The Importance of Travel Insurance

No matter where you are traveling to, a travel insurance comes in extremely handy. A travel insurance becomes all the more important when you are trekking to high altitude regions of Nepal.

The biggest reason you should have a travel insurance is the threat of altitude sickness. Trekking to altitudes of over 3000 meters might have some effects in your body that result in Altitude Mountain Sickness that has various symptoms like nausea, dizziness, sleeplessness, etc. If the condition gets really bad, evacuation with the help of helicopters might be needed which can cost thousands of dollars.

Another important reason for having a travel insurance is the possibility of accidents. Cuts and bruises, accidental slipping etc. might affect you greatly during your treks.

Baggage theft can also take place during your treks. Although Nepal is a safe place for travelers, the possibility of losing your baggage somewhere cannot be denied. As you baggage might contain very expensive items like your camera, phone, laptops, etc., it is always better to have these items insured.

Trekking to the Himalayas can bring about delay in your plans if the weather conditions are really challenging for travel. Due to inclement weather conditions, you might also be stranded somewhere. There are insurance policies for evacuations in case you are stranded in remote locations.

As there are so many things that you need to be prepared for in the worst case scenario, we strongly encourage you to get a travel insurance. When you get a travel insurance, make sure that you check what kind of events are covered in your policies.

Make sure that your insurance covers a variety of things like helicopter evacuation, accidental injuries, inability to continue your venture in high altitudes, cancellation, death, and repatriation etc.  Don’t hesitate to show us your insurance papers while you come for your trip to Nepal.

Trekking to the mountains of Nepal is one of the most wonderful experiences you can be a part of. But you should also be aware of the risks and potential dangers.

You can visit our website to know the various parts in Nepal where you can trek. That will give you insights into the places you will be visiting. We also mark the altitude and level of difficulty of trekking to the various places. You can assess these things with your physical ability. This will give a clearer idea about what kind of insurance policies you will need.