trek team consists of on cooks, several kitchen crews, Sherpa assistant and porters. The number of people on the crew depends upon the size of the camping group. The leader of the crew and his team have enough grasp of spoken English to cater to your needs. On camping treks, you will be sleeping and eating in tents.

Our crew consists of hearty people with whom you can communicate easily. They will also act as translators if you want to strike up a conversation with a local people of the region you are trekking in.

The camp leader ensures that you don’t stray off the trekking path. (S)h will make sure that the food that is served to you is cooked under hygienic conditions. The camp leader will also help transport your trekking equipment safely from camp-to-camp.

Most of the crew members were born and brought up in the remote villages and rugged mountains you will be trekking to. They will, therefore, have an excellent idea about the best vantage points for mountain viewing. They will also be the best people to know when to take a rest or when to proceed with the trip.

 The ratio of both Sherpa guides and kitchen crew to group members is generally 1:4 and the ratio of porters to group members is around 3:1 at the beginning of the trek. However as the day goes by and the load reduces, the number of the crew actually lessens.

We also offer some cool toilet arrangements. Our crew carries toilet arrangements. They dig a deep hole on the ground where you can excrete. After you have excreted, they fill the hole with soil.

On Teahouse lodge treks

Our support crew during the teahouse treks are also good communicators in the English Language. They will escort you all the way along the journey making sure that you don’t encounter any problems along the way.

The team is made up of a local guide and porters to carry your baggage. On overage, there will be one porter for two every two group members.

They will make sure that the services of food and accommodation you receive in the teahouses are top-notch.