Why Guided Tours with Sublime Trails

We, at Sublime Trails, have always promoted the values of guided tours. You might think that you are strong to travel all by yourself. So why exactly is a guided tour important? In this article, we have tried to outline the importance and benefit of taking a guided tour so that you can have a wholesome travel experience.

Reasons to Take a Guided Tour

Avoiding any Hassle

You might have problems arranging any legal documents while you are in any country. You might also have to travel back and forth to arrange for travel permits. In addition, you also might have problems dealing with the language barrier that often comes into play. So while you are on your treks, you might also have difficulty getting a reservation for accommodation or catering for your small needs. A guided tour will help you avoid any haggle of this kind.

Cultural Experience

A trip is always incomplete without learning the culture of a place. Nepal has a wonderful variety in terms of geography as well as the culture of various places. Various important monuments have their own local myths. So the appreciation of these temples and shrines will be impossible without having a guide that conveys these important myths and gives you the local stories behind them.

Reducing the Risks

A guided tour will make you feel much secure than a trip without one. Even experienced trekkers sometimes lose track of the trails that they travel to. This might put the safety of travellers at risk. In addition, you might also suffer from travel-related injuries while you are out on your trip. A guided trip will act as a shield against these risks that are always there while travelling.

Managing Your Budget Easily

A guided tour will help you manage your budget more easily than you can imagine. You might travel alone and end up in places that are quite pricey and end up paying for more than you expected. On a guided tour, you will get an excellent idea about the places you will visit and the sort of expenditure in those places. So it will help you compare the amount of money you are likely to spend during your trip. Overall, you will get a good value for your budget


With various hassles, you might encounter during your trip and the safety issues at hand, a guided tour is a perfect way to set out for any destination in Nepal. We, at Sublime Trails, give you wonderful suggestions as to how you can make the most out of your guided tour.