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Traveling to unknown destination could be risky. Lots of hindrances in terms of legal documents, trails and people’s culture might occur. Unknown terrain of hilly and Himalayan belt of Nepal could be confusing for the first timers or even for frequent travelers. Therefore, in order to gain optimum satisfaction and to create momentous holiday events it is highly recommended to have responsible guides. Sublime Trails boasts experienced team of trekking and tour guides in Nepal. Our travel crew members are highly qualified and government license holders. With us any people can feel safe and can create vivacious travel tale worthy to be shared for generations to come.

Nepalese people are known for impeccable hospitality but locals are shy to mingle with foreigners. If you want to get acquainted with locals and understand their traditions then guided holiday is utmost important. Having reliable travel organizing company for your holiday management ensures the better logistics during trip. During guided holiday the representatives of company ensure food, lodging, miscellaneous needs and permits. Therefore, use guided holiday in Nepal and get repose from any hassles.

Nepal is country with 3-3-3 diverse regions. 3 geographical belts (Hilly, Himalaya & Terai Flatland), 3 climatic conditions (Moderate Hot, Cool & Cold) and 3 forests belts (Subtropical, Temperate & Alpine) are unique aspects of Nepal. Moreover, the country is an abode of multiethnic people ranging from Aryan origin (Brahmins, Chhetris, Sudras, Madhesis & other 48 castes) and Mongolian origin (Newars, Gurung, Magar, Tamang, Tibetans & other 21 castes). These people have their own unique culture and traditions. For better understanding of these people you need highly knowledgeable guide and responsible trekking or tour agency.

Visit Nepal in the most majestic and regal way with the guided holiday packages. Avoid unnecessary tourists traps and travel hassle free.



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