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Local Expert: Founded and run by Nepalese experts, Sublime Trails is the perfect answer to all your confusions and queries. Our local experts can help you greatly in the all the trek and tour related fields. Through every way they will try to make your travelling experience beautiful, happening and memorable. We have our own local guides for all the tours and trekking, this will help you to know about the paths and destinations in a far better way.

Authorized and locally owned: Sublime Trails is an authorized trekking/travel/tour company from the Government of Nepal. Our company has fulfilled all the rules and regulations related to the travel industry. We are a locally owned (Nepal based) travel company. We have our own local experts and local guides.

Knowledgeable and experienced: We have long years of national and international experience in the field of trekking and travel. Your association with us will benefit you from all the ways. We have long years of national and international experience in the field of trekking, tours and adventure sports like bungee jumping, river adventure, wildlife safari, mountain flight, paragliding, mountain expedition, etc. The knowledge and experience we have garnered working all these years in the travel industry will help you to have the most comfortable economic journey you have wished for.

Private and group departures: We also organize various small group tours to the ones looking forward to have private and group departures. We prioritize all the members of the group in the same manner and promote equality among the group members regarding everything. Our major concern is to let you have a comfortable, relaxed and memorable journey. Sublime Trails offers you private tour itineraries and departures for everyone i.e. couples, groups, students, families.

Customized holidays: Sublime Trails presents you customized holidays that you will love to look out for. We present you wonderful packages that will enhance your travelling experience. We also let you have an extra time to explore on your own so that your journey ends up being more memorable and unforgettable than you had expected it to be. Group departures also help to avoid the adverse impacts in the environment.

Recommended and Authentic accommodation: We will help you have a very recommended and authentic accommodation. Your safety and comfort is our major concern. Your satisfaction is our real achievement.

Worry free holidays: Our prime concern is to provide you the best service possible. We at Sublime Trails believe in providing dedicated services to our customers. Your association with us will let you have worry-free holidays that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Competitive price and no hidden cost:

Our costs are very economical and competitive compared to the many global based companies. We are very economical in terms of cost as Sublime Trails is a locally owned company. As we are local (Nepal based) Travel Company we don’t sell or use second party or agency. Most of the global based international companies resell their package or use second party or agency which increases the cost of the travelers as these agencies charge unbelievable amount of money for the same service and package in order to earn profit. We don’t support and promote any hidden costs.

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